Morning Greeting

After all night long of pouring rain, my dearie son greets me morning with such lovely romantic look.

Dear son, mummy loves u too.

In Love


Love a Lot said...

waaaa ur wan is son ar? I dunno wats mine, thought its a son but sometimes looks like daughter pulak!

Anonymous said...

so is ur son ok aft all where u got a bang by the motorcyclist tat day?

it looks OK.. at least it's not sick..OH MI TOH FOH.. haha =)

aileng miao said...

penny: errrm i think urs looks more like a daughter lor.. son wont have kitty on it.

amber: this pic taken before the motorcyclist case T_T

Anonymous said...

Looks like Autumn! Ohor, Subang got extra season!

Love a Lot said...

ya hor, but sometimes he/she can be very handsome

aileng miao said...

gepoh gepoh: autumn oni has it infron of my house~~

penny: anoano u lah, ur car suppose very handsome one, u go n add a hello kitty on it. haha metrosexual

Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your opinion and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Murk

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