Bye Bye Avril Concert

After all drama dramas, finally Avril has belted up her performance~~ Even though the performance was carried out pretty measured and its even rained, but the crowd was still very excited, jumping and singing along in their raincoats :)

I was there working for one of the most terrible job in my life. But didnt really watch the concert because was tooooooooooo tortured by the job and losing the mood to watch it. But yeah~ Avril's voice in live was accompanied me thru the one and half hour though I wasnt watching.

Stage - Setting up.

Its over~ Check out those color colorful sheets on the ground - its raincoat! Imagine all those colors jumping together during the concert, its cute!

Girlss. Camera man sux.

However, PAS members held a protest at Stadium Merdeka before concert starts. They distrubuted flyers to Muslim crowds who was entering the stadium and explained the concept of entertainment in Islam.

Phew weeet~ How impressive!!


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