The Domestic neko

It was a sign.

Sunday morning I wokeup in my ultra messy room. While stared on my ceiling fan laying on my bed, suddenly a solid idea bang my head - I have to clean up my room.


Alaaa my ceiling fan terribly laced with greyish dust.

I looked around my room... Errrr when was the last time I really clean my room hurh?

Errrrrrr......... I cant recall......

I remember the very last time my room being cleaned, I borrowed one of mummie's maid from kampung. Let her do everything while I went out for work. And she even cleaned the entire house. (my housemates love her, I love her too. Bought her to Mcdonald's as compliment. Then she loves me too)

My mummie treats me damnn nice hurh? Nolor she's having three maids in house, sometimes three of them can sit together watch Astro Wah Lai Toi HK series as if they can understand wth the conversations about lor.

And my kampung is just a sibeh normal sized double storey house. Reason why there're three of them? Because my mum practice functionalist maid system. Each of them have their very specific job tasks and they hardly switch. One of them can take care of my grandpa, the other one helping in mummie's shop, one more? Supporting role in miscellaneous tasks.

Swt betul izzit?

Anyway back to the domestic neko topic. This is a very unique moment when the neko strongly felt that she needs to do these housework on her own - for this time.

Therefore I spent my whole day cleaning up my room. Special thanks to the nonstop rain that brings the cooling air :)

auntie-like miaoz.

Bye memories :)

I thrown lotsa sibeh wasted unused cosmetics and skincare....

Sacrificed my manicure T__T

NK stands for neko =(^w^)=


After \(^o^)v

*oppss my bed is naked, its waiting for it's clothes to come back from laundry :p


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