Special Appearance

I have been chasing bear bear for almost an hour to snap pretty pic of it.

I failed. Okie baby kittens are usually hyperactive, so I gave up for now. :boooooo dont blame me when you grown up and see none of your baby pic ya:

Another special appearance.

Wantik was driving.

He made his delightful appearance.

Joyfully, sunny side outa the car.

Guess what species is he...?

He is a Japanese rice. Black color ones.

Buddy of Black Rice - Ah Moo. Together gether they are residents in wantik's car.


Anonymous said...

Oh-oh black stuff toy! Meh lei ge!!! Wa si lu ge lao-pek!

aileng miao said...

it is not lao pek laa, it looks quite young lorr..

this toy looks adorable nia, it makes ppl smile everytime looking at it. is a sibeh yao yeng ge ricey!!

wantik said...

yoh...i love this post...initiall the two eyes looks so ghosty..when the pink smiley face came in..it changes dramatically..phew weet~ my toys so yeng

aileng miao said...

butbut alvin said his bolster better neh..... >.<

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