Gift Voucher in the house


As promise, now I’m back with restaurants’ gift vouchers~~


1. Frames, TTDI Plaza that I’ve celebrated Meeyee’s birthday

2. English Afternoon Tea experience at Garden Cafe, One Utama New Wing.

3. Contemporary Yam Cha place with Tarot Card reading – Sixty Nine Bistro, Damansara Perdana.

4. Homemade bakery at Suchan, Section 11 PJ.

5. Traditional Italian wood-fire pizza @ Coconut House, PJ 3 Two Square.

6. Indonesian fine dining – Brisik, Jaya One.

7. Coffee in it’s most glorious form @ Coffee Ritual, Section 14 PJ.

8. A place for Chocoholic – Schokolart, Solaris KL.


How to redeem?

Click HERE and enter BFJ5588 (the promo number), and then choose one restaurant that you want. Think before you click as only one redemption per person. Enjoy your dining~


*** *** ***


Got my new lappie for working purposes but disappointed again.

Keyboard dell

N and B labelled wrongly wth.


Ps:: Upcoming Zouk 5th Anniversary. Too tired for posting. Will be back few hours later :)


Im Loaded! in work... ... ...

No kidding want....... My work load really really super ultra unbelievably heavy lately. Lotsa lotsa deadline to catch, lotsa lotsa ground work to do for marketing activities of next two months, and lotsa lotsa follow ups to do. And of course lotsa lotsa after work activities to release stress :p

I hate working but I hate it even more when things are undone.

Therefore I work hard and stressed hard and so don't blame me for the lack of update. I will try to keep an eye on it okiiieee?

Now let me prove to you that I'm really really stressed.


R0014468 R0014469

Two pairs of heels from eclipse One Utame, 100% impulsive purchase which costs me RM210+- wtf. I need to adjust my lifestyle to be able to match with my new salary... ... ...


By the way I've brought back some RM20 cash vouchers by some Klang Valley Restaurants and I'm now compiling it. Please come back on Saturday morning to find it out. Can't wait for it? Click HERE for a quicker access~ :)


Priscilla Ahn


Priscilla Ahn (born Priscilla Natalie Hartranft, 1984 - Korean-American) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Origin from Berks County, Pennsylvania, she adopted her mother's maiden name - Kay Hartranft.

A year after graduating from Tulpehocken Area High School, she moved to L.A to pursue her songwriting career in stead of going to college. It was advised by a college music professor, who recognized her skills from her plays in Coffee Houses and Open Mikes in the counties.

In early 2009, her beautiful harmony voice resonates on the romance comedy Bride Wars and fascinated me.



Check out her debut album - A Good Day, released on June 2008.



Pure and simple, embraced with beautiful voice and talent.


Some of Priscilla Ahn's tracks, especially in love with Dream and Lullaby. Enjoy :)


Bimbo Post Again

After my confession as a dressy-maniac over and over again, now have became checkered-maniac....



Checkered dress No.1 from J Style Cineleisure (Opposite to Sanctuary), RM50+-.



Left - Checkered dress No.2 from J Style too, RM79 with 10% discount.

RIght - Floral Chiffon Dressy from Cream Cineleisure (next to MIDORI), RM34+- damn cheap right??


Not quite sure why am I suddenly can't take my eyes from checkered. Probably I've been missing my heart brokenly lost LV Speedy and Burberries Burberry in the incident?


Ever since he left, I've spent TWO of my very precious weekends shifting and cleaning my new room in Bandar Utama - guess what, now I can WALK to One Utama can imagine how great it feels hurh hurh hurh??



Ever since he left I've remained alcohol-less for two good weekends.


Most ridiculously, I've shifted everything on my own.

"Aren't you just renting a room? How many things do you have in there that takes two weeks for the shifting?"

Too many cared people has asked about this question, in various forms and tones. And I seriously do not know how in the world my tiny little room in USJ can fits hide so the terribly a lot of stuff. And I seriously lost count on how many BOXES of stuff I've shifted.

That caused my muscle pain for two weeks . 14 days . Or more. Yet there are boxes which I have not unpack, now still jumbling at one corner that I've pretending not seeing it. Ignorance sometimes is reeeeeeally a blissss lalalala~


I hate this part right here... (another pic taken by my LG Ice Cream)


*** *** *** ***


What happened for this week?



I've attended the Malaysia Dream Girls (MDG) Season 2 official opening @ Mist Club Bangsar.



I've been to Kent Party @ Mojo Heritage Row.


All these happenings have pumped in an idea for me - Gosh I really really need a CAMERA! A camera which like what I've mentioned here, a camera which is user friendly, a camera which do not required me to pay whatever...

I'm currently using my sister's Ricoh GR Digital which described as a 'professional grade high resolution compact' and produced awesome pictures like this. For me it's just ended up like a pro meets a raw.



Was at home trying out different different types of settings.

Someone please tell me what'e wrong with my settings why is it looks so WRONG?



Finally found ONE and only setting that came out with some normal tone, and then screwed up the setting again.

*Pay respect to photographers. You guys are cooool mannnnn*


New York Deli @ One Utama New Wing

Back from the HP Vivienne Tam topic, I can finally talk about my dinner at New York Deli.



A style of New York. Errrr honestly I found this rather English :p


R0014345 R0014346

HMmmmmm and this feels really New Yorker. The Little Black Book A La Carte.



Now I know why little black book is black. Not only the colour of the cover, but also the sin within. Chocolate Velvet with whipped cream somemore! *faint*



Not sure it's Longan Lychee or Ribena Lychee. And the soup which I never find out what's it.

And the three A&W Float which I remember taking picture of it but couldn't find back.



World Class Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken - not bad and not good but it makes me start missing Salad @ FRAMES TTDI.



This is gooood - Chicken and Prawn Combo. Super filling with potato wedges and chicken thigh and lotsa prawn fritters and salad. Perfect for a twin sharing.



The Marinara Seafood Pizza - not my type, the pizza base is too hard and too thick for mee.



The Seafood Pasta with some chilies that I cannot recall the name too.



The Chocolate Fondue, taken by my LG Ice Cream phone. It makes us all miss the good old cheese fondue those days  in Hartamas. And we love this fondue so much too!


♥ Camwhore TIme ♥


. VyRoxy the sweetheart . Shiny Emily the walking doll . aileng miaoz .

And Penny the went missing fella.


CIMG2649 CIMG2650

Special thanks to the two very patient fiance and hubby. Good catch of the two girls ^^v



Camwhore freaks.



Blogger in action.


CIMG2667 CIMG2669 CIMG2668

Fondue moment.


CIMG2674 CIMG2676

Farewell moment. All the best to Emily for her new kick start next week.



HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

When everybody celebrating St. Patrick SHAMROCKING @ One Utama Rainforest, I had my dinner at same in One Utama, but New York Deli nearby Cold Storage.

The girls were late due to the massive pre-weekend jam.

Thank god I have my gadgets of life with me.


Thanks to Gerald for your Dylan.


My lappie is a little too heavy too cumbersome for me in 2kg+ for mobility. I always want a mini netbook.


And I was poisoned kao kao ever since I have seen this......

The HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition.


Drop dead gorgeous. Ultra chic master piece of art and omg I can't stop worshipping it.....


image image

The "Digital Clutch" - Without the little HP logo at the corner, I wouldn't able to tell that this is a lappie but not a clutch. A clutch which doesn't fit my wallet and mobile phone and cosmetics, but emails, information from all around the world and picturesssss.


Who said computer has to be a guys' thing? Hewlett Packard has made computer personal again :)


Check out the HP + Vivienne Tam Collaboration video and get poisoned together with mee~

Then click HERE to the official site of HP Mini VT Edition and share some fashion stories of Vivienne Tam.


Oh I was suppose to blog about my dinner @ New York Deli aint it? Stay tune ;)


It's Mee Yee's Birthday!!

I know I know my blog is semi-abandoned. I was busy looking for house, and then shifted it last week. Of course busy farewell-ing my dear bf before he fly off again.

And then a long weekend was fully spent on all this miscellaneous tasks, and then full stopped with Mee Yee's 25th Birthday.


While my birthday was pretty much drink and dine, Mee Yee's was much much healthier. We had dinner at FRAMES TTDI Plaza.



Kick start with the appetizer - Ceaser Salad with Chicken.



The yummy bites - Fried Calamari.



Something Salmon.



The spicy creamy pasta with seafood.


I love everything there - the ambience, the lighting, the photos framed and hung every part of the wall. Ultimately the food. And then thissssss...........................................



According to Mr. Director of Frames, they have world top 5 pastry chef in the house, and produced this killer chocolate cake.




And then moved on to Wine @ Nine which located in TTDI Plaza too.

I always love their choice of white wine.



Another sweet white wine for birthday celebration.

I'm still missing the Simonsig Franciskaner 2006 bottle, favourite white wine of 2008.



Another, formal, official birthday cake, from Mickey Mouses.



Drunken Mee Yee :p



Happie Birthday to Mee Yee!!!


By the way I think I really need a new Digital Camera.

Panasonic Lumix 

Totally random, I need a Panasonic Lumix FX48, for brighter and better quality pictures....

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