The Loaf, Pavilion KL

I really had something with bakeries...

Since I was a primary school kid, I always like to follow daddy to his biscuits factory, which producing traditional Chinese biscuits that I hardly recall the names.

There was heavie heavily powdery smell inside the factory all the time even off production time, which not so likeable by everybody who has been there, people always sneeze inhaling the powder powdery scent.

Just for reason unknown, I was particularly favor that kinda woodenly warm smell of baking powder. And the scent of owen baked. Untill the end of my high school life, the factory closed down due to several conflicts among partners, I've onced wanted to takeover couple of machines there to open a bakery - I wanna bake cakes and bread.

Apparently things didnt workout, due to my slumber attitude to life. I was way too young to handle a business back then :)

*** *** ***

Few days back I'v been to The Loaf @ Pavilion, a bakery by our respectable Tun Mahathir.

Stepped into The Loaf, the warm sweet mellow scent of bakeries welcomed me, brought back some old memories of mine, lepak-ing in daddy's factory contributing nothing but stealing biscuits. I was not even have the height to reach the baking table :p

I walked up to the restaurant floor to get a seat, waiting for my appointments.

I was pretty mesmerized with the interior of the restaurant - too exclusive as an bakery, somehow it looks fine-dining. Yea it is infact apart from the bakery downstairs, their restaurant is really a restaurant, which I never know.

Unconventionally Im using my lappie in such fine dining ambiance.

A lookout from the restaurant.

The Frozen Latte - Ice Latte + Espresso Ice Cubes

The Tuna Melt.

Im gonna miss this hearty meal... ... ...

*** *** ***

I had a tough night before he left. The lil pinky huawery lamp given by beloved Wel has lit my night...

It has been with me thru hundreds sleepless nights.

Pinkish light - vividly but soft.

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Love a Lot said...

u didn't try their cheese cupcakes which Emily tried last time...
THinking abt it, until now i also haven't go try yet...

aileng miao said...

mee too mee too. got lots feedback tat their cupcake aint tat nice. but their bread n drinks r gd :)

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