Kampung Sweet Kampung

Another week passed but Im still very in MPE mode. And soon long holiday coming and Im now in super holiday mood. Oh god until when only I can get back as normal...? I need a bit of pressure I supposed.

I've been being very very hime(princess)-like in my kampung since I physically crawled out from MPE. Eat sleep and then hang out, doing abit of jobs with air head. I am technically a piece of trash.

Ohaiyo~ Bear bear wants to say hello to everybody =(^w^)=

Bear bear : Did I say so...? (still playing, unaware)

Showered bear bear today and he smells super nice now *satisfied*
I noticed that bear bear has grown up abiit, had put on abiit weight. Not so tiny as when he just came *ultra satisfied*
Bear bear has found his new hobby other than to play with wires - which is to play with my hair. I think he has treated my hair as the flurry stick toy lor... *still very satisfied*

Eventually I found that 100Yen Shop is one of the greatest and most contributing retail in our neighbourhood. They have e v e r y t h i n g i l i k e with super reasonable price. I heart 100Yen Shop :hugz:

From 100Yen Shop Uptown Damansara. I actually enjoy buying junk food than to eat it :p Anyway the bill was only RM20+ for so many items *satisfied again*

There's this Taiwanese Ice Cream Stall in 100Yen Shop of Uptown Damansara.

Xue-Hua-Bing. Snow Flakes Ice.

My green tea ice cream garnished with red bean. I like the very fine texture of its ice.

I had a pack of Sunday milky biscuits on Sunday~ (its Monday-Sunday in a pack of seven)

I know its abiit late but I've finally bought the first book in the very famous Shopaholic Series.

I started reading it when the whole world had finished the entire series. But Im quite sure that Im not gonna be a big fan of it after a few chapters.

Those who knows me known about my very intimate big Rabbit mirror. Happened that Kah Seng bought me a Rabbit light which is the same Rabbit I had ^^*

Thanks to Kah Seng~


Bear In Bed

Was raining in the afternoon while I was working on my paperworks. A sudden heavy lighting strike reminds mee about bear bear that he's always got freaked out by lighting. Without more thought I started seek around for him...

"Bear bear where are youuuuu...??"


"Harloooooooo... bear bear~~"

Still respondless.

*worried* Oh God where's he where's he...??

*searched up and down*

Finally I found him lor - comfortably lying on my bed, sleeping. When I found him, he glanced at me with it's uber blinky shinny innocent black eyes. Awww he's so cutieee....

Wait wait... My bed??!! omgwtf not today not today. Mummy brought him to shop today and I havent get to shower him yet....

"Bear bear since when I allowed you to climb onto my bed?! Faster come down!!"

Bear : Yes mummy. I beg you pardon?
Miaoz : I said you get down from my bed! Now!

Bear : Why mummy why...? It's raining maaa... :teary eyes:
Miaoz : Because you havent shower yet!!

Bear : Okieee lorrr *reluctant, stretch*

Bear : Can I pose for you and you'll allow me to lay on your bed?
Miaoz : Want want! You dont move yea *faster go and grab camera*

Snap snap snap.
Snap snap.

Snap snap snap snap.
Snap snap snap snap.

Bear : *yawn* aiseh mummy how many shots you wanna take? I just wanna sleeeeeeep niaaaaa....
Miaoz : A few more shots lah ^^*
Bear : #$#%^&#@

And I had a cat and dog conversation today :)

Cute :p

Way back to real life #2

I had enough hide and seeek, still cannot get a good shot of bear bear :dulanz:

One day I'll make you bear bear in the bottle lor!!

New supper trend~

Braised duck and egg + porridge @ Lai Kong Restaurant, Sunway Mentari.

Yummie smoothie whitey porridge :heart:

Tasty braised duck and egg :slurp:

So I assumed that I wouldnt gain so much weight by having this very light supper?

It's been abiit too long, but I have finally finished my Undomestic Goddess. A tale-like story with happy ending that makes me laugh a lil, and cant help chasing what's next. Sophie Kinsella does have good sense of humuor and yea this is an easy reading book, dont expect for contents and just enjoy it :)

Booo huu I still couldnt find back the very in love feeling aslike butterfly in stomac with P.S I Love You. (Best book of the year! Dont get biased by the movie version cuz its reeeeally different). Any recommendation?

I was so happie

I wasnt this happie before Im here. And I know I wouldnt be as happie when Im gone.

I was. I did. Really really happie. Onced.

I thought, I might not need to look into a very very big picture, at least I know what I need to do the next, then Im blessed. Because I will never able to pick up the pace of things changed.

A few hours after I smiled to my reflection thru the mirror, telling myself Im always blessed. I was given hopes and ripped off again. And then Im back in losing direction again.

Not again.

What's next?

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ...

My sugardaddy, Seb Seb. Thanks for getting everything arranged and well-planned for us. I had real good time with your existence, so short but so treasured :)

Special Appearance

I have been chasing bear bear for almost an hour to snap pretty pic of it.

I failed. Okie baby kittens are usually hyperactive, so I gave up for now. :boooooo dont blame me when you grown up and see none of your baby pic ya:

Another special appearance.

Wantik was driving.

He made his delightful appearance.

Joyfully, sunny side outa the car.

Guess what species is he...?

He is a Japanese rice. Black color ones.

Buddy of Black Rice - Ah Moo. Together gether they are residents in wantik's car.

Way back to real life #1

I am back in real life.

First day out from MPE, I went and meet my long-time-no-see-friends. We went Black Canyon Coffee @ Center Point.

I had my Black Crunch bla bla bla and Chyn's Mocha bla bla bla... (name forgotten)

Cherng's choice... What's its name ya....?

Lovely coffee of not lovely at all PYY.

The very common green tea and the uncommonly nice alphabetical cookies.

PYY's mighty tiny lappie named Eee PC -.-

Its been how many years I'v never seen a DISKETTE (??)

I've been missing my MPE buddies soooo madly...

Bye Bye the view from my city center home.

Our farewell at Luna Bar - Fairie Davina, Cutie Phooi Yan, Dazzling Tanya, Skinny chic Laura, Blurry miaoz, Sopoh Charlotte, Tai kar jie Jade.

I miss MPE... I miss the paddock... I miss the routine...

And I miss you girls soooo muchieeee..........

We are all tanned. We were drained to almost collapse. It's the people that keeps us stay, and bond :)

And I miss you guys toooooooo....

I still cant get back to my previous life.

Two more days...

Two more days in MPE......

I had a tough day today taking care of my China guests. Frustrated... Cross fingers and hoped that tomorrow will be better :)

I've been missing Japanese...

Hello Kitty and Charmy Kitty mobile phone accessories given by Toshi san. Arigatou gozamasuda \^o^/

The very premium looking ESSE Designer Edition Ciggie (Japan really has lotsa lotsa variants of ciggie lo~!!)

Yea Im tanned to about 4 5 tones darker now.....


Meet Bear Bear

Three more days to the end of Michelin.

I enjoyed this 17days which everything organized and planned. Even though the job is pretty tough, but life in autopilot seems to be great for me, that I would not need to think much about life, just follow the routine...

Now that it's gonna end soon, while feeling reluctant, I've got myself lost too. What am I suppose to do after this?

Coincidentally there were afew people asked me whats my direction of life or what will I do after MPE (Michelin Pilot Experience). And I found myself blank - I have basically nothing. Nothing to develop, nothing to look forward, nothing and nothing.

Anyway, meet my new family member - bear bear ^^*

Feisty lil bear bear.

Bear bear feeling strange towards meee T___T (gotto get chee wei to assist me on "how to take pic for animals LOL)


Today take care of guests from Japan, learnt lotsa lotsa Japanese words ^^v

Special buffet which catered for Japanese.

They have alot alot of cupmee instead of normal buffet stuff.

These looks yummie to meee lor...

Japanese dressing for DIY mummum and wet tissue for hygiene purposes.

Yea I know some people cant wait to see chics. So here you go~

Some of us who's from the hospitality team ^^*

And ofcourse there'r guy crew too!!
Introducing----- Kah Sing~~

Having fun at the pit stop :p

Oh ya... Must not forget to mention, my house keeper at Crowne Plaza is having quite a good sense of humour lor.......

The first attempt - neko basu with Shadieee.

The 2nd attempt - huawer and shadieee.
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