Toki doki Moofia Family

Poooor ailengmiao had been mentally tortured by her job yesterday!!

I was soooo the emo, down, upset, stressed for my job. I was so wanted to talk so wanted to chill out but there wasnt anybody. Deep in my head, Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Home" was spinning....

"She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside."

Okie enough of pointless moaning like a freaking miserable widow. Get rid of it... Let's have some candy of life.

Introducing my Moofia Army~~~

The Moofia by Toki Doki x STRANGEco- 8 dairy themed blinded box mini figure, leaded by Mozarella.

Soya, Low Fat Milk 2%, Latte, Milk Bottle, Choco Milk, Description, Milk Jug, Leche.

I still cant help myself to open the package.... So I'v downloaded an image to show you guys how its exactly looks like...

Ta daa~~ Cute hor cute hor?

She's Mozarella, the leader of Moofia~ Milk is Power, Milk is Protection ^^*

It's durian season now. I found a durian loooks so similar with Bruttino - the Cactus Cat by tokidoki~

Bruttino x durian

Meet Bruttino's girlfriend - the very girlish Carina. She is my very famous MSN display icon - Being Tough and Fragile at the Same Time, and Pure Like Water :)

The making of, shot by Nokia N81.

*They're cute arent they? Cant get enough of tokidoki? Click here and here.

I like my purple dressie from mydressroom so muchie

If the sun don't last forever, you gotta let it go...


Cageon said...

I never had a chance to meet any of the tokidokis although they are so near me now =.=" give me the bullet!!!! since u dun wanna giv me my adios....

Anonymous said...

miao, then did u bought the dress for me?? sob sob..

aileng miao said...

cageon: u wan me to write another posting abt tokidoki like de previoss adios n ciaociao ones?

amber: i called the boutique, its outa stock d... but their latest season quite nice.. u can check out fr their website. tel me which one u like i go fitting for u :hehe:

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