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Coming back soon over the weekend after lappy recovery! See ya~

With Nothing Not Even A T Shirt

T Shirt
by Shontelle

Hey. Let me tell you no.

Try to decide Try to decide
If I really wanna go out tonight
I never used to go out without you
Not sure I remember how to

Gonna be late Gonna be late
But, all my girls gonna have to wait 'cos
I dont know if I like my outfit
I Tried everything in my closet

Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off 'cos I feel a fool
Try to dress up when Im missin you
Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with somethin' Hanes
In bed I lay
With nothin but your T-shirt on
With nothin but your T-shirt on

Gotta be strong gotta be strong but Im
Really hurtin now that you're gone
I thought maybe I'd do some shoppin'
But I couldnt get past the door and

Now I dont know, now I dont know If I
Ever really gon' let you go
And I couldnt even leave my apartment
I'm stripped down, torn up about it

Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off 'cos I feel a fool
Try todress up when Im missin you
Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with somethin' Hanes
In bed I lay
With nothin but your T-shirt on
With nothin but your T-shirt on
With nothin' but your T-shirt on (cuz I missed you, cuz I missed you)
With nothin' but your T-shirt on (said I missed you baby)

Im not quite sure what's now what's next but Im sure Im over it.

It's just that, at that point of time when I was really blinded. That night was a nightmare when I cant even have your tshirt on.

Sunk into overheated tub full of water, thrown on a bath rope and there I lay on the strange bed. I smelled nothing familiar, touched nothing soft, felt nothing warm.

And there marked the day to the end of the meaningless procastination.

And you just let it happen without saying a word.

"Let's start from here, lose the past
Change our minds, we don't need a finish line"


It's Biscuit Can's Birthday~~

An outdated post, happened on 8.11.08. A wonderful Saturday night at not so wonderful Maison Heritage. Uh um it was Biscuit Can's birthday celebration~

♥ Velvet before Maison ♥

Esther . Winnie . miaoz ♥ muah Koh Samui kaki.

Lvin da Cwid

♥ Underage Heaven . Maison Heritage ♥

Biscuit Can's Birthday celebration undoubtedly became the largest birthday celebration of the year. Im not really sure how in the world they manage to invite sooooo much friends and whoever and lotsa strange faces who I've never seen and throughout the night, Im not sure who's in our group and who's not.

Anywayz, the party was onszz. Happie burfday to Mr. Joseph da Biscuit Can ^^*

Girls who I known.

Couple who I known.

Cutie yummy looking birthday cake.

Creamy face painting.

Creamy face smashing. Oh my... Stop wasting food. Love the foodz.

A big big compliment to Biscuit Can of being such a sport~

Hing tai-ism.

Toughest ever wash-over.

And then back in action!

Act cute session.

Act sweet session.

Sissy Guysss.

Weird picz session.

Sensually Eroticz knnwtf.

Yengz vs Cute.

Together gether ^^*

Bali Trip . Day 03

Yeapz yeapz lotsa lotsa pictures up here to talk about my Day 3 of Bali trip~

I wokeup seven o'clock in the morning, just to check out the very very impressive swimming pool of my hotel.

The very foggy infinite pool, visually edgeless and linked all the way to Kuta Ocean.

Oppss it wasnt that foggy but my camera lens fogged up by the air cond, check out the pool side seats :)

The water temperature was surprisingly just nice for a refreshing morning dip. We were totally waken up and all ready to kick start our another day. We went out Mc Dong Dong, looking forward the very local Indonesia Mc Dong Dong breakfast also to meet up with our tour guide (okiee that was another RM150+- for it)

It was an absolute disappointment for the Mc Dong Dong that they do not serve breakfast set!! Indonesia Mc Dong Dong is totally incomparable to Thailand Mc Dong Dong lor, even Malaysia's way better :p

Omelette, Fried Chicken and Rice.

Ronald Mc Donald surfs at Bali too!

♥ Nusa Dua ♥

The most luxury beach of Bali with all the most sumptuous hotels and resorts along way.

Sandy beach, crystal clear water, and yes very very very very hot burning sun. Oh ya my ultimate cutie huawer hat too, enhancing the ultimate holiday mood.

Sunny sunshine until we cant even open our eyes :p

The beach.

The ocean.

The pink and white bikinis.

The chics people.

We took a package of two motorsport activities included Jetski and Flying Fish, costs RM80/pax. Quite the expensive hor? Here's the instructor briefing session.

We are ready~~

Grab, climb, hop on!

miaoz on the speedboat, featuring beach boy.

Speed boat driver, " ah moi ini bukan kapal lah, kapal tu besar punya, ini kita panggil BOT."

This is how Flying Fish flies.

Now my turn! Muahahahaha~~

And wonwon being dumped on speedboat. Watta do one flying fish can only carry two persons nia.

Here we go~~ Bye bye~~

Flying Fish can become Banana Boat too. Can you see miaoz in the middle of ocean??

Landed, hopped off, reluctantly, excitedly.

And then get ready to ride on Jet Ski~~

Strike a happy pose~

Bye bye Nusa Dua.....

♥ Denpasar ♥

The real Bali, local market where you can get everything for daily life. Technically every single shop/stalls selling the very very same thing, but if you are good in bargaining, this is undoubtedly a nice place to get some local stuff. Not really my type though, I would prefer shopping in Chatuchak and Suan Lum. I only manage to grab some souvenir from there.

Camwhored while waiting for wonwon.

And then started to do stupid stuff after long wait.

Since there wasn't much to interest us, we have moved on the another side on Denpasar for mummum. Mr. Tour Guide has brought us to a mummum stall opposite to the Denpasar Monument.

While waiting for our mummum to be served, we demonstrated the differences of "take picture with hat" and "take pictures wearing hat".

Camwhored with hat

Camwhored wearing hat.

I hearted Surf Factory Outlet of Bali (at Ngurah Rai Bypass, where lotsa Roxy, Ripcurl, Billabong stuff selling on super low price!) ^^*

Wantik's choice - the signature sizzling noodle. It looks better than it tastes I have to say...

Wonwon's choice and it's mine too - Nasi Goreng Seafood. Yummmieeez...

Fresh Fried Squid. Thumbs up dish *slurp*

They werent really like it because Balinese food are more to sweet and spicy taste. But it's just nice for my sweet tooth :)

♥ Legian ♥

Shopping in Legian is really something that cannot be missed in Bali as there is more "international tastes stuff" selling in this are compared to the traditional markets. But it is such a hassle of getting a descent price too, as bargaining seems to be a culture on this land. Yea even to purchase in shops with price tagged, everything is still bargainable.

Yeapz even toilet price is bargainable -.-

Very nice of this Legian Car Park space that provides you safe parking with friendly smile -.-

I hearted Surfer Girls' windows display. Soooooo sweeeeet...

Legian Street of entertainment.

Shop shop shops.

Cutie speaker.

Irresistably cutie dustbin.

The Memorial of 2002 Bali bombing at Legian Street. (click here to see what's this)

Mummum again.... Gelato shop at Legian Street right in front of the Monument.

I have to say that Malaysia has better Gelato which with alot more reasonable price. And ermm I dont really like the idea of the shop-full of blue LED lights :p

After another hectic walking day, we indulged ourselve to the maximum with a two hour session of Balinese SPA including full bady massage, body srub and huawer bath. Even though the price of USD50/pax is abit cutting my throat, but awwwww Im missing it...

♥ Made's Warong, Kuta ♥

We had it on the first night we arrived but we just can't stop missing it. Therefore we decided to back there for the farewell dinner.

In case you wondering why you have been seeing the Made's shops almost everywhere in Bali, it wasn't because it is a hude corporation covering every industry, but MADE (pronounced as "mother") in Indon means second son.

Act sweet attempt while waiting for our much missed foooooood.

Too bored of being chic, we had a lil game of make the ugliest face and win yourself an ice cream.

So you will be the judge. Who deserves the grand prize?

Ooookiee I know you can't wait to see fooooood...

Our favourite Grilled Fish with Garlic Sauce. Yeapz the garlic sauce there is a must try!

The Pork Satay.

The Fried Squid and the Fried Green Vegie,

♥ Ocean Beach Club, Kuta ♥

We reluctantly had our farewell party at Ocean Beach Club, Kuta. It was so fcking nice of walking to a club on foot. As it as just about five minutes walking distance from our dearest Mercure Hotel, hearted it.

The House Room of Ocean Beach Club was freaking impressive with it's sea-front open air ambience, plus the very very yengz floating dance floor on swimming pool.

I salute the sound system design which groovy enough even though it's open air. And yea, the dance floor shakes and floats from time to time hehehe...

The very lonely R&B room as the House room pulled away the crowd.

The very famous local beer - Bintang. The logo looks pretty similar with Heineken's lor...

Random sober piczz in the HOUSE.

Girls in R&B.

Hey Mr. DJ put the records on. I wanna dance with my baby~
Music makes the people come together. Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel.

The hot stuff on pole dancing wtf.

I loveeee my new dressssssssssss.

Here's we called it a day....... Nitezzz...
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