It's Tuzki on aileng's Behalf

aileng the neko aka miao is surviving in 1Utama HP Torture Chamber. Poor old neko is too exhausted to berblog tonight, so Tuzki is gonna berblog on her behalf.

Here's some FAQ about half died-half alive neko chan:-

1. What's the neko doing at 1U?

Berslumber as usual. 3

2. How did she spend her time during the torture session?

*Bersurf net reading blogs 9 *Bergepoh here and there 12
*Berdaydream... 21

*Berspreading love to beautiful items selling in 1U 27 *and most of the time..... Bersleepie-ing 31

3. What she doing when tuzki berblogging on her behalf?

4. Why neko taken up this job neh? Doesnt look like her slumbering style....
13 Whatta do...? Haih there's untold reason behind. . .

But she is really really taken it 99% unwillingly 18.........
1% is for $$ that about the size of a peanut but still she loves it 25

5. Tomorrow's finally WEEKEND that she loves most, is her physical condition still allow her to play?
The answer is absolute 28 Nothing can stop her weekend enjoyment 23

Okiee.... Tuzki is an ignorant character, so the humble (quoted from love-tuzki community chariman Maddox), even mouthless. So he(?) dont actually talk much even on neko's behalf. So just stop here annnnnd...... Nite nitezz from Tuzki, and sweet dream...



wantik said...

pheweet~~ kheng man...say wanna make tuzki bermoving and u really get it to be done...this posting is so dak yi..tuzki really can elaborate your life so well...again...love tuzki~~

aileng miao said...

butbut i cant make de bekgrnd bcum blk color. not perfect nia.........
v r tuzkis in real life~ /hoho

Anonymous said...

so envyyyyy ur tuzki can move! mine static nia.. gotta gotta gotta find a way to make the icon in black bckground color.. hmmm..
**brain-storm now**

aileng miao said...

Tuzki tuzki~ this link for u. but donwanna tel u which code u shud use. let u berexperiment urself muahahhahaha

but hor but hor, nge nge lai oso cannot change de bkgrnd color de neh. our blog tgthr gthr bcum blkie wit whitey tuzki lor...

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