Wonwon's 24th Birthday Bash

We had our most most creative ever birthday celebration of the past decade at the Lanson Place. We rented a 2rooms unit at the price of RM506nett.

The preparation was tough but we made it~ Credits for all participants for your high cooperations~ You guys made it happened and it was just funzzzz :)

♥ The Preparations ♥

Thank god I manage to wakeup earlie and did some shopping in Subang Carefour and finally found cheapo toys for our Pool Party~ A water gun costs RM16.90 and a cutie Winnie the Pooh beach ball at RM7.90. And also shopped for decorations. I love Xmas ornaments.

We checked in hotel earlier to get things done before arrival of guests.

And that's what we've done.....

We've successfully blown up a beach ball!

Wantik and Ah Boy - Our CHIEF ENTERTAINMENT OFFICER, checking out the entertainment systems.

miao's F&B preparations.

Oh yeah our party theme was "PARTY ANIMAL" - you can be party, you can be animals, you can be party animal too!

We've decided to be very very strict on our dress code. Try to break the rules? Please bear your own risk. Because if you refuse to dress up, the organizers are going to dress up for you.

Do not ever consider punishing is the best-est role ever. In order to perform the execution, I had have to search all over my room to get funny funny stuffs lor okie....

And now let's back to the topic where I suppose to talk about.... ermmm... oh preparations!

Punishing costume accessories check. Oh god how on earth I manage to have so much of weirdo accessories?

And finally started to decorate the room~ I love Xmas ornaments x2.

Guest Arrival - batch 1.

♥ The Pool Party

Let's kick start the parrtayyyyy~

The Monkey Catch Ball session.


And then the photographer herself got too crazee and missed out lotsa lotsa picture perfect moments.... T____T I am Super regret.

♥ The Pre-Party

After dinner, we have started to get ready for the party :)

These people are terrible. They rather to be dressed up by us than to spend a lil effort on figuring out whatta dress up as.

Stylists in action.

I cant believe that my whole luggage of accessories were not even enough for them wtf...

Okie Im trying to persuade myself that you guys actually enjoy dressing up in my fcking girlish stuffs...

Introducing all our PARTY ANIMALS.... wthwthwth.

Yew as Tudung Gangster.

Hong Yuen as nerdy Santa.

Winli the cutie Bunny with fluffy pinky tail.

Oooooh la laaa we have Ah Tung as Gwen Stefani in the house~

Sam as the unconventional bikini chic with winter hat.

Eng Peng as the Skeleton Pirate.

Ah Boy the reindeer. Aww so cute.

The undefined bikini witch (?).

The cacat man, Ivan.

Lvin da Cwid the Leprechaun. Oh the Skeleton Pirates just dont understand the power of Leprechaun.

The two fluffy white stuff - Sexy Bunny Wantik & Angelic Wonwon.

The dark killer Andrew & Reindeer Veron.

The Santa family and their ride.

Samantha in the vivid witchy hat featured here.

♥ The Camwhore Session

Party Animals in the house~

After a few rounds of drinking and gaming. Then we had our birthday ritual - birthday song, birthday cake, birthday wishes and finally all made up as a birthday celebration~

Birthday Group pictures, marked it a wonderful birthday celebration.

Cake cutting ceremony :)

The two whitey fluffy things kacao-ing each other.

And then.................... We aint called it a day yet. Guess what....?

We've went to Maison to join Doggie King's second round of birthday celebration~ That equals to more pictures coming up. Stay tune :)


Anonymous said...

walao~ so cute lo...
angel, bunny, reindeer...
sumore got bday decoration..
ceh, i tot u would dress as a miao tim~
u must b an authentic miao if u were reli dress as miao, n wit u 'zhao pai' pose..100% catwoman in action la..
so wasted u didn't act as miao, aih..

aileng miao said...

i wanted to get miaoz costume gahhh... but cant manage to get nice miao. so hv to be santarina lorrrr. cute hor cute hor? i wish u could be here too, mz b anthr sexy icon of the nite :)

Steve said...

mou ngam tei

Anonymous said...

i wonder wat kind of theme suit me..
if i were there, i must b so "lut",dunno wat shut i act..
i'm not good in costume lo..
u think wat kind of costume suit me?

kevinpnp said...

Nice costumes... Must take it to the next level.... Wear it in a club. Visit my blog at this page, got a pic of me in my costume during halloween. Haha..


But you guys are cool!!!

aileng miao said...

子豪 Steve:: yo dont act like you are not one of us yea!

amber:: if you are here im sure you'll noe watta wear. and it'll definitely takes you alooooot of effort to dress up :hehe:

kevinpnp::: oh we did that ^^v apparently costume parties are much more daring @ oversea.

Anonymous said...

Wah i saw an angel
..and other types of creatures...

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