Newly discovered dangerous spot in town - The Curve Weekend Flea Market.

Easily burnt a few holes in my pocket more than once.


FleaMkt Autumn is coming and I am still into summer, aftermath of too many Japanese fashion magazines.


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My brother cum boss' wedding on last Saturday, 26th September 09.

Too busy to take pictures, and I have been missing my dearly camera a lot a lot. Such a waste for my beloved dress from Warehouse, One Utama.


HairI do miss my long hair sometimes, but so far so comfy with the freshness of short hair. Still enjoying :)



HuawerNot ready to leave. Just, yet.


Snip Snip

DroppedhairAfter a year of should I shouldn't I, finally made up my mind...













Good bye my mermaid hair. After almost forever.


ShorthairSurprisingly I wasn't too reluctant with those snapped hair.

Everything expires. Nothing lasts forever. 


1 . 2 . 3

19092009011 copy

My red hot bed sheet, bright, and appetizing.

Suddenly I am craving for wine and cheese and dark chocolate.


hoegaarden copyMy recent addiction towards Hoegaarden on tap (it has to be fresh from the tap!) for it's sweetness and creamy creaminess.

Hoegaarden 2 full pints for RM50 promotion found at Solaris Mont Kiara - Karl's Beisl (I hoped I get the name right), right next to Haagen-Dazs.



Folk Boho top and belt from my shop-till-drop Bangkok trip.

Cage Black Heels from Nice Fit, Kota Damansara.

My favourite type of attire in recent times. So comfortable, I couldn't quite resist from that kind of soft light comfy fabrics.


It's Eugene's Birthday

First time in my life I've been to Telok Gong, a far far away place which famous with it's seafood.


Frankly, I don't really see a point why there are so many people willing to travel so freaking far away for the seafood, it's good, but not quite worth for the travel to me :p

First time in my life I've tried Toddy, some sort of alcoholic drinks which extracted from coconut, a signature drinks in Coconut Flower Restaurant.

Telok Gong1

Eugene recommended to drink Toddy with Guinness.

Telok Gong2Alternative non alcoholic drinks for ladies - c o c o n u t .


Next station, the Library.

Yea I spent my weekend in Library, sounds cool.


It makes the good girl gone bad. Library, E@Curve (formerly Cineleisure, I don't like the new name of it)


Heart this lamp which has it's reflection on the wall, looks like a tribal airbrush on wall. For some reasons, it reminds me of Santorini.


Despite the exquisite interior, one of the main attraction of Library to me, they have Hoegaarden barrel available, even thought the price is pretty cutting throat at RM1288. So we ended up with Carlsberg barrel at the price of RM888. (nevermind it is still a barrel, still cool)


They brought us a barrel, installed it with the tap on our very own bar.


So everybody turned into bartender.


So as miao :)








Birthday boy and birthday drinks.


And more birthday drinks...


And then gone case, everybody's mission completed.



Girl friends.

Library12Library17 LibraryLibrary10



Library11       Librarycomp2

Librarycomp3GG... :)  


I'm living for the only once

I know I have been abandoned my dearie bloggie for a while (a long while, yes), I am guilty as charged.


Reasons being for lack of update is just as common as everyone would have excuse with. First and foremost, I am pretty tied up with works, piles of works and crazy hours. Almost every night I reached home totally exhausted and crashed on my bed straight.

I do have a bit of spare time (as in really a bit though), and so I contributed some/most of it for a bit of oozing.


One of those Saturday at not so Mambo Velvet Underground.

sidsOne of those Friday the girls night out at Sid's TTDI. 


I am pretty much domesticated ever since I am part of the so called family business.

I engaged some of my vacant time in keeping puppies, the panda puppies who made their debut appearance here. Two months old puppies are now able to walk around in my porch (omg my porch is like really puppies walking everywhere and I indeed love that scene), puppies learning how to bark in babyish voice, puppies fighting gently among each other (and biting, too).

I love watching process of life growing.

Some pictures taken the first few days when puppies had their blurry eyes just opened. Crawling around making weird sounds and cuddling to sleep.


The eldest (left) and the youngest (right) pups.


*curios eyes*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This one named Babe, pronounced as ba-bi.  


This is adopted by a friend of my grandparents, wish for a best life for it :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         My Indonesian maid addressed it as Imud,(pronounced as e-mood), she said it means lucu . amusing in her language.


It was given name of Ichiro, means eldest son during the earlier days but it doesn't seem to be comfortable with this name, therefore it is still nameless till now. What to do...



I am so gonna collapsed in my bed with Time Traveller's Wife, so chaoz, world. And good night.


The muffled noise


Muted, as nothing seems to be real.

Amidst the dreadful silence, she hides.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Say congrat to me, I've got the classic copy, not the one with the movie poster's cover.

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