Bimbo neko

I've got my new mani/pedicure done @ Nail Arts Saloon

And Im sooo inlurve with blueeeeeeeee.....

Blue-ish mani, blue-ish pedi. Errmmm or izzit better to be called turquoise?? Either way, it reminds me about sea........

And the glitters look starry.

Simply wanna show off my mani ^v^

Im a fcking bimbo...........

Women been spending big bucks in cosmetics/toiletries/whatever beauty products, maybe we all shall just once awhile shift our sight away from dressing ourselves up, but to provide a probably one-and-only-prettydress-of-life to a lil girl in Laos?

Let's read this up and spread some loves :)

each of us are borned to be an angel with a warm heart.


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

ooooooooo!!!u go do ur nail!!!!!

Anonymous said...

if you r encouraging oth women to spend less on dress themselves up, then you shut b de 1st one =P
stop buying branded stuffs will b more than enuf..
that's big money enuf to buy plenty of one-and-only-prettydress-of-life for lots of lil gals in Laos..
so stop buying Gucci LV n so on frm tdy onwards.

(there must b thought in ur mind >> tat could b de hardest task for me ever)..haha..

P/S: dun kill me =)

aileng miao said...

yeapyeap i'v decided to save up one piece of dressie a month to sponsor a child. But haven decided which NGO to sponsor my fund to :)

See see we can stil bercharity while buying gucci LV ma. I told you my financial planning is gd :hohohoho:

aileng miao said...

pat pat :: soli orh didnt ask u along cuz it was a sibeh last min plan to dropby there after my gyming session ^^*

nxt time u go i ask agnes to give u discount la~

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