The Insomia Crappies

I am walking in and out, in and out and in and out from the shadow.
I am still picking up pieces of memories.
I am still fixing up losing pieces of the puzzle.
I am still wandering my life.
I am still comforting myself by feeding myself alot alot of life candy.
I heard only echo when I tried to talk. So I noticed that there's a big big big big dark dark deep hole within.

Stupid imagination if this is the view from my bedroom.


Summer Fashion is Back~

Yay~ Its summer back in fashion so guess what......?

Short skirts and singlets are back~~~~~ ^v^*

Basic Deep V singlet RM39.90, Washed Jeans Skirt Rm129.90. Yeah I love BASICS~~

Zara has really really nice items this season!! Love the shorts, the sandals, the flats & pumps from TRF line. And yea if Im an OL i'll defitnitely die for it's office ladies' wear yea... I want I want their flats and pumps badly..................

And I want I want this Omega very very exclusive watch tooo~~~

Waited wantik finished work from her Big Big Tree, we went Bakerzin for dinner. Yeah we are the most taitai-like broke girl of the world~

Today we've decided to be a lil bit more adventurous to have something really new to us...

Olio spaghetti plain, RM20. You may add on tiger prawn or whatever else with additional around RM8. We didnt do that, cuz we are having something else coming up to our table...

Ta-da!! This is Seafood Curry!! RM28 but with super generous portion of various various seafood~ Squid lah, lala lah, fish lah, dai-chi lah, prawn lah... The curry so-so only, but the ingredient are sibeh fresh de neh. Great for seafood lover~~ Yummieee...

And a hearty bowl provided for the wastes, having seafood is not messing up the dining table anymore~

As a Bakerzin member, we enjoy a free platted dessert with spending min RM50. Here's our Coupe Black Forest with Ice cream, Brownie, Wild Cherries... Super satisfying choco treat neh...

Oh yea and not to forget to introduce this Mr.Egg Tart from an egg tart shop located @ 1U old wing, opposite to Old Asia. I tried this milk egg tart outa various flavour. Its justtttt yummmiieee~

After mummum, we went and watch the Malaysia Dream Girl finale at new wing concourse.

The stage. Okie that wasnt Malaysia Dreamgirl but PRO models of DKNY that I've taken few days ago. 1U stage design has never dissapoint us :)

Kiki's Delivery Service

He used to say that, when I raise my head and lookup a lil bit, I look like a black miao in one of Ghibli's anime ---> Kiki's Delivery Service (Majo no Takkyūbin).

Especially there's a scene when this particular miao tilted up its head, lookup to the sky and say how much it misses it's far faraway homeland..... "遥望,遥望遥远的家乡...." Thats the line of it, with it's very very miaoish tone :)

Introducing Jiji (pronounced as Gi-Gi), owned and love by the young witch Kiki.

" Jiji is Kiki's cute and quirky talking cat. He is completely in black expect for his big white eyes. Jiji is a very interesting character and it is hard to give him a specific personality. He cares for Kiki a great deal as shown when he even pretended to be a doll under the abuse of a very very bad child just so that he could help Kiki (You need to see the movie to understand the situation better ^_^;; ) Later in the movie however, he stopped talking to Kiki because she grew up and therefore her special childhood connection to her cat changed. Jiji got married to the sophisicated cat next door and the pair started their own cat family. ^_^ "

(Quoted from HERE)

Jiji in fluffy version.

Jiji and nekobasu.

Now we flip the pic horizontal........

Look alike mea.......?

*** *** ***

Now wanna share about this anime which I like very very muchieee... And I like almost every anime by Ghibli Studio :)

The movie poster of Kiki's Delivery Service

Here goes some screen shots of the anime:-

Kiki and Jiji

Jiji and his lover (Yes dont be surpirse, Jiji is a HE)

And ofcourse some music of the anime..... The very typical Ghibli style, classical big time orchestra.

One of the Movie Theme song

*Link to the full song list*

HP Cheer to Beijing

For some reason, I worked for HP Cheer to Beijing Roadshow @ 1Utama last week for 5days straight. Almost got killed by the roadshow...

Thank god the job tasks aint too difficult, or basically nothing to do at all *ngeheheheh* So we've got some enjoyable time too playing with their webcams :)

The Girls~ Patricia, miaoz, Elcho blur-ing in the earlie morning.

Waking up...

The guys~ Kawaii Karwai and Darren. *~Bubbly bubbly~*

miaoz and the balloonz~~

Dont know why all these pics came out in greenish greenish -.- And we played alot with its effects too....



Dotty - Guess who's who...? :p



Saturday, we all happened to tie our hair together gather, coincidently ^^* And we had together gather put on lurvey stickers too.

Love bites on us




And some random pics...................

Elcho and neko demonstrating sienz faces

And even more sienzzzz!! (Elcho looks cutie though even she's sienz -.-)

Patricia the camwhore. neko and Elcho the pwetty wallpaper.

And thanx Eddie the photographer for this balloonish pic ^^v

Finally escaped from the torture chamber~~~!!



I hate berfever on weekends... T.T

Surfing motiveless on net, doing nothing, just exactly like a patient~ Then then I came across these few advertisements. And I do really like it.... Enjoy~~

ps:: Still listening background music here? Pause it at my sidebar before you start watching lah!!

The INTRO~~ Meet Tuzki~ ~\^o^/~


The Arty Farty Tuzki


Tuzki in work (smart!!)


Tuzki bertoilet


Dedicate to dear mad mad and dearest wantik ^^*


One more day to go Im leaving torture chamber!!!!!




It's Tuzki on aileng's Behalf

aileng the neko aka miao is surviving in 1Utama HP Torture Chamber. Poor old neko is too exhausted to berblog tonight, so Tuzki is gonna berblog on her behalf.

Here's some FAQ about half died-half alive neko chan:-

1. What's the neko doing at 1U?

Berslumber as usual. 3

2. How did she spend her time during the torture session?

*Bersurf net reading blogs 9 *Bergepoh here and there 12
*Berdaydream... 21

*Berspreading love to beautiful items selling in 1U 27 *and most of the time..... Bersleepie-ing 31

3. What she doing when tuzki berblogging on her behalf?

4. Why neko taken up this job neh? Doesnt look like her slumbering style....
13 Whatta do...? Haih there's untold reason behind. . .

But she is really really taken it 99% unwillingly 18.........
1% is for $$ that about the size of a peanut but still she loves it 25

5. Tomorrow's finally WEEKEND that she loves most, is her physical condition still allow her to play?
The answer is absolute 28 Nothing can stop her weekend enjoyment 23

Okiee.... Tuzki is an ignorant character, so the humble (quoted from love-tuzki community chariman Maddox), even mouthless. So he(?) dont actually talk much even on neko's behalf. So just stop here annnnnd...... Nite nitezz from Tuzki, and sweet dream...

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