While I Sleep


Nothing goes wrong

Something's wrong.

But I dono what it is.....

I have been taking cupmee myself in my room 3days in a row.
I have finished tasks of my day and I dono watta do now.
I feellike going out but dono where to go.
I feellike talking but I have nothing to talk about.
I have been walking down the street alone with my mind all blank.
I have the feelings like a big patch of my life went missing.
I have finally understood why alcoholics being alcoholics.
I have been telling myself its okie, just back to the my starting point and thats what life all about.

So, nothing goes wrong...
The very loving coffee and tea.

Tsuki's wings broken....

My ngiao has been going thru his very very tough time of his life.

Sometimes we might think our life is miserable but when I look at others who's bearing more more pressure and struggling even harder for life, I found Im still blessed compared alot others.

He just said, "Challenges are just to sharpen your skills so when your luck come, you'll be prepared to achieve higher."

Tsuki doesnt needs another tsuki to watch over. It shines itself with its halo.

Im taking out RM15k to pay back my study debts next month. Hmmmppp then I'll be super duper pooooooooor.......

A Playlist of Olivia Ong

A Girl Meets Bosa Nova :)


God shield me with endless luck. But sometimes he gives me lessons for me to grow.

You are right here in my heart and mind. Wanna keep you away from frusts and worries, that keeping us apart. Thats the most expensive price I paid for my stupidity.

I may have cried millions of time. But I can wipe tears off every single time to smile to you.

The evil workshop in Uptown Damansara!!!

Today I met one of the ugliest humanbeing on the earth who I've ever seen. Not that he is having super ugly outlook but his heart is totally unhuman.

He cheated me!

This is the place he works. Its a socalled authorised Proton Service Workshop, located 2shops next to BROTHER PETER Uptown Damansara.

These are services they offer. But generally they do everything for your car.

They towed my car to their workshop aftr I lost both of my car keys in one week time (its a extraordinary blur case which I really donwanna mention anymore). So they told me that I MUST CHANGE A NEW SET OF ALARM in order to disable the current alarm. I checked forums, they said this supposed a very very common solution so I allowed them to do so...

Then they said, I MUST REPLACE A NEW SET OF LOCK because I donhave spare keys anymore.

"Why cant I just get a new set of duplication car key?" I asked.
"Lenglui, your car is really different. Very highly secured, it comes with x%@#& &o#$@ ^%@ (and ofcuz alot more technical language which I can never understand what the hack he was talking abt).... So we cant get duplication, MUST CHANGE MUST CHANGE"

Aiseh... This guy was really long gas, asked him how much roughly the price of the key lock but he dont know. I was pretty frust when he told me all craps which I cant understand but what I wanna know was only HOW MUCH.

Nvm lor. Communication broke down, nopoint continue the chicken and duck conversation. So I ask him to call me for the price once he has got the quotation.

I know I know, Sunday ma, accesories shops not open ma. Just call me before you fix it on.

Early morning, I wokeup but my soul still sleeping. This guy shocked me till I totally awake with the cut throat pricing RM680 for ONLY KEY LOCK SYSTEM. Alarm? Another RM2xx. Okie okie I understand the alarm pricing is standard, I have experience buying alarm. But the stupid key costs me RM680?!!! Crazee ah? That was my immediate respond.

"Lenglui YOUR CAR IS DIFFERENT, really really cannot duplicate keys geh. Must &#$^%@&#....... (cut off another 5min of technical craps)"

I felt so dizzy listening his crapss...

"Can you please stop repeating the same thing which I cant understand? I'll call you back in a short while."

And finally I know I should have to let him crap then I wont die with whole neck of blood.

I checked with Alex sama, he's an automotive wikipedia. As usual he provides very very good solutions, slow, patient, confident.

So within 5min time, I called back the evil guy, asked him to hold his move,

"Im bringing down my locksmith in half an hour time. He has experiences unlocking alot 2nd hand car which towed back by bankers cuz those funnie fellas purchased but cant afford to pay the installment."

Actually, I dont know such guy. The one Im talking about, told by Alex sama and I haven call him yet. I just wanna stop the workshop from touching my son at the first place. And definitely I wont able to reach there in half an hour time.

"Aiyo lenglui, now only you say mea? Last night I already told you that the lock most probably have to change and you said you want your car back asap, so even before I've got your lock set I have oledi dissected your car lor. Now har, I have oledi fixed part of the new lock set onto your car lor."

People, whatta you think about this line above....? Can you imagine his evil face with a big big butcher knife on his blardy hand?

"Walao eh it was just less than 10min ago you called me for the pricing and even before I agree with the installation then you telling me that you HAVE ALREADY FIXED?"

"Aiyo lenglui its on your request ma, you said you want your car to be fixed asap &%$%#@..... (cut off another 3min of repeated craps) So THE LOCK SET IS UNSEALED n ITS NON REFUNDABLE."

Ofcourse I have to cut off our arguement of atleast 10min... Result was, I lose.

I really dont understand why can I lose. I think I hardly stand people talking craps which I cant understand, and it was repeated and repeated and repeated and then, repeated.

I felt so being bulied. I felt so unacceptable, uforgivable, unconvinced.... Its just totally wrong wrong wrong!! But I cant able to fight back. Cuz he keep saying that once seal is opened its not returnable and not refundable. And I was agrued until I speechless, I just cant let him hold his act. And he dont even bother to do so.

"Dont talk crap to me, go ask your staff to hold their move, NOW!!" I said.

"Aiyo lenglui cannot oledi la its oledi fixed......"

"What?!! It was just 5min time!! Your staffs superman arh?!"


Soooo I decided to go spot check my car. And I saw it dissected there. They said the lock already fixed, now doing setting x%$#&*$ (another 5min technical craps). So it takes another 5hours time.

"What?! you people install the lock takes 5mins time and the configuration takes 5hours?!"

"Ahh lenglui its like that one, we cant help. This are all computerized. x%$#@# (technical craps again. It was so like flies flying around my ears.....)"

" Walaneh your computer so canggih hurh 5hours I can actually reformat my pc with all Microsoft application installed...."


8pm+ I reached back to the workshop....

"Aiyo lenglui ng tim orh YOUR CAR IS REALLY DIFFERENT the alarm we fixed in cannot be configured so you gotto take a better set which cost RM4xx...."

"What?! RM4xx you know how good the alarm can be arh? Many years ago RM4xx already can buy a very canggih 2-way alarm for Toyota already!"

"Aiyo lenglui its like this geh... $%#&%$#x@^ (Its okie.. I hate technical craps. They somemore one by one explained to me tried to make me understand...). So MUST GET A MORE EXPENSIVE ONE...."

I was totally fxcked up. And I've done something which I think very very little victory of mine thruout the whole incident.

"Now, take out all your alarm stuff, I'll get a set on my own."

"Aiyo nvm la I offer to you la I got another set slightly cheaper, RM3xx only."

"Take out I dont want. And I wont pay any single cent on your alarm related charge. Its too obvious you guys are conman!"

They darkened their face and did that for me. Thats why I steal steal happy for awhile.

But still, I lose. Aftr the stupid lock fixed and i still have to go out and look for a set of new alarm myself, I have faught to them for close to one hour, like an auntie so unwilling to pay. Nego nego and nego, and nego.

They charge me these below:-
Outside Service RM80 - I die die dont pay, told them RM80 for an half an hour service just to unlock my car and disable my alarm. This is about a legal consultation fees. "You guys are min degree grad lawyers?" I said.

Alarm RM2xx- They charged labour and the product. They fxcked up my car and asked for labour fees cuz they dissected my car sanfu-ly. Ofcuz no way!

Key Lock RM680 - This one I totally lose. They don even wanna discount any single cent for meee...

Towing Fees RM160 - It was initially dono how much more, I screwed them and said this charge can tow my car from genting to KL. Then they face black black and changed it....

Immobilizer Setting RM80 - Seriously I think this one they purposely wanna slaughter me. But I really no idea whats this all about. I have nopoint to argue with them. Totally lose....

My total bill was RM900 plus one alignment tuning for free. After long long nego and arguement. I was sooo scared though I was talking loud. Thank god WJ called me at the right time and it was really really calm me down. But also after talking to him, I just losing fighting spirit and just donwanna argue with them anymore... Pros and cons of his call ><>, its not only the matter of money if they slaughter them seeing them knowing nothing about cars, also for their safety. Coz I finally noticed that these blue colar fellas are really unhuman.

And for this evil-ish guy, I wont curse him. God will judge on his sins.


by Rihanna

I'm not the type to get my heart broken,
I'm not the type to get upset and cry,
'Cause I never leave my heart open,
Never hurts me to say goodbye,
Relationships don't get deep to me,
Never got the whole in love thing,
And someone can say they love me truely,
But at the time it didn't mean a thing.

My mind is gone,
I'm spinnin' round,
And deep inside,
My tears I'll drown,
I'm losin' grip,
What's happenin'?
I stray from love,
This is how I feel.

This time was different,
Felt like I was just a victim,
And it cut me like a knife,
When you walked out of my life,
Now I'm in this condition,
And I've got all the symptoms,
Of a girl with a broken heart,
But no matter what you'll never see me cry.

Did it happen when we first kissed?
'Cause it's hurtin' me to let it go,
Maybe 'cause we spent so much time,
And I know that it's no more,
I shoulda never let you hold me baby,
Maybe why I'm sad to see us apart,
I didn't give to you on purpose,
Gotta figure out how you stole my heart.

My mind is gone,
I'm spinnin' round,
And deep inside,
My tears I'll drown,
I'm losin' grip,
What's happenin'?
I stray from love,
This is how I feel.

This time was different,
Felt like I was just a victim,
And it cut me like a knife,
When you walked out of my life,
Now I'm in this condition,
And I've got all the symptoms,
Of a girl with a broken heart,
But no matter what you'll never see me cry.

How did I get here with you I'll never know,
I never meant to let it get so personal,
And After all I tried to do,
Stay away from lovin' you,
I'm broken hearted,
I can't let you know,
And I won't let it show,
You won't see me cry.

This time was different,
Felt like I was just a victim,
And it cut me like a knife,
When you walked out of my life,
Now I'm in this condition,
And I've got all the symptoms,
Of a girl with a broken heart,
But no matter what you'll never see me cry.

This time was different,
Felt like I was just a victim,
And it cut me like a knife,
When you walked out of my life,
Now I'm in this condition,
And I've got all the symptoms,
Of a girl with a broken heart,
But no matter what you'll never see me cry.

All my life!
I just noticed that, ever since having you in my life, I have been never published any sad posting. You did really made me so like a hime....

Its okie......

I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright
I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright
I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright
I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright
I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright
I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright I'll be alright

I just cant stop it drowning my eyes.
I just not used to it while the changes came too fast.
I just thinking too much when I have nothing to do.
I just bored.
I just need abit of sleeping.
I just ............

I just will be alright aftr a short while :)

Bye Sweet Dream

I have decided to wake up.
You are free now :)

Shop for Nails


I woke up quite earlie today cuz the weather is tooooo hot while my Subang room doesnt have aircond.. Hmmmpppp I wanna get an aircond asap. I wan I wan...

I tried to work but hardly focus. So I decided to go out for free aircond. So I went to 1u....

Feeling sienz. Called WJ but he didnt pick up my calls. *sigh* Called RT, he sounds terribly sick... *sigh* So I sendiri walked in 1u, lepak-ing doing nothing. Just dont feelike doing anything.... Even though I have things to do...

I wanted to get myself an OPI topcoat to sayang my dear manicure. Sadly I walked the entire 1u but couldnt get OPI. Not even Sasa... But they do have this brand named Sally Hansen. Okie lor since its pretty reputable I just buy lo.

Tragedy happened, I over spent again... I bought one Instant Dry topcoat RM44.90. Also bought one Vitamin E cuticle moisurizer RM39.90. And then.. I also bought this Canmake Super Glitter Liner RM34.90 by impulse.

Evils which made me spent...

Im pretty happie with my victories today :) The topcoat does dried instantly and shines, most importantly it doesnt bring down my nail colors. Never put on cheap cheap topcoat on your precious manicure cuz it could darken your pretty paintings and stoness, ended up with well maintained stones and paint but colors all off and dull, no point right...?

The cuticle moisturizer.. Its not as good as OPI ones la. But with 50% of OPI's price, considered not bad. OPI's does have really really quick, instant result. Sally Hansen's moisurized my dried, brittled cuticle but just not as PERFECT as OPI can do.

And the super glitter eyeliner, its really glittering. Im gonna try it for tonight's outing *hehe*

Miaoz ber-day dream

Finally you are back to my life~ But its such a mess that you'd brought to mee. Yeah you are right I've finally won once.. Is that really important of win or lose or draw?

Ermmm... You didnt step further. So whats your next plan?

Just to show off my latest manicure which costs me RM35 for manicure and RM30 for painting.

OPI is really different. Its still shines even though after few days.. And I do like this painting very very muchieeeeee....

Hmmmppppp.... Im so inlove with manicure and I cant get rid of it.....


aileng the black elf

Yesterday went for Sony PSP Cosplay fitting. Im assigned as Black Elf. WHy Black geh...? They have various PSP game characters like below:-

1. Metal Gear Solid (girl wears it! so masculin de neh!)
2. They have Race Queen for Juiced 2 also. The girl damn pretty, Sweet chiq with hot body (yummylicious sexy costume)
3. Yutaka~ (OMG I want to wear that soooo muchieeeee. But I know I know Im too short for it. Im gonna look like a walking hanger with a bulky yutaka if I were to wear it...)
4. School Girl (Japanese School Girl de neh)
5. Black Elf (Its me its me. Why they put me as black elf leh? I look elf-ish?)
6. Tekken 4 (walao eh the costume so nice but I didnt see it in real one....)
7. French Maid (Lolita orh~~)

For guys pulak... We have...
1. Chinese costume (General worrr, sure the fella die with the bulky n super hot costume)
2. Final Fantasy (Jo-ey does really looks like the character de nehhhhhhh)
4. Dragon Ball (I think this is pretty hard to cosplay with... The hairdo is gonna be a big challenge)
5. Star Wars (Luke, wa si lim lao peh.....)
6. Errrrr... Im not reali interest with guysss'. So i have forgotten what they have *heheheeee*

The costume shop, Costume World doesnt reali providing very very nice costume for cosplay. But they do have wide range of international costume laa...

Compared alot others, mine considered quite satisfied... Its a black and whte dress, with my weapon (its a black wand with some glitters at the point there!!), a black scarf round my neck, and arm guards, and ofcuz a pair of black boots.

But hor but hor, they initially planned to put on a white hair wig on meee... Which the wig sibeh ugly..... I reali donmind put on wig laa, but seriousli this is one of the worst wig I ever put on...

OMG WTF......

The final outcome! Alot better with my original hair right...? Heheee I know I know Black elfs always in white hair.. But nvm laa.....


Story of a stupid miaoz

I am stupid miao who mistaken the fitting time of PSP Cosplay fitting schedule...

Aline sms-ed me ytday when I was busy emcee-ing for the Mine Chinese Acrobatic Performance ma. I just quickily gone thru the sms then have to get back to work. So I actuali overlooked 1pm to 12pm... Damn stupid.

Therefore, I am wuliao-ing here waiting for time to pass... Thank god theres an Old Town Kopitiam here with wifi coverage. Lagi thank god, that my dear Oo junior is with me now...

This is my mummy. She sure angry with me posting her photo here cuz she donlike to take pic as she found herself not photogenic *hehehe* This picture taken unwillingly when she visited me during my CNY emcee job at The Mines. She is super mummy ^^*

Bangkok Trip - Day 2

Finally I ber-blog about my BKK day2~~

Sukhrumvit Road, place where we stay and take train to destinations. And... Thai people really have bazaar everwhere.....

Nana station-our nearest BTS station~

Skywalk, one of the best invention of Thai people, which shelther us from hot sun and busy traffic from one shopping center to another. Can KL has this too?


2nd day, we went to Central world bershopping :)

1st thing to do of the day.... Ber-brunch~~!!! (breakfast+lunch) So we walked in Central World blindly looking for nice food to eat..... Ermmmm no idea whats good here. Then we bumped with this...........................................

OMG WTF is a huge rabbit walking inside the mall tackling kids!!! Cuttttteeeeeeee~~~ Its a marketing tool of a restaurant... I want I want.....

But hor but hor... Inside the restaurant there were all kids inside. Soooooo.... We paiseh to ber-join those kids... Also doubted the food quality, so just take one piccie then ciaozzz...

Ended up we spotted the roasted and BBQ duck and pork @ COCA. COCA restaurant in BKK really different with the Msia version's.

COCOA biz was goooooood. We waited awhile and finally seated. And its time to have my beloved Cuppycake which I bought @ BTS Station~ Its cute from the cake itself to the super kawaii packaging~ How can I resist from it~~~~~~?

BBQ pork (Thumbs up!) Its sooo different with Char Siew I've been having all the time... Its smooth, soft and juicy.... And I must say hor, Thai are good in pork cuisines~

Tom Yam Gung (Moderate level)

Err.... Anybody can tell me whats the name of this dish? Salted prawn? Or what...? But it tastes great (Thumbs up again~)

Kailan Kailan~ (Thumbs up again.... kekekekeke)

Dang dang~ This is the bill~ Im soooo rich, can have a meal costs 724~~~ Phew weet~ Aiseh~ Its Thai Baht wei.... Convert to RM.... RM70+ only leh....


After mummum ofcourse have to ber-shopping lor~ Theres this departmental store named ZEN in Central World, and its a heaven for us~~~ They sell all the nicest things of life~~~

Home Deco.. OMG I wanna have one of this in my future home~~ ^^*

They do have girlish toyss...

They do have boyish toysss....

They do have weirdo toysssss....

And they do have ugly toys too!!!

They do have teddy bears in all sizes.

They do have bears on wall....

And they do have Oh! Bears!

Of course toys which loved by every girl......

My Melody, Hello Kitty.....

Post Pets!!!

The giant size Korea Rabbito~ I think she looks abiit similar with wantik....

The party corner~~~ \^o^/

These are not for eat!! Guess what they are.....? Ans:: TOWEL!!!


Enough crazee with ZEN. So we went to the Food Republic..? Hall of Food..? Food International...? Errrrrrrrrr anybody can remind me the name of this very food-y supermarket which sells food from different different countries.....

Beautiful chocolates which worth to die for....

The Sugar coated xmas cottage..... Xmas Trees.. Santa Claus~ *o*

I want I want chocolate with this box....... hhhmmmppp.....

And I found very very cutie strawberries here too!! Slurp!


Then its time to lepak in Central World.... Trust meee, Thai shopping centers are soooooo nicely decorated and organized....

These are not landscape, but seats for tired shoppers~ Yea you can sit on the "grass"!!

Why their Auntie Annes Cafe so nice but Msia doesnt have any??!!! Not Fair!!

Cute Cute fruit juice cafe~~

Beautiful Italian Restaurant ^^*

This is one of the super memorable food in BKK~ The Samurai Pork Burger!! I miss it soooooo muchieeeeeeee.....


It night time... We went to Phratunam but they do not really have any shopping center which nice to shop. But in front of Phratunam center, theres a street bazaar and theres a very very PRO manicurist who can beautify your nails in 30min time. And guess how much it cost.....? ANS::150Bht!!!!!!!

The making of beautiful nails!

Then..... We took cab to Suam Lum Night Bazaar and had our satisfying dinner there. And shopped till it all shops closed at 12am..... There goes our 2nd day @ Bkk........ :)



Happy Valentines Day~~

Happie Happie Valentines Day to everybody~~~

This is the first year I have forgotten about Valentines day. Its extraordinary to me, since Im such a ROMANTIC person (errrrr..) Valentines eve, as usual I work, I finished work and resume another work. Im grate that WJ pui-ed me ber-work. Atleast im not alone :)

Jalan P.Ramlee was happening @ V-day eve. Wondering these ppl noneed go for candle light or something romantic instead ber-party here? I saw huawers everwhere. I like V-day. Its romantic to be seen.... But too commercial to be celebrated :p
Then then it was so cute that WJ gave me a heart shape balloon bought at the street. He said its odd if a girl walk on the street witout anything on her hand... Heheee.. thnx a million for making me not too odd...

Then its 14th Feb, actual V-day. Also my dear bro's buffday. Happie buffday to u~~~ ^^*

Actual day is another wuliao day for me. I sent my car to service. Spent my whole noon surfing non sense at Starbucks @ Borders, The Curve while waiting for my car to be done. Then go work again at Mines... Hmmmppp I spent my entire CNY at Mines and repeating the same script everyday... Sienzzz....
These are what happened with my crappy V-day. For those who looking forward interesting stories.. Hehe it was and it is nothing~~~ Im still me and life still goes on yea.......

Poor me and Steven self layaning during Mines CNY Show.


Its aileng's Birthday~~

Ma birthday eve's chocolate cake. Ah Lok bought it at Sunway. I like i like~ The chocolate tastes soo rich :)""
The surprise planner and stoney buffday girl ^^*
Dono who suggested this wuliao strawberry eating game....
Let it snow let it snow let it snow~~~ (I wish. Mist fan only lah) Check out the balloon! They really decorated entire Roof Garden with balloons all around~~~
Carbonara beef bacon and mushroom @ Nero Vivo. Wonwon ffk for the dinner session (Hmp!) Carbonara at Little Italy Kitchen is still the best in town~~
Cod fish bla bla bla.... This is superb~ Must try must try~
Dessert time~ Warm Choc with White Choc Sauce. Yummy yummy. Must try must try~~
Total bill for this dinner for 3pax:: RM140 ^^*
Birthday cake No.2 @ Alexis Ampang. Poor little RT cake which merely abandoned at Nero Vivo.
Finally Mickey Mouses bergathered neeee~ I know this pic sooo blur. But its precious neee~~
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