miao's 24th Birthday~

Chinese New Year coming. My birthday coming too which means Im getting into mid 20... *sob* No longer mui mui chai already... *sobsob*

Im happily announced that I've already stepped out from those bad bad grey grey emotions. And Im feeling like Im alwys wrapped with loves, cares, sweetness of life, friends and family...

Ching called me yesterday. She said herself, Ah tat and Ah sia has already bought me a pair of boots which I spotted earlier on but hesitate to buy it. Touched, really :)

WJ has developed an excel spreadsheet for me to ease my work in salary and invoice calculations. I do reali appreciated it and i considered it as the most intelligent pressie I ever had in my life.

Amber and sindik is back to kl and they will celebrate my birthday~ wantik wants to bring me to a nice nice Italian restaurant. wonwon willing to attend my birthday cele. Even Melvin and Andy promised for a belated celebration. Thungpui giving me face to give extra credit for wantik to go party with me~

I thought the eve of my birthday it should be nothing to do so I planned to work on my JD stuff. Then WJ said he'l finish his tasks to bring me eat big eye fish, wantik wanna bring me blow balloons...

Hmmmmmmpppppp...... What I can say about my life than just PERFECT? I love you guysss :)

Love is the moment that last forever

Love, passion, obsession. Something you can't live without.


wantik said...

ur 24th birthday sibeh hao wan~ u must be 3 days slave in order to thank WJ for his arrangement!! keke...ur life so wonderful de neh...i think u still live in heaven..yet i m back to hell dy

aileng miao said...

yeahyeah my life is full of hao wan hao wan stuff~ thnx to my slave for al arrangemnts.. oh o.. im worrying my turn bcum slave sure he'l torture me like hell.....

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