Hair, Girls' Matter

My fringe is growing. And reach the most difficult time to manage, it is now too long to let down...

So now I gotto put it side parted. But tis too short for side parting. Headache... But thats the sign that my long fringe is coming back soon ^^*


Its wonwon's Birthday~~~

It wonwon's birthday~~!!! Happie Birthday to wonwon ::birthday kiss:: ^^*

We had our dinner last Saturday at Deutch Haus (dono whether the correct spelling?) for a truly Germenay dinner. The ambience is quite nice, quite homely. Sadly the food was abiit dissapointing. Maybe we were putting too high hopes?

We had this as our starter, served as complimentary. The corns are sweet ^^*

Me and wantik tried the so-called the original Germany Beer. I tried the one in shorter mug, it is a lager beer, tastes just like Henineken but it so much less gassy. Wantik's served in a very very nice tall tall beer mug. Its the original brewed of Germany Beer. But it tastes more bitter than my lager beer, and the color also darker. Nice try yea!

These are the legendary pork knuckles and prok ribs~~ Tastes nice, but not super impressive...

Favorite of all of us~~ The Mixed Sausage!! There are diffrent flavour for each sasauge. Slurp! But apperantly its sooooo fattening. Check out the oil.......

There goes a non surprise birthday dinner. Infact there were so much of incidents happened that killed wonwon's birthday surprises *sigh* Wantik and I tried to get her a bouquet of flower (she said she never receive flower in huge bouquet, but we both know that she left out the bouquet she has got during her convo :haha:) Then only we noticed that the florist street at Petaling Street has gone, and we didnt manage to complete our mission... Sorry wonwon ><

So we proceed to The Loft Heritage Row. And opened two bottles of Black Label in order to get a table. Loft servers suxx neh, no respect to their customers. Now I understand why their biz getting down and down. You know what they have done to our Baskin Robin Ice Cream cake? They melted it!!! That was ridiculuos, I even double confirm with them that, "THIS IS AN ICE CREAM CAKE,PLEASE KEEP IT CHILL ASAP" then their ques are always, "SO HOW MANY BTLS YOU WANNA OPEN?" Dengzzzzzzz ><

I dont think we are too much right? We have only 6 of us, and we opened 2 bottles, knowing that we cant finish it. We just hope that they can treat us better. When we complaint about the issue that they spoilt our birthday cake, the stupid manager Jxhn summore show me black face. Damn angry!!!! And sooo sooo much dissapointments to wonwon, ruined her birthday was the saddest part for us ><

Nvm. Life still goes on and we can still enjoy our party. Wantik has curfue so she has to go back earlie *sad* Then the rest of us... We played till mother cannot recognised. And interesting stories happened as usual :grin:

3 of us. Wantik missed out, again ><

Act cute, as usual :)

Favourite shot of the day ^^*

Last but not least~~~ wonwon happie birthday~~~~ ::xoxo::


My Medical Leave

Im on mc today and slept till 1pm+

Still not so feeling well. I have some kinda feeling like something squeezing my heart and, I hardly control my breath as it's lost its sequence.

Its already the second time I mc within this month, dono whther mickey will approve my medical leave....? Gotto go see doc again, I dono whatta tell him. I hardly express about my illness.

This is the script I prepared...
"I lost proper breathing sequence, therefore I hardly breath, and then it caused heart pain. Then also maybe I cant breath well, so I started dizzy"

Aiks.. Sounds stupid. I can imagine his respond...


I leaned on his shoulder, or suppose just upper arm for 0.05second.
Then I noticed that, I really really need a shoulder.

I cant read thru his mind about sincerity, objectives, drives. But, I like his gentleness.

It sounds stupid but, these trees at Tesco The Curve caught my sight.



by Colbie Caillat

I've been awake for a while now
You got me feeling like a child now'
Cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place
"I smiled seeing you, just because of the bubbly and ovrflowing love that I have for you"

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go
"Your love has made me a child"

The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying dry and warm
You give me feelings that I adore
"You said if the rain never stops, then we'll stuck together forever and ever"

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go
"But, time goes by, life goes on, and all I can think of is why you're gone."

What am I going to say
When you make me feel this way
I just mmmmm
"I have never know how good your love is, untill they are all gone"

And it starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go
"Wherever you go, my heart follows you. Therefore I lost my heart when you are gone"

I've been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now'
Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth
"Love is comfortable, even if you are silence with the other person and you can still feel the warmth and sweetness"

And it stats in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feeling shows'cause you make me smile baby
Just take your time now
Holdin' me tight
"I was holding it too loose when you holding me tight. When I notice Im suppose to hold you tight, you'd already flyaway"

Wherever wherever wherever you go
Wherever wherever wherever you go
"Wherever you go, wherever my heart is...."

wherever you goI always know'
Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while
"It took a while to understand what love is, but it'll take forever to forget what it was like."

Colbie Caillat. She has her very own unique beauty, naturally and adorable. She somehow looks like Jennifer Aniston for me. And I really like this sweet Bubbly soo much :)

aileng baby name

I stayed back in office cuz Vern donlet me go home saying that Im late today and yesterday. But Im too slumber to work, therefore I surf for stupid stuff....

aileng baby name.

Erm... Quite accurate though. Check this out for your baby name too http://names.yuly.ru/ :)



Im so blank.

Mind is blank, life is blank, bank account also blank.

I wanna watch the movie Stardust. But, I dont have anybody in my mind who I wish to movie with...

I don really noe whats the movie about, but I have seen some of its movie images. I like the effect, the color, the feel, the costume, the casts, and the movie title. Yea thats me as someone always said, packaging kills my rational.

I've been dizzy for whole day. When can I recover from this....?


Im suppose to have an interview/briefing session for 2 girls 8pm at kl. Sadly one of them ffk and left only Alice. So RT decided to cancel the session, pity Alice. She was oledi on her way. My apology...

I hate those girls giving me non sense excues. 6pm+ I was rushing to prepare for the briefing session, she text me and say "sorry I cant go, personal problem" I hate this word, PERSONAL PROBLEM. But still, I replied with full of patience, just because I don wanna ffk Alice n RT.

"So do u still wan your job?" I was such a goddess aint me? But she NO REPLY. I have decided, BLACKLIST.

Sooo... I had a super duper slumber night. Surf for nonsense whole night. Im happie that Im being so free and easie, yet soo upset that I dint replace Jolene to work togehter with wantik... I miss those time when I work with her without pressure. I miss those time I work. If theres choice, I prefer WORK MYSELF than what Im curently doing.

Most of them out there thought Im earning big bucks with my position. Dear girls, Im not. I earned atleast 70% lesser than u girls. And I bear so much more. So... please appreciate what you all having now, there are so much more people outthere still working parttime which only paying RM5/hour isnt it...?

This is an outdated posting which I didnt get to post it last nite due to server problem. And today I lost the mood to continue the story, so.... just stop here ^^*

The Story of aileng Giraffe

In Job Hunt, everybody has a representative giraffe of their own which formed Job Hunt Army (though some of the members are already moved to competitor company ><). This is the story about aileng's Giraffe.

Giraffe loves cake. See he is so happy with his dono what cake.

Giraffe loves Coke too. His eyes shine when he sees Coke...

Computer savvy Giraffe.

aileng Giraffe has a close friends who residents afew cubicle away from him. His name is wantik Giraffe. They both love food.

Giraffe's one sided love with pwinky.

Giraffe life aint perfect, sometimes he has to be put on chop board too.



I woke up with a hangover 5pm+ today....
Feeling sooooo unwell with all sorts of disguisting irritating aftereffects of over consumption of alcoholic.
Mummy... I dare not take beer and whisky at once again. Its killing~~~
Its a new record of ours, must take down this memorable night. Which everybody KO-ed.

My Habit

Im used to share evry single little thing of life with u. Eventually it has become a habit of mine.

Facing you, Im still hoping to tell you that im having alot alot of stories to tell. Alot alot of hapiness to share, alot alot of tears wanna try to gain your symphathy, and alot alot more, just like last time.

If it could be....

But, You might be no longer care about what happened around me now. Or maybe you thought Im living pretty well like most othrs do. Or you are even having another more interesting story ongoing...

Yes Im living well, Just feeling abit imbalance while thinking of how you're moving on so fast, while I am still living in the past.

I love my G babies.... They have no worries, just sleep....

My heart is closed and its hardly breath, thats why Im easily emo.
Thats why I prefer talk to myself.

Mc Flurry Cornetto

Im gaining weight day by day. Today I tried the new Mc Flurry Cornetto... Satisfied =)

I went to see doctor yesterday to find out about my illness of always getting dizzy and hardly breath. He told me my blood circulation not good. So he gave me Neurovit (Vitamin B), Gincare (Ginkgo Biloba Extract), and anothr Im not too sure whether its stemefil or stemetil.

I felt that the doc didnt take my illness seriously.

I checked with my Biomedician, to find out what are these pils for and these are my outcome.

Vitamin B - Cell Metabolism.
Ginkgo Biloba - Forgotten, but if not mistaken it can help to improve the blood flow to my brain. (so it helps to my aftr-lunch-sleepie decease?)
Stemefil/Stemetil(?) - For Nausea and vomiting, psychosis (I was like "What? Psychosis?!!!" when I heard that). And its causing drowsiness after consume according to doc.

After his explaination, I took these pils once.

aileng and her splitted personality

Sorry being so cruel to you, but I really dont feellike talking.

My soul is tired. My soul is getting solid.

You are right, I need someone to be with me...
So lil me do not have to alwys fight alone.
So I would have someone to share about.
So I would have a lighthouse.
So I would be more gentle and girlish.

Yes but I need the right one. Before the meeting with you, I rather just stand in the dark alone.
I am funny that I met the one who closed to ideal but I withdrawn it from my life. Then I'v been repeating I wanna meet someone same as the past ones.

Dont talk to me when I dont wish to talk, I'll bite.
Dont judge me with norms, preconception annoying me.

When Im being emo, dont misunderstood that Im being negative.
Im alwys having negative emotions, but Im still thinking positively.
And I know, Im so much blessed than alot othrs do.
. . . I love myself . . .

Sunshine ^^*

I had a lil surprize last week, during my office hour. It was creative and really brightened up my dull day ^^*

Thnx for observing my need list and really tried to fulfil it when Im having tough time. I like those lil lil cute cute stuff alot alot. And I smiled from the bottom of my heart for the hearty feelings. I was appreciate that god granted me such a cute friend :)

He said...
"As per ur need list on your blog, had set out to hunt for your need list! I hope all these little little things will cheer up your day =)"

And evry little thing has it's meaning according to my stated needs...
Many Many Luckie Stars are for endless luck.
Many Many Loves hoping me can recover from lost feeling of love.
And I got some Ice Cream and being brought to Funfair, to recharged with excitement + vacation.
Then I had Shopping as well, I had Shoes, Bags, etc.
Last but not least, as per my dream to get marry in a church of Milan, I had Wedding Gown + Ring.

I didnt get his permission before posting and quoting his words :p

Thanks for the lil caring given. And Im realli appreciated that having a hearty fren like u. Cheers =)

I love food~

Recently Im craziely craving about food, all sorts of food. My mouth alwys itchy all the time and feellike biting something. Omg Im step by step further to evolve as a fatty gurlie~~~!!!
I went New Way Subang last week with Ching and youyi gang. They were there for karaoke, but I was there for the buffet. I took sooooo much food from the buffet and filled the table, I took my favourite lidako, chawanmushi, salad, corn, thong sui, sushi, cakesssss, etc etc...

Then those guys said "wah u such small size can consume so mucha food?" ermm... Yes I always can, so dont be surprised with my apettite :p
Monday I was keep thinking about food in office untill I cant concentrate on work.
Earlie morning I was thinking about Mc Flurry Cornetto, thinking whether it is nice anot. As I have never try it before.
Noon I started think about desserts. Then I begun to fantasize if Im a tai-tai, i'll have to go for hotel high tea with my jimui, taking soft soft fresh baked bread and cakes surrounding by the aroma of coffee. Such perfect.... ::okie I noe, its time to wakeup::
Luckie I have wantik to be with me, my itchy mouth buddy. So after work, after meeting, we went 1U for Bakerzin to gain maximum weight and maximum satisfactions.

We had Seafood Pizza as our main course. It isnt like the Italian Pizza I used to take, its served on slices in stead of whole round pizza. The base was Danish instead of bread, so its sooooo crispy on every bite. Most importantly, its sooo cheezy, and those shrimp, squid are sooo fresh, Thumbs up ^^*

We finally tried Souffel. The texture is perfect, soft to the max, sadly the we both donlike the taste of Irish cream, it has strong taste of alcohol. So, if you dont like irish coffee, better save your stomac and budget for othrs :)

Deng deng deng deng~ This is our favourite classic signature dish of Bakerzin~ Warm Choc Ice Cream. Its just as nice as usual ^^*

Then we successfully got Bakerzin's Loyalty Card and also some vouchers. Another victory ^^v


aileng and her wasted sunday

I've slept thru my sunday and there goes my dearest weekend. Such a waste.

I played thru my Saturday nite and straight go for shooting witout sleep. :: apology to ahleong, that I cant do well during the photo session, i was jz too tired... ::

Luckily he said the mood is there. Yea the mood was there but the model wasnt good looking enough. Sleepy face, tired skin, and most importantly, I miss my fringe......

i have been missing my long fringe

Then I went back home and sleep. Then wokeup was already 10pm+. sigh... I felt that I wasted my dear weekend... But even though I slept whole day, dono why Im still very very very sleepie now. But nomatter how sleepie, must blog abiit ><

I had received a cute cute sunshine last week, happie ^^*

Demotivated . Demoralized . Disheartened

Its been raining these few days.

So much demotivated this month with my job. Too frust to excuses, too much dissapointments. 15k of Credit Note... What am I suppose to do....?

Its so freezing right now with the pouring rain. I miss my bed, my blanket, my pillow...

"I have seen too much defeatism, too much pessimism, too much of a negative approach. Which destructing me"

moon's neko, chuchu. so cute ^^*

Le Tea and 2nd Skin Boutique@Kota Dsara

There are afew cute cute boutiques at Kota Damansara, located at those shoplots area: Ivy's 2nd Skin Boutique, Ericca's Le Tea, The Porter Collection which I nvr been, Secret Garden(there's one in Bangsar too!) etc.... N also commonly seen Chynna Dolls.

I've been attracted by its country-like windows display evrytime when I visit to RT's office. Finally i get to shop inside yesterday~ yay~ I'd regretted that I din snap a pic of their window display. I promised myself wont be forgetting to take one upon my nxt visit~

I visited 2nd Skin Boutique. Ivy told me she personally went to Taiwan to purchase those attires and accoseries... hmm isnt tat wat I fancied abt? She made it. Congrat :)

Dresses and belts there are nice, I think Ivy more into chiffon. She has good taste in choosing chiffon. Pricing are quite reasonable too, about RM60-100 for a dress, sadly their sizes are kinda big for me. Cant get to patronize, sorry my dear Ivy, looking forward ur nxt stock-in by end of this mnth.

Le Tea is at the same row with 2nd Skin and Secret Garden. It's pricing is rather in higher range, but the material tells de value. I spent lotsa time in Le Tea, checking out their attires, accessories, tshirts, interior... I like their Jap-like style. Simple, but alternative.

I love shopping!! But shopping kills me. Im broke... sobsob... But im happie with my "victories" ::sigh, im hopeless::

I bought a pink color dress, a satin top, 2 belts, and a legging which I bought in order to get anough quota to get the VIP membership. 20% disc for one whole year neh. How can i resist it?

Le Tea and it's paperbag ^^*

Then Im satisfied ^^*

Heart in Rain

When rain falls. Dont ask me to explain why.
When there are too much of noise, a fragile heart just need a moment of silence.

If you cant put yourself into my shoes, just leave me alone.
I will just walk through the rain to reach the sunshine.

"If you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

Good Bye - The Melody

I've found this nice nice song from Jni's blog ^^*

My Need List and Misc

1. Adobe Software
2. Money
3. My lost piczzz
4. My lost feeling of Love
5. Luck
6. Frenz
7. Excitement
8. Vacation
9. Sleeeep
10. Microsoft Office Software for vista
11. Shopping
12. Hugs
13. Jobs
14. My lost earing
15. Get marry in a church in Milan :)

All dear frenz of mine, kindly organize charity fund to raise my needs for me.

Lil Cappucino waken up my mind...

Its another year approaching, xmas is just around the corner. N im getting older....

I bought myself present last year. This year I wont be able to practice my LV plan ::sobsob::
Im nolonger with KLIA this year. I wont be seeing whats Harrods gonna put on to the cart.


I've been tortured by today's job.
Im exhausted.
I've missed out michelle's RM150 3hours job, if I get this earlier I wont be taking Hailey's job.
I met some old frens and get to noe some new frens.
I lost my platinum earing.
I've drink to9.

Im so sleepy but stil blogging here...

Green for Maxis and Red for Hotlink. No matter how tired we were, we still able to pose for the cameras :)



I have a Chinese song in one of my CD, sang by this very sweet voice from Shang Hai-Kym Jin Sha ft JJ Lin Jun Jie, song title "ben dan" (Idiot)

The lyrics and VO touched my heart..........

by 金莎 ft 林俊杰

Kym : 很多时候我因为怕受伤,所以就选择先放弃。
"Im always afraid of being hurt, therefore always choose to give up.
Im too much loving freedom, even though Im in need of love, but still do not know how to let others to enter my heart."

JJ : 难道,我不能给你百分百的信心吗?你知道,我一直有多在乎你。
"Cant I give you 100% of confident? You shud know that, Im always cared about you."

Kym : 我珍惜这份安全感,却担心他的牺牲。所以每天的感觉还是孤独的。我还是需要一个人,一个人想一想。
"I treasured the sense of secure given, but feeling uneasie for his sacrifices. Everyday Im still living in loneliness. I think, I will need to be alone, I will have to think thoroughly with my own."

冰箱结霜 咖啡滚烫 煮不好 最简单的早餐
我的生活 是一团混乱 维持单身 感觉茫然
喜不喜欢 习不习惯 我总是 说不出个答案
一个人来 又一个人往 怎么让他 流连忘返

我不想当笨蛋 我在墙上写满渴望
我可以大哭一场 房间还是空空荡荡
我绝对不逞强 该属于我任其自然
可是我也要安全感 在某个适当程度的主张
纵然是了解眼光 也是温暖

JJ ; 这段日子你真的过的好吗?
"Are you living well these days?"

Kym : 没有你的早晨,加了糖的咖啡,也是苦的。
"Morning which without you, no matter how much sugar I added into coffee, it still tastes bitter."

JJ : 当时我尊重你的要求,所以我离开。但,这段日子你不开心,所以我就回来了。
"I respected your request and left. But you were not living well, therefore Im back."

Kym : 也许,我连自己要什么我也不知道。我一个人,游游荡荡。自由久了,也没有了目标。梦里醒来,发现墙上已经不自觉写满了你的名字。
"Maybe, I don even know whats needed by myself. Being alone, enjoy freedom, time by time, Im losing directions. Waken from the dream, I noticed that, I've been writing ur name..."

JJ : 单身,是茫然。恋爱,也彷徨。我明白,所以我用时间去证明了这颗心。不会因为你曾经的放弃而改变。
"Single is a loss; to love is a confusion. I understand, Therefore I used the time to prove this heart. Could not change because of your once giving up."

每个早上 都想赖床 没有梦 是最让人沮丧
我的眼睛 盯着天花板 也跑不出 任何对象

我不想当笨蛋 我在墙上写满渴望
我可以大哭一场 房间还是空空荡荡
我绝对不逞强 该属于我任其自然
可是我也要安全感 在某个适当程度的主张

Kym : 难道我真的是个笨蛋?一直错过已经在身边的幸福。
"Am i an idiot? Been missing out the happiness which just beside me..."

JJ : 我们只是用时间找到了我们需要什么。时间,让我们认识了自己,也肯定了对方。
"We were just spent time to figure out what we really need. So, we get to know about ourselves and each with time."

Kym : 因为你,让我知道真正的幸福是什么。
"Because of you, I know whats happiness about" :)

Weekend job

I was called to work for an event this satur.
Ever since I started my full time job, I've already not much working long hours event. Unless the pay is reali reali irresistable. Thats sooo miserable if Mon-Fri worked like hell yet wkends still have to stand whole day ><
But I've taken up this, cuz Im broke.... I spent almost 10k in a mnth, lotsa things happened and lotsa bills came, commitments too... Pity me gotto work whole day this satur.... poor lil mee...
Pray for me, this is not gonna be a sanfu event...
I don like selling, but product demonstrations or serving are stil fine to me; I don like outdoor job, it makes me tanned, but its exceptional if its fun as Fuyoh (gossh i miss Fuyoh!); I donlike noisy job, most girls like to work happening events like GP or club party etc, but I donlike, crowd and noisy drive me mad.
But then, Im soooo poor, and I've promised myself: its year end, must play till mother cannot recognize. Therefore I need hell lotsa money to spend~
Hailey worried if I aint looking good. She requested a recent casual pic of mine. Immediately I snap and sent to her. And I got the job ^^* ::luckie:: But welfred said it doesnt reali looks like me... omg then Im consider cheating?

hmmmm I think Im not, its just a mature version of aileng ^^*


Memories of 2 1/2mnths

Finally the project finished. I felt reluctant when I worked for the last day. I noe I'll certainly miss there alot alot... Im jz too used to be there evry 10pm-2am, standing and doing nth, waiting for sum1 to bring me escape from boredom, n watching stories of the othr part of world which I've nvr exposed to, n den.... still doing nth.... :)

Proudly introduce~ Room of Snakes in Superstar~~~

Eric said that last time before there are computerised karaokie systems, they actuali changed CD using PC and players. So they would have to change CD from one song to anthr song. But now, all devices are thrown to the store room and abandoned by the crowd.

And its alot alot of walkie talkie being charged there. I wish that I could have one set of it too, n give it to mamak ah neh downstairs of my office. So in future dabao bcum very very easie~

This is Choong's "table" of magic and tricks presentations!!

And~~ this is my dear station which I attached for 2 1/2months...

These are what makes me there :)

Finally I can have a slumber nite. Nite nitezzzz.....

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