Winding Down

Have you ever imagine how harmful a cupmee can be?
Have you ever visualise what can soup of cupmee result on you?

Have you ever meet someone who suicide with cupmee.....?


Ofcourse noone will ever able to suicide with cupmee. Above was a freaking stupid question, kindly ignore.


But there might be some idiots who hurt themselves by a cupmee.

Presenting the impact resulted by the soup of cupmee.

Never, ever think soup that you can put it into your mouth can never burn your skin.

Fcking painful lorrr T___T

Im so so so so so the stupid lor wtf.

*** *** ***

While being a pathetic idiot who suffering the pain of such huge patch of burnt on my very precious functional right arm, I definitely deserve some therapy. Agreee?

Agree or anot, I've made these self-console moves.

I bought a blinky heartie hair pin costs RM19 for my precious sibeh long hair. Isnt it lovely?

Food for soul - The Undomestic Goddess of Sophie Kinsella. Have never read any book of her's, but it's one of those books of the month so I'v decided to pick it. Is storie about a girl twenty-nine years old lady who needs to slow down and figure out herself - A complete diverse character of aileng miao :p

FEMALE Magazine Aug issue is out (Gosh I hearted the previous FEMALE cover design lor).

*** *** ***

miao's Peek-a-boo of life:

I just noticed that the logo of my new Gucci handbag is sibeh look alike with "The Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo Da Vinci (What's this?) appeared in the Da Vinci Code Movie as the first leading clue lor. Gucci designers must have watched The Da Vinci Code while designing for this season.

Instead this is a Vitruvian shopaholic woman figure with shopping bags on her both hands -.-"

*** *** ***

miao's moan-of-life:

Lil complaint to Ching....

She dated me out for supner (supper+dinner) and busied herself with gadgets - chatting on phone while searching for Internet connection wtf.

The evidence - Gotcha!!

Im bored... ... ... How come my MSN on almost 24x7 with my mobile but noone msg me hurh?

"Say it again for me
Cuz I love the way it feels when you are
Tellin me that I'm
The only one who blows your mind
Say it again for me
It's like the whole world stops to listen
When you tell me you're in love
Say It Again


Empress Cafe, The Curve

Some people are borned for living.

Im borned for eating.

Im having a very.very.very. ultra bad habit that my mouth always tend to be itchy at night, about 11pm. So I'll begin to look for food.

I aint starving, really. I just mouth itchy.

Therefore I can never lose weight. Therefore I say "Start diet tomorrow onwards!!" with my hand shrug in the air during my almost every supper...

Yeap I ber-supper again last night. An ultra freaking heavy ones.

And yea, for all the latenight-mouthitchy lads and lasses, hereby introduce you a nice mummum place which open till late daily. Dont really know what time exactly the kitchen close, but you can still order food even after 12am. And yea, sometimes we chillout there right after our late dinner at the open air seats with some icy chilled beer when we just wanna stay away from crowd.

It's EMPRESS CAFE, The Curve which facing right opposite to the very famous Laundry Cafe.

I remembered at the very first glance at their menu, it's really hard to tell what's their specialties, and probably abiit losing interests due to the very very plain yellowish menu design. They have local and western cuisine - basically everything...

The next thing is, you are going to be surprised by the food turned up really nicey :)

Presenting food that I had last night~~~~

The starter - Embuk. Something like a Vietnamese spring roll x Malaysian popiah :p

Pasta lover, please check out the Aglio Prawn, its one of the best aglio I had so far, but abiit too oily. Alternatively, you may order the very creamy cream sauce pasta too~ (they have only one variant of cream sauce).

This is an absolute no-no for supper but I had it last night OMG. A cheesie Tiramisu that catches my attention when it displayed at the fridge. Yummmiiieeeeee......

omg I wanna start diet tomorrow~~~!!!


Pizza, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Pie are in the neko's recommendation list too~~


Bimbo neko

I've got my new mani/pedicure done @ Nail Arts Saloon

And Im sooo inlurve with blueeeeeeeee.....

Blue-ish mani, blue-ish pedi. Errmmm or izzit better to be called turquoise?? Either way, it reminds me about sea........

And the glitters look starry.

Simply wanna show off my mani ^v^

Im a fcking bimbo...........

Women been spending big bucks in cosmetics/toiletries/whatever beauty products, maybe we all shall just once awhile shift our sight away from dressing ourselves up, but to provide a probably one-and-only-prettydress-of-life to a lil girl in Laos?

Let's read this up and spread some loves :)

each of us are borned to be an angel with a warm heart.


It's Wantik's Birthday Celebration~

26.07.08. We have had a not so surprise-surprise birthday party for Wantik's 23rd buffday :)

It was a pretty last minute plan, it was sooo the luckie that I still manage to get a service apartment suite at Lanson Place, Ambassador Row. The moral of the storie - never ever do last minute booking in any KL hotels/suites, the room rates were terribly unbelievably throat cutting.

Yeah yeah I have to say that, Im really really blessed that I manage to get this 1bedroom suite at a very reasonable rate of RM299nett. Somemore Lanson Place is so conveniently strategically located at city center right beside Victoria Station Jalan Ampang~ (Click here more the details of Lanson Place)

So Satur noon miaoz and Sharon and Cherng kidnapped wantik without telling her where to go, and we straight brought her to Lanson Place for check in~~

Birdie view from 9th floor.

The entrance hallway.

The cozy lil kitchen fully equiped with microwave, fridge, utensils and even detergent!!

Two single bed is definitely not enough for us......

So we made the living hall as "bedroom" too!! ^^v

The entrance of the swimming pool.

The beautiful swimming pool... Cant wait to dip into it~~

♥ Splashy moments ♥

Night time swimming session was really really freeeeeezing :shiver shiver:

Party started after dinner till late~~ Special thanks to our liquor sponsors KK and wantik and Zi Jian that brought us soooo muchieee of alcohol -.-" We had a bottle of Black Label, Dewars Exclusive (wth I cant really feel the exclusiveness of it), and another bottle of very stunning looking red wine.

Im still feeling very upset that I didnt take pictures of our food and beverages. It isnt that much of opportunity to have sooo muchie of trashy junk food and drinks all gathered once T___T

♥ Celebration Time ♥

Happie Happy birthday to wantik~~~

Cake Cutting ceremony ^^*

Yummy Strudels' Blueberry Chocolate cake. It tastes reeeali nice but texture wise, it's kinda harsh/dry.

Some loves the cake soo muchie, some hated it >.<

♥ Drunken Camwhore Time ♥

We micorwaved cheese sausages too~ Heavenly Yummie sinful foood~~

The end of the storie ----- I was fcking hangover for the entire Sunday lying on bed physically tortured by alcohol that stays inside me. As if I can still smell alcohol................... But still able to laugh loud when I watch back those x-rated videos that I cant upload it here :muahaha:

miaoz in Bangkok - Day 5

Poor lil miaoz had a peaceful night tonight after ffk-ed by the purple penguin
:cursing the penguin that all her penguinz turning yellow and green, nomore purple color anymore, not even black & white in the coming three months:

Was browing thru the memories posted on my very uniquely own crappy bloggie, and had a shocking finding.

I have not finish my Bangkok Trip posting!!!!

OMGWTF how can I just full stop it half way blogging it, this is freaking irresponsible not committing act.

Sooo I decided to complete my Bangkok Trip posting. Here comes the very very outdated miaoz' Bangkok trip at Feb'08
:shame shame shame paiseh:

We had our lovely 6nights stay at Le Fenix Shukrumvit Hotel level four :)

Amarin Plaza - taken on BTS while heading to Central World.

A bright sunny flyover that linked us from BTS station into Central World, our favorite shopping center which offered medium priced goods ^^*

We settled down @ Suki More Restaurant for our BRUNCH.

The ever loved-by-me Thai Ice Tea with milk.

The Fried Beancurd and Roasted Chicken and.....? Forgotten :p

Looks Wantan mee but not a Wantan mee (>w<)

The three full mickey mouses in the contemporary themed interior Suki More Restaurant.

Our comments towards Suki More. Get it?

♥ Chics mess around time ♥

There are cutie stuffs every where in Central World neeeh.. We just lurrrvee it sooooo muchie....

And some romantic stuffs too!!

Found Vincci in Bangkok~~

♥ Even the roofs are beautifully decorated ♥

The sparkling sky river~

Toy-ishly in Zen Deparmental Store, Kids Department

♥ The Local Designer Boutiques ♥

Interior of Levi's Boutique.

♥ Girls begun to do silly jobs after the tiring long walk ♥

Something Sweet

*~The breaktime~*

Something Sweet - Great ambience, not so good drinks and cakes :p

♥ Shopping Spree at Suan Lum Night Market

We had our late dinner here.......

A restaurant in Suan Lum named RELAX.

The food are nice, with very very reasonable price and great ambience :)

It looks like those kinda treehouse which I always dreamt to have one when I was a child.

Chun chic spotted!! She damnn tall, slim with a big bright smile on her tanned skin.


Going homeee...... Nitezzz...

More more more about Bangkok Trip -----> Click HERE
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