Its wonwon's Birthday~~~

It wonwon's birthday~~!!! Happie Birthday to wonwon ::birthday kiss:: ^^*

We had our dinner last Saturday at Deutch Haus (dono whether the correct spelling?) for a truly Germenay dinner. The ambience is quite nice, quite homely. Sadly the food was abiit dissapointing. Maybe we were putting too high hopes?

We had this as our starter, served as complimentary. The corns are sweet ^^*

Me and wantik tried the so-called the original Germany Beer. I tried the one in shorter mug, it is a lager beer, tastes just like Henineken but it so much less gassy. Wantik's served in a very very nice tall tall beer mug. Its the original brewed of Germany Beer. But it tastes more bitter than my lager beer, and the color also darker. Nice try yea!

These are the legendary pork knuckles and prok ribs~~ Tastes nice, but not super impressive...

Favorite of all of us~~ The Mixed Sausage!! There are diffrent flavour for each sasauge. Slurp! But apperantly its sooooo fattening. Check out the oil.......

There goes a non surprise birthday dinner. Infact there were so much of incidents happened that killed wonwon's birthday surprises *sigh* Wantik and I tried to get her a bouquet of flower (she said she never receive flower in huge bouquet, but we both know that she left out the bouquet she has got during her convo :haha:) Then only we noticed that the florist street at Petaling Street has gone, and we didnt manage to complete our mission... Sorry wonwon ><

So we proceed to The Loft Heritage Row. And opened two bottles of Black Label in order to get a table. Loft servers suxx neh, no respect to their customers. Now I understand why their biz getting down and down. You know what they have done to our Baskin Robin Ice Cream cake? They melted it!!! That was ridiculuos, I even double confirm with them that, "THIS IS AN ICE CREAM CAKE,PLEASE KEEP IT CHILL ASAP" then their ques are always, "SO HOW MANY BTLS YOU WANNA OPEN?" Dengzzzzzzz ><

I dont think we are too much right? We have only 6 of us, and we opened 2 bottles, knowing that we cant finish it. We just hope that they can treat us better. When we complaint about the issue that they spoilt our birthday cake, the stupid manager Jxhn summore show me black face. Damn angry!!!! And sooo sooo much dissapointments to wonwon, ruined her birthday was the saddest part for us ><

Nvm. Life still goes on and we can still enjoy our party. Wantik has curfue so she has to go back earlie *sad* Then the rest of us... We played till mother cannot recognised. And interesting stories happened as usual :grin:

3 of us. Wantik missed out, again ><

Act cute, as usual :)

Favourite shot of the day ^^*

Last but not least~~~ wonwon happie birthday~~~~ ::xoxo::


Anonymous said...

oho!!! nei sei la..u posted von's pic taken on her bday here..she don reli happie wit de pic..cox she said she looks ugly n drunken face..
she wil "chan" u later..
yeah, my favourite shot of the nice too..loving sista..*v*
yupe..loft service is sxxk..we were told tat onli customer who open 2btl n above can get a table..but ended up they get us an odd table wit no sofa, not even chair..
a slightly nicer table is given onli aft we tried our vy hard to fight back..Black-list Loft!!!
vonvon: so guilty to u..
& Ai Leng: i know wat u mentioning, ok?? i feel bad..

aileng miao said...

hehe... i guess she hasnt check my blog, cuz she haven shoot me using her M16 :p

don feel bad la~ it wasnt tat bad aftr those bad feeling fades la~ atleas there was sumting quite intrsting :p

Anonymous said...

i oredi check la sen zou..bt u oredi post i cant do anything oso..

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