Hong Kong Day I

I . am . freaking . dropdeadly . sleepie . maximus . now .

But I've promised myself to keep my dearie bloggie alive and therefore I spent entire night going through, rotating, resizing photos in order to complete this post. Hallelujah.

Tough job you know, 987 photos, three videos, 7days, complete coverage of Hong Kong, Macao, and Disneyland (Yes Disneyland shall be included in Hong Kong, just die die want to mention this name).

By the way, complete coverage of Hong Kong and Macao upon miao's personal preference. I've been to none of those significant temple, never been into the Madame something wax museum bla bla bla...


So this is about the overly excited just-landed Day I.

DSC02894Meet wonwon my frequent travel kaki.

Meet Cityflyer the very convenient comfy airport shuttle, 40+HKD (if not mistaken), roughly 90minutes from airport to North Point area.


First time ever I am staying in a hostel during travel. Hotels rate in Hong Kong is almost cutting throat T___T

So this is the reception (not even a lobby right?) of Yesinn Hostel I booked through Hostelworld.com. A cute little vibrant accommodation converted from some sort of local apartment, located walking distance to Frotress Hill 炮台山 MTR station, nearby Causeway Bay 铜锣湾.

The private room for triple sharing. So the small after we settled our luggage we have only ngam ngam sufficient space for one person access through the room.

Room InteriorThe rest of the room. So small I don't even need to shoot with panorama mode.

Anyway, with the price of 447HKD per night, for the location and cleanliness I really would have nothing to complaint about. More info about Yesinn Hong Kong, click HERE to the official site.


First meal in Hong Kong, we were too starved due to our very very early flight. Therefore we just walked across the street and settled with Maxim's Restaurant, some sort of self-service local Chinese Fast Food Chain that serves mainly siu-mei . roasted food . 烧味.

MaximsRoasted Pork and Soya Sauce Chicken combo . Soya Sauce Chicken and Roasted Duck combo . Soup with name forgotten :p

Modern interior design x traditional Chinese food.


DSC02913First station, Langham Place 朗豪坊, C3 exit from the Mong Kok MTR station. A rather average priced commercial centre in Hong Kong.

I was amazed by the convenience and accessibility of the basement pedestrian tunnels in Hong Kong. It links practically everywhere and I can just walk underground from one building to another to the extent I don't even know how these buildings actually look like from outside (salute).

Inside the Langham Place.


Stopped by the Nike Yoga campaign roadshow. The mascot so adorable lor.


♥ Tea Time

Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品.

Honeymoon Dessert 

When the day turned dusk we walked through Nathan Road to the Ladies' Street 女人街 and found it just like another Petaling Street.

Along the way we found some boutiques selling really made in China-ish clothes. The attires in most shops are like jumbled and crumpled together gather that makes it even more China-ish. Anyway if you have enough patience to dig it through as though you are mining gold you might be able to found something nice but in most of these boutiques there is no fitting allowed.

Pricing wise, it's about Malaysian price only lah.

DSC02945Street Snacks - where I found my legendary Curry Fish Ball


♥ Dinner Time

Mark this restaurant name as a must-go-in Hong Kong, trust me you will never regret.

Tao Heung Group of Restaurants 稻香超級漁港. It has quite a number of branches, Nathan Road branch is miao's personal preference, check out the branches HERE.

Until we cruelly dip it into the boiling hot soup, the prawns were still struggling for god knows what after they have already been slaughtered with all the intestines cleared and poked through from head till tail. wtfreak.


We had crabs, prawns (alive one somemore wtf), fish and etc which falls under the seafood category, meatballs, prawn roll, and a freaking big bowl of vegetable (just as freaking big bowl as shown in this photo above), and cha-ching the bill of 160+HKD. Damn worth lor...


Now I am too sleepy to continue. Next post will be about Hong Kong clubbing, or high end shopping, or Disneyland, not sure what to blog about yet. So stay tune :)

And nitezz.


Better than the best

It's good to make a turning point.

Even better to be able to settle at where you were, as who you were, as how you did.


I'm feeling blessed, because nothing has changed, till then, till the time has come.


miao, safe and sound and peace ♥


12102009121Meet my not-exactly very new Nokia N97 whitey, zillions thanks to my bosses aka daddy and brother for the uber-generous budget company phone

Nothing much to highlight about it's functions, another good N series I would say? (fine I am never a gadget person) I am totally enjoy using it and hey, recent photos are all taken by it, judge with your own eyes for the picture quality :)


Sweet Sensations

Finally, it's tomorrow.

After all the endless longing to overwhelming emo that merely kills to making up all sorts of nonsenses in mind to the finally 10th. I would have dance in cheer and yield for excitement and singing it's over it's over I made it, I thought.

Eighteen hours more to go. I am in my cold feet, terrified by the sense of deja vu. Too similar. Like the joke god just flick opened a page of my life archive and re-play it, and then being amused seeing me being same old lost encountering the same old scene.

My fault, never grow from lessons.

*** *** ***

Two weekends of alcohol overdosed.

Two weeks massive feed of happy food.

Can't help if you are not seeing someone real.


. Those happy foods .


Mango Sai Mai Lo

05102009093Tong Yuen in Ginger Soup, it keeps your heart warm, for a while.

05102009092Mango Cheong Fun. Surprisingly, it is good, when mango is sweet syrup is thick and the rice noodle sheet is thin.



Was staring at this photo for good few minutes and couldn't recall the name.


If these made you starve or crave, they are all from Hong Kong Dessert 甜品哥哥 @ Kepong.




My love-hate Japanese Chocolates.

ChocoBourbon Choco Dutsumi - soft chocolate flavoured mochi wrapped dark chocolate. Can you resist it?

CuppyCakeCheapo version of Cupcakes. Where I found smiley faces, hearts and rainbows.


Invisible Tears

She feels like crying, so she dug out some old tears flowing video clips.

And then she found that she's shedding tears herself. And feeling relieved.


Why do you have to be like others?



Time flies too fast when you are too reluctant, and too slow when you are too eagerly waiting.


Short Hair


Meet my new short hazelnut bob :)


Hello weekend!

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