No One

It's 6:18am now. Too late to sleep too earlie to wake up wtf.

10am have to be at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel. 4pm have to be at Titanium Dance Club. 9pm have to be at Subang.

Doesnt seems it could have a slot for my afternoon miaoish nap...

I dare not sleep right now. Worried if I couldnt get up at 8am. It's less than 2hours to go... ... ... ...

Hmmppppp..... I miss those annoying morning calls soooo much. so much so much so much that can drown me to death.

There's noone to fix paqpaq for mee.
There's noone to organize agenda for mee.
There's noone to keep texting mee when Im dying in work.
There's noone to motivate me when Im dread to go and work.
There's noone to spend my Monday with mee.
There's no hope of having some lame jokes when the phone rings.
There's noone to force me to sleep when night fades and sun rises.
There's noone to share with mee about wkend outing gossips when Im not around.

You shouldnt just dumped me alone.



Anonymous said...

hoho,someone received morningcall tdy..tat makes her day..
a call meant a million words..
ngek ngek ngek.. =P

aileng miao said...

eeee... tao yan laaaa.... where got..................

Anonymous said...

ohla ohla..i promised u i wont dumped u alone anymore, k?? ^^

aileng miao said...

~~ ~~ ~~ den faster fly bek n play wit mee ~~ ~~ ~~


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