I have started to fancy a life as a normal working people with normal weekends and normals holidays since weeks ago.

Something like to confirm a guest list for Mambo days before, to enter before 11pm to avoid long queue. To get a nice table needless to fight with waiters for giving me crappy seats.

Maybe to have some ordinary working friends. Maybe to hang out in some normal hours.

Maybe to have some funny picz which noone ever look good in it.

Maybe to have some sweet Couple Weekends or some sorta house session.

Maybe to party in some events like what ordinary people does, in stead of to work in it.

Maybe to be able to partner my love ones in occasions or festives which I normally have to engage with jobs.

It sounds like nothing worth to fancy about. Who doesnt live life as this?

Oh but I wanted it badly since years ago. My job, money is good, time is flexi, tasks sounded glamour/happening. Oh it was undoubtedly heavenly good. But there's price for it as everything else does.

Being ordinary is a bless :)


Anonymous said...

so, then wat was tis abt at the pic No. 2 ler?? ahem (clear throat)..aileng u shut know wat i mean lo, hor hor?

Anonymous said...

then faster get a fulltime job la, yao guai~ to exclude urself frm abnormal group..gd luck~

aileng miao said...

yeapz yeapz it is what you can think about :)

im finding ge laa... but nobody wans to hire me only maaaa T___T

Anonymous said...

u so high demand.. hav to b high pay but lil work..or b Alvin's PA lo, ..ngahaha..sit on leg tat type..

may b wait until aft CNY..ppl tend to resign aft they get bonus ma..now jus b Alvin's PA lo..perfect~

alvin24 said...

Talk about high demand... I also cannot afford to hire her as PA lar! =(

How how how? Help me!

aileng miao said...

i think im the one who need help. I've oledi sitting on his lap but I didnt get any pay yet!! WTH!!

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