Morning Greeting

After all night long of pouring rain, my dearie son greets me morning with such lovely romantic look.

Dear son, mummy loves u too.

In Love

Raining ever since...

It's been raining never stop these few days. I just love this weather, although alot others are complaining.

Im feeling homely these few days, missing home sooo muchie as I've been running here and there. Freaking tired. But doesnt seems to be good outcome overall. Kinda moody.

Oh yea traffic in KL is very very very unusually bad starting this week and expected will be until end of this week. Due to Independence Day rehearsal, there are afew major roads in city center closed from 6am till noon. I personally found that this is an absolutely asshole idiot idea to close these roads at the hours when everybody reluctantly get out from bed and rushing to work and ended up stuck in hyper jam and then late to office and then kena screw till upside down.

I was in the crawl from 830am today travelling from my house and reached KL Convention Center at 11am+. Oh ya, Smart Tunnel even closed due to the standing traffic within the tunnel, can you imagine how bad it was?

Therefore, better to take a train if you're planning to travel down to town until end of this week.

I reached home with head full of frustrations and anger and unsolved problems etcetcetc. I was so wanted to make complaint to my dearie bloggie about life and work and people and the stupiak motorcyclist who bang my car in heavy crawl then ranaway and whatever whatever.

But now Im reclining on my bed, feeling peaceful. I dont feelike complaining anymore, nothing.

I wanna read my book. Finally Im able to read novel, there was a few weeks I can really take wordy words books as my mind was too crowded. That was the period when Jimmy Liao and imaginary illustration and beautiful photography turned me on. Books are for life.

Dont be afraid in demanding for self indulgence, we cant work on no fuel.


I searched up and down, left and right, practically the entire room. And then back in my kampong, to look around my entire house.

Where the hell is my cheque book and Gucci bag??

Is that a devilish leprechaun stalking me and stealing my stuffs?

Streamyx is not working for whole day that forced me to online with my phone (pocket data whatever the name is that I didn’t even bother).

It’s freeeeaking sloooow. It took me ages to load a page. Fcking sienz lorr
Omg Streamyx you are seriously the best among imperfections. I misss you soooo muchieeee…..

miao's talk of the day:
Shishan Gerald says that Shisha in Devi's corner Hartamas is better than Uncle Don's.





Dont ask me what happened or what's wrong? You see it yourself....

Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob....

Why does this always happen on meeeee.............?

:cry cry:
:cry cry cry:

:cant stop crying:

:still can't stop crying....:

Today hor... I went to Bangsar Telawi to shop for my two ambassadors supplied to Security Fair tomorrow at KL Convention Center mah. This incident happened on mee....


You seeeeee...

Cat Whiskers on sales, and they made me bought a pair of shorts... RM47.20

elo on sales too. They made me bought so many shoes.....

*elo is having buy one get one free promotion (selected items). I bought the RED one on RM159.20 and got the whitey ribbon one for free!!! And the red stripe flats is only RM15. God how can I resist from it neh?

They are so evil right????!!!

Ended up I bought this whitey dress from mydressroom according to my clients' very unique/unimaginable desired criteria of uniforms.

This is how it looks like on meee >.<

Im not too sure whether this is nice or not nice after my eyes got too numb looking at toooooo much of clothes, also due to the sizes, availability of stocks. You know, I HAVE TO get two pieces which look exactly the same, able to fit in my 170cm+ model-like ambassadors, yet fit in my clients' UNIQUE criteria....

It wasnt easie lor...

Pray hard that my client wont complaint about my taste. :pray pray pray:

Remarks of the day:
Do not go for shopping at boutiques of Bangsar Telawi Street too early. Because most of them are open from 12pm.

The Domestic neko

It was a sign.

Sunday morning I wokeup in my ultra messy room. While stared on my ceiling fan laying on my bed, suddenly a solid idea bang my head - I have to clean up my room.


Alaaa my ceiling fan terribly laced with greyish dust.

I looked around my room... Errrr when was the last time I really clean my room hurh?

Errrrrrr......... I cant recall......

I remember the very last time my room being cleaned, I borrowed one of mummie's maid from kampung. Let her do everything while I went out for work. And she even cleaned the entire house. (my housemates love her, I love her too. Bought her to Mcdonald's as compliment. Then she loves me too)

My mummie treats me damnn nice hurh? Nolor she's having three maids in house, sometimes three of them can sit together watch Astro Wah Lai Toi HK series as if they can understand wth the conversations about lor.

And my kampung is just a sibeh normal sized double storey house. Reason why there're three of them? Because my mum practice functionalist maid system. Each of them have their very specific job tasks and they hardly switch. One of them can take care of my grandpa, the other one helping in mummie's shop, one more? Supporting role in miscellaneous tasks.

Swt betul izzit?

Anyway back to the domestic neko topic. This is a very unique moment when the neko strongly felt that she needs to do these housework on her own - for this time.

Therefore I spent my whole day cleaning up my room. Special thanks to the nonstop rain that brings the cooling air :)

auntie-like miaoz.

Bye memories :)

I thrown lotsa sibeh wasted unused cosmetics and skincare....

Sacrificed my manicure T__T

NK stands for neko =(^w^)=


After \(^o^)v

*oppss my bed is naked, its waiting for it's clothes to come back from laundry :p

Bimbo Chic Rule 1

Bimbo Chic Rule of Life:

# Always, always dressup your nails as if you've never make a dish or a laundry.

neko's nail of the month - Simple pinkishly silver.

Digitally Jazzy Clazziquai Project


Back On!

Thanks Gerald and MTV News for the updates.

" 'Too Sexy' Or Not. Concert has been approved by the government and [I'm] gonna go put on a show and have fun, "

Weee~~ Avril is soooo cooooool~ 7 more days to go~

PS: Im just a gepist who's not really a big fan of Avril :p
PSS : To my dearest gepists, all links in white or pink colors of my page are CLICKABLE.

Mental Off

Im in love!

I was with him for hours just to gaze into each others' eyes without saying a word.

I cant stop announcing about HIM (click HERE to check him out). Thanks Chee Wei for introducing :)

** ** **

I went for ice skating at Sunway Pyramid few days ago. Huuuhuuuu how many years I have not been for skating. The very last time of my skating... I think it was at the third year of my high school.

Actually skating itself isnt a bad experience. Just dont know why, there's full of kiddos and Bs&Ls (Bengs&Lians) in the rink... And it's somemmore fcking expensive RM21/pax neh!! -.-"



Waiting for drinks.

miaoz: (gulp) omg my lime juice is fcking sour!!!!

Ching: muahaha my milky is sweeeeet ^^v


Ministers allowed Avril to come in, but all Malaysia Avril's fans must show their patriotism first! See HERE. (Source from Gerald)



Avril Lavigne is too Sexy?

Needless to announce, everybody knows about this:

Everybody is wtf-ing with this news and congrat to the opposition party for successfully made a great Joke of the Day.

Is Avril "too sexy".....?

Appearance on man's magazines - check!

To wear a bikini during summer vacation - check!

Net stocking, School Girl-like costume - check!

To be able to rock the stage - check!

And most importantly, fashionably beautiful. Ugly chics can never be sexy.


Okie... Conclusion, Avril is sexy.

Probably the organizer of concert could do something to make the opposition more comfortable with Avril's appearance in this Muslim majority country lah. Such as below:-

1. Provide a few sets of Kebaya as a gesture of welcome when Avril arrives! And she might lurveeee our cultural wear so muchie, who knows!

2. Avril in Tudung on stage! In stead of flipping her hair while rocking the stage, she may flip the tudung~ How adorable can you imagine that?

3. Red and black are definitely the colors of PUNK. Get Avril in to this dress of Siti's, Im sure opposition will be sooooooooooo in love with Avril~~

4. "We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists."
No problem~ The organizer can shift the concert to Philharmonic Petronas @ KLCC, and to transform the rock party to a big band MPO featuring Avril Lavigne Concert. Awesome hurh?

See Avril not certainly have to sing in rock what....

Anyway, the cancellation is not 100% confirm. Stay tune for the updates ;)

Life's a Drama

Life's a dramatic drama.

I've found one of the sweetest girl I know spreading evil shit about me. Ya I know she's definitely not the one who started the absolute idiot rumours but, she just shouldnt spread it. Maybe she didnt know Im that aileng, she might misunderstood that aileng is another aileng. There are ailengs everywhere down the street. You google with aileng there are lotsa lotsa ailengs from all over the world.

Its just happened that you are the one who so near with me.

Omg sometimes world is ridiculously small and ironically dramatic. I just wanna stay away from chaos and quietly peacefully do my own jobs. I wont wanna fight with you guys, I dont mind losing some. I just wanna have abiit of my pride, to stand high, work smart.

There was a few hours today I felt suffocate. I lost my joker expertise of putting on the big grin. Well welled welling......... Untill he called me. He drawn me a self defence and territorialize plan. I have a clear direction in this politic war. But Im feeling drained.

Im not a warrior.

*** *** ***

I had my dinner at 1 Utama.

Potty hotty Earl Grey Tea.

Onion Soup with Cheeeeese. Bruchestta Salmon.

Double Brownie with Ice Cream.

Opppsssss I'v left out Penne Carbonara!!

This place owned by a famous Malaysia flogger (food blogger) - Jackson who well-known among flog hoppers.

It is Pick n' Brew Cafe, 1 Utama branch.

I was a big fan of his blog while I worked in Shah Alam lor. A bit disappointed with the food but I'll be back for their coffeee/tea and cozy ambient. Amber Im waiting you to come back, Im sure you'll like this place :)

*** *** ***

Have you ever about a long long long long lounge inside One World Hotel? It's Long Bar @ One World Hotel.

Been there couple of times for business visit. Its a nice place but normally quite slow due to lack of publicity (I guess). Surprised it was pretty happening tonight during my first ever drinking session there.

The first impression when I first stepped-in was, "Wow its really loooonggg....." Click the image for large view, and check out the same room dimmed in different colors :)

And today I noticed the entire lounge dimmed with randomly changed color lights. If you are visiting Long Bar, do check out the bar tables - music grooves the lights and the lights dance with the beats.

A pitcher of Margarita Original. Romantically in purple.

I like this pitcher lor, look at this! It has the same thing as Beer Tower, a frozen ice tube in the middle to keep the drink chilled! In the mood of Lavender.

Robin the Bar Manager presented the very Indian-ish titbits. Groovy bluey hippy.

The ever together-gather.


Mummy said as long as Im happie she'll give me full support of what I intend to do. Although she actually against the idea.
Daddy said Im too playful, always been taking life too lightly and I never look things at it's long term.
My elder brother said its a waste of youth and I'll ended up have nothing left.
My younger sister said wah its so nice I wanna do so.

I said i just felt that this is the right time doing this and I'll be able to figure out the solutions after this plan.

I know whatever you said all from love and its matter of facts. But I just cant get another way out than this plan.

What Im doing now might looks like a fancy picture of life with everything so happening gorgeous glamour and maybe easy and relax to lotsa outsiders' eyes. But I really want a perfect full stop, I dont wanna live as this for the rest of my life. When it's the time, I just wanna move on without more thoughts.

Secret escape plan in progress. Progression: 5% Result: Unknown


♥ 我知道你绵是爱我滴, I love you all too ♥


A Trace Back of Weekend


Restaurant Claypot Brothers, TTDI ♥

What : Claypot Rice, claypot porridge. Hongkee braised duck/curry, authentic Teochew dishes.
Where : TTDI, same row as Devi's Corner, next to the very famous Sultan Street Claypot Loh See Fun PJ branch.
How : Claypot rice is great! But Teochew dishes nia, better to have it with a porridge :p

Brn-jl table ware.

Teo Chew dishes - Choi Bow Fried Egg, Yao Mak, Hongkee style Chilli blended.

Claypot Rice with salted fish and pork patty. The rice is basically pure TASTELESS, I complicated it with patty to become irristable~

My artistic soy sauce shot.

Eckywoobee, Plaza TTDI ♥

We found a cool place to drink with good price~~~ RM7/bottle Tiger, RM55/bucket Heineken (5bottles).

They are best friends - quoted from Epa.

My notty attempt to try a stick of Kent Mintek Infina (to be simplified is the mintiest one with lowest tobacco) after multiple evilish negative influence from Epa and Derrick.

I took two sips. It was quite cool yea, really doesnt tastes awfully tobacco-ish and full of minty minty. Not bad though for a social smoker. But dono why I still cant learn how to smoke, I was having difficulties inhaling exhaling the smokes, ended up with headache kaokao... According to RT, it was because I'v overdrawn the smoke that makes my brain lack of oxygen.

As a conclusion, smoking bad for health. Especially for dummie smokers.


♥ A noon at KRTU for Golf Classic Tournament ♥

Sunny Sunday @ Club house swimming pool. (hey Chee Wei not only you can take nice scenery pic, I can do it too~~)

Look at my very kesian lack-of-love hair. I was onced a blonde neh. (How come I couldnt recall my blonde?)

I want I want I wanna watch Wall-E.......

Bye bye weekend. Im gonna miss you so much......

Vicchuda Tom Yam, Damansara Uptown

Doggie King has diagnosed me as "body heatiness" after I explained my symptons to him. He provided me prescriptions included:

1. Not to take heaty food and beverages.
2. To walk out and take some fresh air.

... ...
... ... ...

What else hurh?

Errr forgotten... Sorry Yang dipertuan Doggie King :p

Ended up I settled my one and only meal of today at Vicchuda Tom Yam, Damansara Uptown (located same row as Maybank, facing LDP) during my very precious working break.

Here I've had everything which I suggested not to eat... Like fried and spicy and icy...

The very famous Vicchuda Thai Tom Yam. Beware of the soup!! At very first sip of soup, the spicyness went thru my nose and headed straight up to my head. I coughed till upside down and almost killed by headache of spicyness.

Derrick said he can only taste the spicyness but I personally its a lil bit more than that. It's quite sour too. Spicy+sour, that what's make up a Tom Yam what...

Epa recommended Ayam Kunyit. The look of this dish is quite refreshing to me, I think it looks like a garden salad! I like the color that looks vividly fresh~

The Ayam Kunyit goes pretty well with this sambal :) Looks spicy aint it? No it is not, Im not sure if my tastebud got numb with the Tom Yam soup or it is really not so spicy, its even abit sweety.

Kailan with salted fish. Good for salted fish lover.

Overall the food turned up not bad, but not too impresive for me. But Vicchuda is pretty famous it has even expanded from previously one small shoplot until today's two shops... Maybe its just not my type. Or my taste bud was numb?

Oh ya, something quite cool with this Thai restaurant - The owner is Thai, some of the staffs are Thai, they speak Thai. And the coolest part is, they took order written in Thai. Cool hor?

And hor and hor.... Im sick Im sick Im sick.

But dono what illness I've got -.-"

Not well - body pain, heaty heaty, blurry, lack of energy. What's wrong with meee hurh?

hhmmmmpppp sick still have to work T___T
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