Way back to real life #1

I am back in real life.

First day out from MPE, I went and meet my long-time-no-see-friends. We went Black Canyon Coffee @ Center Point.

I had my Black Crunch bla bla bla and Chyn's Mocha bla bla bla... (name forgotten)

Cherng's choice... What's its name ya....?

Lovely coffee of not lovely at all PYY.

The very common green tea and the uncommonly nice alphabetical cookies.

PYY's mighty tiny lappie named Eee PC -.-

Its been how many years I'v never seen a DISKETTE (??)

I've been missing my MPE buddies soooo madly...

Bye Bye the view from my city center home.

Our farewell at Luna Bar - Fairie Davina, Cutie Phooi Yan, Dazzling Tanya, Skinny chic Laura, Blurry miaoz, Sopoh Charlotte, Tai kar jie Jade.

I miss MPE... I miss the paddock... I miss the routine...

And I miss you girls soooo muchieeee..........

We are all tanned. We were drained to almost collapse. It's the people that keeps us stay, and bond :)

And I miss you guys toooooooo....

I still cant get back to my previous life.


Anonymous said...

Ohor~ now no more Michelin job, you gonna sleep at 7am again!!! Dracula!!! :P

aileng miao said...

:p watta doooo... im miaoz ma, miaoz active at nite :P

Anonymous said...

And G in the day...i know. G tou! :P

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