Way back to real life #2

I had enough hide and seeek, still cannot get a good shot of bear bear :dulanz:

One day I'll make you bear bear in the bottle lor!!

New supper trend~

Braised duck and egg + porridge @ Lai Kong Restaurant, Sunway Mentari.

Yummie smoothie whitey porridge :heart:

Tasty braised duck and egg :slurp:

So I assumed that I wouldnt gain so much weight by having this very light supper?

It's been abiit too long, but I have finally finished my Undomestic Goddess. A tale-like story with happy ending that makes me laugh a lil, and cant help chasing what's next. Sophie Kinsella does have good sense of humuor and yea this is an easy reading book, dont expect for contents and just enjoy it :)

Booo huu I still couldnt find back the very in love feeling aslike butterfly in stomac with P.S I Love You. (Best book of the year! Dont get biased by the movie version cuz its reeeeally different). Any recommendation?


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