1, 2, 3 of miao in sick

Im on MC today again.

Had stopped medication for few weeks thinking that myself getting better. These few days it seems that the terrible dizziness is back and it could be even worse. I used to be hardly breath, chest discomfort and the dizziness which makes my world spinning.

1. The Story:

Today I woke up in a terrible world spinning dizziness and drowsea. And these few days I could be suddenly extremely tired and sleepie. I know hows the tiredness level I alwys have but these are kinda abnormal to me which I MUST take a nap else its really impossible for me to pursue my work. So I picked up my medication again...

I have collected my medical report and it was really dissapointing. It cant tell whats the real problem of mine, so they just entertained me with the common modern society psychological syndrome - "anxiety disorder". I wasnt happy with this answer. I requested an admission to be transfer to a specialist for a further check out. And this was what the doc told me...

"I cant really tell whats the reasons of your symptoms, so it shouldnt be any problem so just drink more water and take more rest will do. If you really need a transmission to specialist I would recommend you to go for psychiatrist and cardiology if you think it is nessacery."

I surrendered. And I lost confident to any doctor anymore cuz there were nobody ever provide me a solution.

And there are also people around me take it as a joke.
"Aiyo you where got sick, see my face even me more sick than you"
"It was just normal body checkout la, young people like you wont get sick one. You are over worried"
"You dont look sick, so you are not sick ma. Hahahahaha"
"What sick do you have wor? It cannot be any ... on you"
"Come come show me your medical report. See I said what, nothing right~"
etc etc etc...

2. The Shoutout:

Do I have to look really really sick if Im sick?

Please dont ask me anymore why am I being dizzy so frequently, why sometimes I sounded weird. I repeated and repeated, I DONT KNOW, DOC SAID THEY DONT KNOW ALSO.

Izzit being tough=impossible of feeling unwell?

If you wanna be more sick than me, more than thank you to take it away. I dont need it and I dont even want it.

3. The Advice:

And, if I look okie, means I am still okie but doesnt mean Im 100% okie.
If I tell you Im feeling unwell means Im already at the edge of my physical limit.
If you keep asking me and I can only smile to you and saying nothing, means Im close to collapse. DND PLZ...

They are back to my life again.

*Special thanx to Perry who spent hours pui-ed me play stupid MSN games today =)


wantik said...

yoyo...i just get to know both us din went to office ytd..hehe...anyway..must take care in order to play more...~~

Unknown said...

how lucky am i can mc with ur at the same day ^_6.anyway take care nekochan!!!

aileng miao said...

hoho for play i'll sure be okie. for work different. kekekekekeke...

Anonymous said...

sigh...wat a playfull miao..
sick until hardly can breath also die die wanna play..
but nvm, life is short, so enjoy to the max while we can..wwwuahaha..
wait for me, i'l b bek soon..gekgekgek..

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