Catalogy of Siam Miaoz

Though every morning is Sunday morning for miaoz, yet miaoz craved weekends as much as everybody does.

Most of the miaoz are being optimistic for life. That's why you'll never see miaoz insomnia, they can just fall asleep anytime. They can just curl up on somewhere softy softy then streeeeeeeeeeeeetch, then snoooooooooooooooze.

While most dogs think they are human, miaoz think they are goddess. Miaoz belived that they have to have sufficient rest to remain graceful and makesure to catwalk every single step.

Miaoz spent most time in their life intensely performing meditation, each miaoz is a philosopher itself. So as Siam Miaoz.

Siam miaoz officially wokeup at 4pm+ as she recogn that miaoz are tend to be more productive under the moonlight, that's why she didnt see a point why she has to leave her bed so early especially on SUNDAY.

A Sunday of Siam Miaoz

Open eyes *yawn* Thinking about today's agenda.

(Half an hour later)

Decided to really wakeup from bed.

A long stretch upwards, another long stretch forward. Flexibility is important to remain physically graceful. meeeeeeeeoooooooooooow *yawn*

Again, to organize schedule of the day in mind. Hmmmmm... Eat, sleep, surf, chat, read, anything else? On bed.

*Grrrrrooooooool* Ah it's time for food, but whatta eat without a companion?

Decided not to eat till night, who knows someone might take miaoz out for dinner? Reading would be nice to divert miaoz' attention. still on bed.

(One hour later)



Some said reading makes you hungry as its an exercise of brain. Okie lets do some effortless surfing. still still on bed.

Sienz, and still starving.

(Three hours later)

Miaoz, died flat of being souless and foodless.

Moral of the story :

Every miaoz needs a soul mate no matter how tough or don't care don't care they look.


wantik said...

yoh...i dunno that u so wu liao at sunday..should ask u join our thai food dinner...yummy yummy~~

aileng miao said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....... tao yan.....

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