Girls Nite Out @ Bambo9

We had our Girls Nite Out @ Bambo9 last Satur (Ermmm... Literally all girls laaa.....)

miaoz, wantik and Sharon

wantik kena tiang in "up&down" game

Kena tiang again >.<

miaoz kena tiang happily -.-"

Sharon the alcoholic

And I have digged out some postdated pic when our previous outing @ Bambo9.........

Sharon and the ugly spec

wantik and the ugly spec

miaoz and the ugly spec. *OMG I know I shall never wear speczzzzz*

Apperantly this is the founder of ugly speczzzz


Anonymous said...

play play and play again...
sob sob..i wish i can b there too..

wantik said...

that's a perfect night ehh...a very hardcore drinking nite...amber amber i dun think u wish to be there wan..keke

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