The Story of aileng Giraffe

In Job Hunt, everybody has a representative giraffe of their own which formed Job Hunt Army (though some of the members are already moved to competitor company ><). This is the story about aileng's Giraffe.

Giraffe loves cake. See he is so happy with his dono what cake.

Giraffe loves Coke too. His eyes shine when he sees Coke...

Computer savvy Giraffe.

aileng Giraffe has a close friends who residents afew cubicle away from him. His name is wantik Giraffe. They both love food.

Giraffe's one sided love with pwinky.

Giraffe life aint perfect, sometimes he has to be put on chop board too.


wantik said...

what an interesting post..thanks for publishing my giraffe into your post~~ dunno others know where's the origin of giraffe?

Unknown said...

==|||,i wonder when u will post a nekochan story???

aileng miao said...

yahor... dear all, giraffes are from Melaka Jonker street pasar malam. They are available in various vibrant colors. Very very cheap oni, summore evry joint of it can move, twist, shake, its full of fun!! ::im aileng the giraffe ambassador! hohohoho!::

meing: yea maybe, if i have de mood :)

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