So Nice

by Olivia Ong

Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
And be a team with me

So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me

Oh yeah, that would be so nice
I could see you and me, that would be nice

Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
To be a team with me
So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me

Oh yes, that would be so nice
Shouldn't we, you and me?
I can see it will be nice...

***:: A song which makes you feeling sexie ::***

My Week

I worked, and home, and rest. And it was nice...

miao and Wantik and Alex sama went The Curve, was suppose to shop in Ikea together gether to buy Alex sama's house warming pressie---- A carpet for his working room. But I gotto rush down to KL for ma event. Sigh so we can only ber-Paddington Pancake together lorr...

The sibeh Japanese Maniac Alex ordered TOKYO.

This is mine. Forgotten whats the name, I can only give it 6stars outa 10, cuz the chicken slice is abiit harsh for me, and it doesnt seems marinated enough...

Wantik ordered this. I lurvvveeeee those cheese...

So, Alex sama's TOKYO won among three dishes~~

Yayyy~ Its finally the final of Pourmaster Competition by Jose Cuervo~ Congrat alot alot to Ryan aka Lion, and myself aswell~ Its finally over~~ Received a good secret news from him, and I blessed him from the bottom of my heart :)

Its Alex sama's House Warming cum Gathering for Job Hunt Related Personnels!!

First thing caught my sight when I entered this new habitat---the Black and White Pigs of Jerrei.

And this was the second attractive stuff in the house---the soupylicious steamboat, featured Herbal Soup by Alex sama's mummy.

Star-in-the-pot of the night---the superb sexy seductive Fook Chow fish ball~

I tried so hard to recogn the name of this vegie, but still cant manage to make it... *sigh*

The kawaii twin lamp @ dining hall

Thorn-ish baby cactuses and the peacful clock-not-on-the-wall.

The gorgeos LCD on the wall featured the innocent TV Rack by Ikea. Together with smallie cutie greenish xmas-ish decorations. Messed up by Vern's and lil my phones.

Yip brought us ice cream as the punishment of being late. Yeah Yay alex sama gave me this cookies and choc~~

Phew weet~ Its Public Holiday--Awal Muharam~ I dono whats this season about, but its all about holiday~ I love holidayzzz~

I went for a meet up with Carolyn @ Sunway Pyramid. Waited her hours to pass her uniforms and the greenbooks. I bought some office equipments for my new company. I felt sooo like hatching a baby ^^*

It was too late to go home and come out again to meet up with wantik. I decided to get a not-too-crowded place to sit down for my brunch and to work out my JD invoice.

Friendster Cafe @ Sunway Old Wing, Main Entrance. The only place which has vacant seat for me to online. The friendstercino is good, the carbonara... Abiit salty, but the creaminess level is good. Friendster staffs... Over friendly, makes me abiit uneasie :p

I pui-ed wantik to have her dinner at Lanna @ Bangsar Telawi. It used to be heavenly good but dono what happened it is now as good as previous. Such a waste that we have lose one favourite restaurant.

We shared Pandan Leave Chicken. Not marinated enough, but still okie.

Lanna using extraordinary big fork and spoons.

Pineapple fried rice--not so recommended to order. Coconut Soup--not bad though.

Me and wantik went to Bangsar Village for Bakerzin before start work.

Bakerzin's Mushroom Soup is so similar with the one we tried in Eat Work Shop, Glenmarie. But this is so much nicer with thicker taste and the very very nice soft bread which served hot & soft.

The Pink Souce Beef Penne. Slurp slurp slurp!!!

Ham and Cheese bla bla bla. Slurp level slightly lower than the pasta. But its cheesie enough~

I've got myself a Bakerzin membership upon my last visit. So I signed up wantik as member and we have got a free dessert platter. This aint photogenicc but its just heavenly good for chocolate and ice cream lover~

This is me @ over consumption of food cum bad hair day. But life still goes on, play can never be stopped~

Then this is the night which I lost short term memories after the crazee drinking session with Hann, Edward, wantik, Eugene...


Hangover->Lost communication with outside world as my phone left at Eugene's car and my car overnite infront of Decanter.

Still hanging over->work Tuborg-work JD->forced wantik to be my last min replacemnt @ Bambo9. Thanx wantik ^^*


Well rested day->pui-ed RT for his very very crucial presentation which determines our future->not willing to sleep->blogged till morning....



Its really quite sweet when someone sending you a lullaby to lull you asleep during your insomia night :)

by 张悬

PS:: Im actually very happie today finally received a bigbig cheque from JD ::grinned::

Miao the shopaholic cum holidaymaniac

**Beware!! Extra Low quality images due to outa Adobe modifications!!**

Yay~ My Bangkok trip is just around the corner~ Looking forward my dear 26Jan (did I get the right date?)

So today, on behalf of wonwon and wantik, I went out to shop for travel guide. I had Lonely Planet given by bro earlier, he successfully survived in Thailand for one month with this book. But it doesnt seems to be suitable to me.

I was initially picked up a Handy Pack Travel Guide published by Times, then after browsing thru for hours. I have picked up a HK version travel review. Though Im abiit slow reading junk Chinese words after years I've been away from Chinese characters.

Asians travelling style memang vary than Westerns. Westerns are more backpacker-like, the accomodations they stays, the food they have found, the attractions they like... Erm... Not my type neh... Whereby Asians travel guide provides hell lotsa details on great food(slurp), spas(*o*), ladyguys' shows(phew weet~), shopping(!!!), etctec...

So people, now you know how to choose a travel guide? If you wanna go for a packpacker style, go for Eng versions; if you wanna go abiit sophisticated or more enjoyable trip, better if you can read Chinese characters :)

Chinese VS English Travel Guide

And because of the hunt of travel guide, I terspent money again ::sobsob:: I bought this sibeh feminime purple satin top @ Courtyard Collection, Pyramid New Wing. The gorgeos ladyboss claimed that their clothes are mainly in house production, therefore you hardly bump de same clothes on the street. Ya, maybe :)

Front view, dull right?

Dah dang~ I bought it for the sake of this sexy back~ It looks sexy aint it?

Sigh..... I have over spent again. I just spent RM3xx and bought Chanel Compact Powder and Shu Uemura Make Up Base Cream last Satur :"( But at the same time I was sibeh happie that my Isetan Card and Shu Fanatic Card accumulating more and more points~~ ^^* ::arghh I know I know this is modern society point accumulation maniac auntie-like syndrome......::

Coco Chanel would have to reward me as her great fan of using her powder for 3yrs continuosly neh. And Mr. Shu, I love your mousse rather than cream makeup base, but the process of liqufy of your mousse is too fast and I cant afford it. Now forced to change to cream type lor....


miao in party life

Sunday, I slept till 645pm. I woke up and mummy looked at the said "Finally you have wokeup, I though you are died~!!!" =.= ya mummy normally wake me up for Brunch but today she said today I was totally respondless to her so she gave up after afew attempt to wake me up ><

Cocktails @ Sky Bar

Heineken Extra Cold - Its sooooo chilled.

Friends. What the actual definitions of it? What drives the kisses on lips? And.....

I dont want too much of uncertainties, I need somewhere stable. I need someone who able to tie me down...

We have celebrated zi jian's mummy's birthday with a small small cutie Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake. So nice ^^* slurp~

The cutely designed BR Ice Cream Cake in Choco ice cream and choco sponge.

Happie auntie and good boy zi jian featured my miao blog ^^*


The Classical Piece

Erm.. dono why I just cant stop playing this song, its too beautiful to be stopped.

Dono why Im still awake...

Dono how will my tomorrow be....?

I wonder what are you doing there.

I wanna fall asleep in your hugs where's warm and loving, in the dark dark blue color bedsheet and blanket.

Love, is the most classical piece. It lives eternally.


1, 2, 3 of miao in sick

Im on MC today again.

Had stopped medication for few weeks thinking that myself getting better. These few days it seems that the terrible dizziness is back and it could be even worse. I used to be hardly breath, chest discomfort and the dizziness which makes my world spinning.

1. The Story:

Today I woke up in a terrible world spinning dizziness and drowsea. And these few days I could be suddenly extremely tired and sleepie. I know hows the tiredness level I alwys have but these are kinda abnormal to me which I MUST take a nap else its really impossible for me to pursue my work. So I picked up my medication again...

I have collected my medical report and it was really dissapointing. It cant tell whats the real problem of mine, so they just entertained me with the common modern society psychological syndrome - "anxiety disorder". I wasnt happy with this answer. I requested an admission to be transfer to a specialist for a further check out. And this was what the doc told me...

"I cant really tell whats the reasons of your symptoms, so it shouldnt be any problem so just drink more water and take more rest will do. If you really need a transmission to specialist I would recommend you to go for psychiatrist and cardiology if you think it is nessacery."

I surrendered. And I lost confident to any doctor anymore cuz there were nobody ever provide me a solution.

And there are also people around me take it as a joke.
"Aiyo you where got sick, see my face even me more sick than you"
"It was just normal body checkout la, young people like you wont get sick one. You are over worried"
"You dont look sick, so you are not sick ma. Hahahahaha"
"What sick do you have wor? It cannot be any ... on you"
"Come come show me your medical report. See I said what, nothing right~"
etc etc etc...

2. The Shoutout:

Do I have to look really really sick if Im sick?

Please dont ask me anymore why am I being dizzy so frequently, why sometimes I sounded weird. I repeated and repeated, I DONT KNOW, DOC SAID THEY DONT KNOW ALSO.

Izzit being tough=impossible of feeling unwell?

If you wanna be more sick than me, more than thank you to take it away. I dont need it and I dont even want it.

3. The Advice:

And, if I look okie, means I am still okie but doesnt mean Im 100% okie.
If I tell you Im feeling unwell means Im already at the edge of my physical limit.
If you keep asking me and I can only smile to you and saying nothing, means Im close to collapse. DND PLZ...

They are back to my life again.

*Special thanx to Perry who spent hours pui-ed me play stupid MSN games today =)


My New Year Fantasy

I know it stupid and childish. But Im fancy-ing if my another half propose to me as this way after seeing this Taiwan singer 楊丞琳Rainie Yang's MV.

Walk me under the starry night ^^*

Surprise me with the sparkling firework stick in the dark.

Then huge fireworks pop up as backdrop of dating venue outa sudden!

Okie... Dont laugh at mee, I am just fantacize, knowing that it could never be a real life romance. Every girls hope to be someone's princess - being treated so extraordinary-ly precious and always showered by loves and cares by the prince who will always paint your life with colors. So do I ><

Daydream session over, time to go on bed. So nite nitezz.....

*** *** ***

Im not a fan of Rainie, but since Im using her images, must share her MV here :p

Ideal Lover 理想情人

by Rainie Yang


Happie New Year ^^*

Happie New Year to everybody~!!

Same as my xmas, Im rot-ing myself at home, and doing nothing as everybody going out paktuo. I also want someone to pui me~~

I had a very interesting new year countdown ytday. I considered it as a good start of a year.

Me and wantik (yes its wantik again) both worked for Tuborg at Sunway Rave @ Surf Beach. It doesnt seems to be sooo hapenning as it is a very last min event. But its just nice with the headcount of about 2000-4000 pax. This job is just superb!! We just stand around, doing nothing, direct those ravers to where they wanna go, gepoh, play... hahaha we have no regret of rejecting zmun's JTI job initially for the sake of short working hrs. And now... we enjoyed our job alot alot alot~~~

The event company's people are just great. Not to mention the two Ivans we had known, they pui-ed us quarter of our working time. Then Stanley our newly known event exec also pui-ed us quite some time. Dear dearest Jason the AM of the company even better, we were suppose still on duty, but he already asked us to go play water gun, play water, see fireworks, countdown. Somemore "hey you both stil donwant go and change?" hahaha thnx everybody for giving us such good time :)

Dont doubt at us, we are really working...

Sweaty+downpour=messy dirty miao ><

10 seconds before 12am, we prepared with our party pack and the twinky whistle, stood on the beach and countdown, then fireworks~ the fireworks aint superb but its been soo many yrs that I have nvr watch fireworks in such short distance ::hyper:: I felt pieces of star dust dropped right infront of my eyes. And erm.... its romantic ::love::

I admired those ppl who can play in the man made "sea". I have regreted didnt bring along shorts and slippers.

After this, me and wantik suppose to go Decanter as promised to Perry. But it was soo jam after everybody counted down in Sunway (both Pyramid and Lagoon neh! Imagine how many human beings there!) So we went for a new place after we lepak-ed the entire Sunway. Our feet were sooo tired and we just need somewhere nice and not too pack for a drink. So we went for the Borneo Rainforest right infront of Sunway Hotel.

Its a very nice place indeed, with Borneo-like ambience with a very very stunning impressive percussion band performance. They used our daily stuff as percussions to perform nice and harmonic rythm with a vocalist thru de play. (click to see the origin of this art --- STOMP)

Sadly my phone outa batt aftr me and wantik camwored during work :p So i stolen picz from others' website ^^*

This is the outlook of Borneo Rainforest Sunway right in front of Sunway Hotel, definitely not the one at Pyramid.

The walkway of its entrance.

The stage, the main bar and the dance floor (shud be?).

The crowd, mixture of Mat Salleh, Indians, Malays. But mostly well-to-do persons. And the unique design of the roof.

Walk up to the second flr, there are 3 personalized party room partitioned with glass which you can view the entire dance floor. Quite spacious for every single room Should be very nice for some small scale private party ^^*

(Photo Resources from cheddyyusof's multiply)

*** *** ***

What have I done at home for the 1st day of year 2008? Other than sleeping, bloging and chating........

Im trying to curl my hair again :p

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