My Need List and Misc

1. Adobe Software
2. Money
3. My lost piczzz
4. My lost feeling of Love
5. Luck
6. Frenz
7. Excitement
8. Vacation
9. Sleeeep
10. Microsoft Office Software for vista
11. Shopping
12. Hugs
13. Jobs
14. My lost earing
15. Get marry in a church in Milan :)

All dear frenz of mine, kindly organize charity fund to raise my needs for me.

Lil Cappucino waken up my mind...

Its another year approaching, xmas is just around the corner. N im getting older....

I bought myself present last year. This year I wont be able to practice my LV plan ::sobsob::
Im nolonger with KLIA this year. I wont be seeing whats Harrods gonna put on to the cart.


wantik said...

i miss KLIA too...lets go there for another purpose..hehe..get what i mean???

aileng miao said...

yeahyeah v r going soon ^^*

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