To Winnie...

Poor winnie is now spending her weekend in the ward.

We brought Rudolf to visit her with lotsa lotsa blessings.

Winnie oh winnie... Get well soon so we can go out play again :)


Cinderella Shoes

Did you never try or you just cant put yourself in my Cinderella Shoes?

Jingle All The Way

I am having FEVER, for the very very first time ever since that I'v grown up. I can get sick once awhile, but very very seldom a fever which is an authorised ill for everybody, especially to Mr. Thermometer.

Im so sick of myself. Since when I am so annoying-ly merajuk like brainless bitch who has nothing better to do in life?

Oh is your excuses really that unpersuasive? Or I really have nothing better to think about?

Anywayz, because of my fever, I believe that I'v seen miracle of faith which I've been told since Sunday School in my childhood time - Wherever you are, wherever he is. When I thought that I was helplessly all alone, curling up and shivering and dropping tears and eventually losing senses, I saw my memories flashing brightly. An hour later I wokeup and I felt a lot better.

For whatever reason that my sickness was taken away that night, Im being very thankful and blessed for that. I love my life.

Oh Christmas is just around the corner, my favourite festive of the year :)

The very very tall and gorgeous Christmas Tree @ Mid Valley.

The over size ornaments are cute *lurve*

The Gardens is decorated with chandeliers and ivory human cages. Ooooooh I want one for my bear bear.

I've spotted the best timing to meet Christmas Carols :)

Say hi to snowman. When can I build a real one myself?

KLCC Christmas Tree - probably the largest Christmas Tree I've seen this year.

One Utama - looks a bit similar with Christmas decoration of Pavilion last year.

I've finally got my Twilight after two weeks waiting ^^v



I have started to fancy a life as a normal working people with normal weekends and normals holidays since weeks ago.

Something like to confirm a guest list for Mambo days before, to enter before 11pm to avoid long queue. To get a nice table needless to fight with waiters for giving me crappy seats.

Maybe to have some ordinary working friends. Maybe to hang out in some normal hours.

Maybe to have some funny picz which noone ever look good in it.

Maybe to have some sweet Couple Weekends or some sorta house session.

Maybe to party in some events like what ordinary people does, in stead of to work in it.

Maybe to be able to partner my love ones in occasions or festives which I normally have to engage with jobs.

It sounds like nothing worth to fancy about. Who doesnt live life as this?

Oh but I wanted it badly since years ago. My job, money is good, time is flexi, tasks sounded glamour/happening. Oh it was undoubtedly heavenly good. But there's price for it as everything else does.

Being ordinary is a bless :)

In Love with OPI

It's been almost a year since my first ever mani/pedicure at February this year, and the obsessions spread helplessly in my vein. Eventually to become like a part of my garments.

I already cannot recall those time when my nails were soooo plastically thin and weak and so fragile.

Yes my nails are still very very thin even after a year of endless care to it. It's always full of fine crack lines which I can peel off my nails layer by layer (quite terror hor?), and appeared to be ultra dry i never know why.

Back then when I was a noobie dumb who know nuts about nail cares, I frequently suffer the pain of cuticles peel off due to dryness. Yes it was freaking painful and it bleeeds.

I tried numerous brands of products, some works, but not really help much, such as Sally Hansen, it has almost every same products that OPI has with half of OPI's price. Unfortunately beauty has no economic way, half the price can only provide half the result.

I worshiped OPI.

Yes OPI sometimes do really ridiculously priced.

OPI Topcoat - RM55
OPI Nail Envy - RM108

Avoplex Series -
Enzyme Skin Therapy Cleanser : RM11x,
Body Cream(small): RM47,
Nail & Cuticle Replenish Oil: RM50+-

Cutting throat? I know. I shall give a special credit for Nail Art Saloon for the 20% discount on each item.

♥ Lil Nail Care Tips ♥

I normally do these after bath, before going on bed. With my finger nails cleaned and softened from the hot shower.

1. Avoplex Cuticles Oil on each finger (do not apply on nails if you wanna have something on your nails okiee), gently massage one by one till it absorbed.

I looove the smooooth and moisturized feeling.

2. Nail Envy on, one by one.

I hearted Nail Envy a lot a lot for the efficiency of keeping my nails safe from peeling off and cracker. As well as to cover all the ugly cracking fine lines on nails.

Nail Envy Matte was bought initially hoping that it would be able to cover my yellowish nails after tooo much manicure and I am soooo lazy to do nail buffing too :p But it doesnt turn up so well in concealing yellowish color. I am currently using it as a base coat, and I apply it every alternate day during my bare nails period.

Little Advice :

Nail Envy Matte is good for those people who's having original nice nail color, you may apply it straight to have a French Manicure color. PS: Only Works Well When Your Original Nail Color Is Nice. Otherwise will look abit dead on yellowish nails.

For those who's always having nail polish/manicure on, Nail Envy Original Clear Color is definitely a better choice, as you can fully utilize it as a top coat as well, and it wouldnt affect your nail colors.

Nail Envy is a nail strengthener treatment, apparently it is alot thicker and milkier compared to nail polish. Please allow extra time for Nail Envy to dry up after application, and yes, do not greedily apply too thick. It is a lot thicker to nail polish.

*** *** ***

Oh must not forget to mention, skincare series by this guru of nail care is a must-try too. Im sure you'll fall in love with the refreshing sweet scent of it. As well as the after exfoliate smooth touch upon each application :)

November 2008

November 2008 is over after all dramas. Leaves me with some kind of obsessions, some bittersweetsour, some changes. And a lot of uncertainties.

Im kinda freaked out.

1. I went Bali . And back .

I know I will forever and ever being addictive with traveling around. But never too long being away from home. My home is a drug.

2. My car got bang while innocently parked a side without blocking anybody's way. Oh it was twice in a month. The second time was few days after I happily fetched my beloved son beautifully re-sprayed aslike brand new from workshop. Fck.

3. Special Announcement.

Spot the difference.



Wish me luck. Thanks :)

4. I lost my phone.

Malang tidak berbau. I miss my N95.

E66 at supposed RM1266 AP set. Although E66 is closed to perfect from inside out, but Im still missing N95's user-friendliness. Im loyal, why does god always tend to do me and my love ones apart?

5. Celine Tourbillon Open Tote.

I fell in love with the first glance at Celine.

I brought it back from The Gardens @ RM1650.

The greatest ever French stallion of Celine in swirling and twirling, one gold one hanging. They gave me an "A" as for my initial alphabet of "aileng" :heartz:

6. Im looking for a job.

To respond to people who close to me and understands me: Yes I'v finally makeup my mind and Im sure I'll be happier this way. So wish me luck :)

To respond to people who think they know me: Oh the bimbo miao finally move her ass outa her heavenly castle and to dip herself into the working world. Oh Im so lost I need help.

7. Stay by Estrella

Sounds straight from the twilight, has me up all night... ... ...

Sleeping Kitten

I've finally get to capture a quiet impression of Bear bear :)

It's wonwon's Birthday~

I do always envy wonwon because she's technically borned same years as me but always get to announce her age a year younger! Just because her birthday is 26th November.

Yet this mean girl always complaint to me saying that she's aged...... You blardy mean wonwon.

I also wanna have birthday on year end T____T

This year, just as any other year, even though the mickey mouses members are getting lesser and lesser, but the celebration were still on to officiate that wonwon turned 24. When you open your palm and have nothing to hold, open your eyes and you'll see friends around.

We thrown a quiet but merry little "birthday party" for wonwon on her exact birthdate before her belated Birthday Bash HERE.

Check out our starter of the birthday dinner. Name forgotten but those are some fresh nice shrimp served with breaddie generously spreaded with garlic butter.

This is definitely something for shrimp lover - Shrimp Heaven of combination of shrimps in different cooking method.

Oh this is the best stuff of the night - fish and shrimp and mashed potato, oh yummy gravy flooded them all. Simply irresistible...

Isnt these good stuff seems familiar? Yes there's where we were, Bubba Gump Shrimp House @ The Curve. Awww shrimp shrimps I love youuuu.

Run Forest Run. Stop Forest Stop.

When Forest stopped. We went and have a nice walk+shop in Curve, hoping to be able to burn off some fat gained from the heavy dinner. Im looking forward Xmas decoration of The Curve.

When the shopping center dimmed off their commercial lights, the alcohol obsession brought us to Deutsches Haus @ Damansara Perdana - our heaven for Germany and Belgium beer freshly from the draught :yumzzz: This newly opened Deutsches Haus located in the same building as Citibank.

My Germany brewed Franziskaner Weissbier - abit stronger, heavier and bolder. But alot creamier.

They enjoyed the smoothness and lightness of Hoegaarden. I've been admiring Belgium for it's chocolates, churches, french fries :p Now I found another reason to love it - the sweet aftertastes Belgian Hoegaarden :yumzzz:

Our very usual thing to do.

And of course to count down for wonwon's birthday, with a little Strawberry Tart :)

As well as a party hat for the birthday girl as the star of the night.

Of course not to forget to put on a party mask.

Oh now she's the most dazzling star of the night.



Happy happie birthday wonwon!!

Wonwon's 24th Birthday Bash

We had our most most creative ever birthday celebration of the past decade at the Lanson Place. We rented a 2rooms unit at the price of RM506nett.

The preparation was tough but we made it~ Credits for all participants for your high cooperations~ You guys made it happened and it was just funzzzz :)

♥ The Preparations ♥

Thank god I manage to wakeup earlie and did some shopping in Subang Carefour and finally found cheapo toys for our Pool Party~ A water gun costs RM16.90 and a cutie Winnie the Pooh beach ball at RM7.90. And also shopped for decorations. I love Xmas ornaments.

We checked in hotel earlier to get things done before arrival of guests.

And that's what we've done.....

We've successfully blown up a beach ball!

Wantik and Ah Boy - Our CHIEF ENTERTAINMENT OFFICER, checking out the entertainment systems.

miao's F&B preparations.

Oh yeah our party theme was "PARTY ANIMAL" - you can be party, you can be animals, you can be party animal too!

We've decided to be very very strict on our dress code. Try to break the rules? Please bear your own risk. Because if you refuse to dress up, the organizers are going to dress up for you.

Do not ever consider punishing is the best-est role ever. In order to perform the execution, I had have to search all over my room to get funny funny stuffs lor okie....

And now let's back to the topic where I suppose to talk about.... ermmm... oh preparations!

Punishing costume accessories check. Oh god how on earth I manage to have so much of weirdo accessories?

And finally started to decorate the room~ I love Xmas ornaments x2.

Guest Arrival - batch 1.

♥ The Pool Party

Let's kick start the parrtayyyyy~

The Monkey Catch Ball session.


And then the photographer herself got too crazee and missed out lotsa lotsa picture perfect moments.... T____T I am Super regret.

♥ The Pre-Party

After dinner, we have started to get ready for the party :)

These people are terrible. They rather to be dressed up by us than to spend a lil effort on figuring out whatta dress up as.

Stylists in action.

I cant believe that my whole luggage of accessories were not even enough for them wtf...

Okie Im trying to persuade myself that you guys actually enjoy dressing up in my fcking girlish stuffs...

Introducing all our PARTY ANIMALS.... wthwthwth.

Yew as Tudung Gangster.

Hong Yuen as nerdy Santa.

Winli the cutie Bunny with fluffy pinky tail.

Oooooh la laaa we have Ah Tung as Gwen Stefani in the house~

Sam as the unconventional bikini chic with winter hat.

Eng Peng as the Skeleton Pirate.

Ah Boy the reindeer. Aww so cute.

The undefined bikini witch (?).

The cacat man, Ivan.

Lvin da Cwid the Leprechaun. Oh the Skeleton Pirates just dont understand the power of Leprechaun.

The two fluffy white stuff - Sexy Bunny Wantik & Angelic Wonwon.

The dark killer Andrew & Reindeer Veron.

The Santa family and their ride.

Samantha in the vivid witchy hat featured here.

♥ The Camwhore Session

Party Animals in the house~

After a few rounds of drinking and gaming. Then we had our birthday ritual - birthday song, birthday cake, birthday wishes and finally all made up as a birthday celebration~

Birthday Group pictures, marked it a wonderful birthday celebration.

Cake cutting ceremony :)

The two whitey fluffy things kacao-ing each other.

And then.................... We aint called it a day yet. Guess what....?

We've went to Maison to join Doggie King's second round of birthday celebration~ That equals to more pictures coming up. Stay tune :)
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