miao in Bangkok Trip - Day 01

Yeah yeah its been quite sumtime i didnt tcare of my dearie blog.. Was busy with alot of changes of my life...

Now I wanna blog about my 7days 6nights Bangkok trip~ Its my first ever self-planned oversea trip. As there was only me, wonwon, and wantik. Alot friends said that we are toooooo daring to travel to Thai with only three mickey mouses.

We booked flight ticket ourselve, we book hotel online, we bought travel guide to study about watta play and do and eat in Bangkok etc... Hmmmmm must give alot alot credit to wantik for al her precious findings :)


01. Departure day

6am we reached LCCT to catch our earlie flight. I've successfully lao gai to have my dream breakfast in Coffeee Bean. That was sooo yummy yummy~~ ^^*

This is mine~ nicey nicey~

And this is wantik's... Cheesie-licious...

Tragedy happened. We missed our flight although we reached earlie. That was our stupidity plus the poor communication of the check-in crew of Airaisa. Then we gotto spend RM2xx each to purchase another last min ticket and waited anothr 2hours for the next flight... T.T

So we berwuliao at Mc Dong Dong LCCT....

Then was realli too wuliao, then we started to play with my sister's RICOH GR Digital. We tried the Mutli Shot function. Its kinda Lomo-Supersampler-ish.

Stupid bare face miao

wantik in action
Our Ms. Photogenic wonwon acting cute

Finally we can abroad. My first time taking Airasia. I was so sampatly excited with their boarding style which we have to walk on aeroplane lanes.

Finally we are flying~

And finally we stepped onto Thailand, which stands for "The Land of Freedom" :)

We have got an airport taxi to head to our hotel which we booked from internet for a better rate. There were alot alot taxis outside the airport which offered "highway, no jam". But its better, safer, and cheaper (alot!!) to get airport taxi. It was only 400bht (fixed price) to reach Sukumvit Rd.

Airport taxi doesnt look as nice as those taxi on street.

Yay~ This is our nice nice Le Fenix Sukhumvit Hotel, which has just launched at May 2007. I have to say its a very very nice hotel~~ Nice design, nice staff, clean, new, strategic location which only abt 10-15min walking distance to Nana Station~ There are eateries ust around the corner, hawker stalls, massage and even barber. And the most most most bestest thing, Qbar is right infront of Le Fenix. The other very very famous club in Bangkok--Bed Supper Club too, 3min walking distance~ phew weet~ And then and then, the rate also very very reasonable if you were to book online---->click to the promo rate. We took the Hot Deal! So adventurous nya~ Luckie we have never regret~

The outlook
The Main Entrance
The Stairs to lobby
The chill out lounge
The room~ I love the Samsung LCD TV~
We are happie with our choice~ ^^v

We have freshened up and Le Fenix provides free tuk tuk service to fetch us to BTS station~

Heading to Chatuchak weekend market~~
We are reali reali luckie. That day wasnt too hot. But it was stil quite sanfu to shop in such stuffy and hot ambience. Now wonder alot friends told me they dont enjoy shopping in Chatuchak...

Shopping spree~

Guess what I have seen? I saw one small small shop which sells all miao-ish toys!!!! I was soooooo excited and jump and shouted into the shop and you seeeeeeeeeee...... How am I able to resist from its coolness of this miao-ishhhhh.....

Siam Cats
So I bought four miaoz. These are two of it~~ about 100+bht each.
Nice lunch @ Chatuchak Market
Wonwon pose for pork balls (must try!! 5bht each) and Thai Ice Tea (Heavenly good~)

Chatuchak really has everyhting. Even this.......

Scary face >.<

First night in BKK was Saturday. Saturday meant for party~~ So we went Club Culture, one of the hip club among Thai youngsters. And we witnessed it, its really meant for youngsters...
That was coincidently a group of youngsters having themed party there. They dressed up animals animals. Very very cute. And I wonder how they manage to get all these funnie funnie costumes....

They brought toys to play in the club. And they realli realli PLAYED it!
Laser lights plus trance music. Not my type.
Nvm, we can still enjoy ourselves~ Photo time~
Toilet @ Club Culture and haunted miao
So this are what we've done for our first day in Bangkok~ To be continue~~~~~


Unknown said...

i wish i can join ur gal go 2 bangkok.bangkok is nation i never been before,i heard many my friend say bangkok is a very relax nation.

wantik said...

our day 1 only ar...such a long blog le...u still gotta blog about another 6 days ?? kekeke

aileng miao said...

i wanna blog it day by day.. cuz too much nice nice picciezz neh. dono how to choose to upload de neee...

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