"Im not going to Greece lur, Im going to Turkey~" He said.

Turkey....? My mind blanked a second. A country which I've never think of visiting. I googled it to check what's this country about. Why going Turkey while Europe has so much nice places to go?

Some more it's freaking faraway from UK.

Turkey is bordering Greece, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. It's a country which has no snow.
Turkey is situated in between Asia and Europe, making it transcontinental with the unique blend of Western and Asian Cultures.
Turkey is a Eurasian country with major population of Muslims.
Jay Chou sang about Istanbul (周杰倫-伊斯坦堡MTV Link), the biggest city of Turkey in his debut album too!!

Thats all I know about Turkey after all....

I lied on bed whole day, flipped thru mags and books but barely reading it. My mind is somewhere else.

I've been fancy-ing Santorini since years ago. It's a very,very,very beautiful legendary island which you might amazed how they keep their white paint so white on their houses and shops. Trust me you'll fall in love with it if you Google Image search for Santorini.

Back at my high school time, I onced frequently skipped class to wander around in town with no objective. MPH Mid Valley was one of the hotspot I always hide off crowd or incase bump into anyone I know. They have nice seats for free-reading :p and a nice quiet cafe with nothing else nice.

There was this photography book I loved so muchiie but cannot afford with my age back then. It mesmerized me with blue and white and blue and white houses, and breathtaking seaview, every single photo featured with miaomiaoz slumbering, reclining, having fun/sunbath...

It was beautiful...

I had always gone back to the very same place, picked up the very same book, looked at those very same photos. Everytime I flip thru it I just cant help falling in love with the place, the photography, the miaomiao, the blue and white and blue and white.

But you know what was the most most most stupid thing I'd done? I have never findout where's the place!!!!!!!

Cross your finger to pray for this world most stupid brainless school girl who's like insanely fell inlove with someone, perverted herself and stalking him, then never know his name and school!!!

Then I've grown up as another miaoz than the brainless school girl. The memories of white and blue and white and blue and miaomiaoz buried underneath realistic elements as if it had never exist... Until once, I wuliao-ly working in KLIA for Malaysia Airlines as their temp staff. Due to boredom, I surfed with "countries of the world", "places must go before you die", "honeymoon hotspots" etctetcetc.

The familiar blue and white and blue and white again appeared in my sight.
I promised myself, I'll never ever forget about this name anymore. Never, ever.

Boring grandmother storie? It's my blog so you have no choice but to read it ^^v Here's some eye candy, this guy have been to places I love most on the earth. He'll surely do a better job than I do, to tell what's Santorini about :) ----- Chee Wei's Photography Link

A bit of Santorini


Love a Lot said...

Oh gosh I've just google'd it and yes, it's a very very magnificent photos I could see...

Are these for the residents only or there are houses like that for rents? Hmmm I wonder...

So beautiful =)

aileng miao said...

infact all houses, shops, residents, hotels are all designed as this in santorini.. n its all build along the cliff, facing the seaview. de colors of paint r so clean cuz its hardly rain there.

its definitely one of de mz visit place on the earth :)

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