Happy Valentines Day~~

Happie Happie Valentines Day to everybody~~~

This is the first year I have forgotten about Valentines day. Its extraordinary to me, since Im such a ROMANTIC person (errrrr..) Valentines eve, as usual I work, I finished work and resume another work. Im grate that WJ pui-ed me ber-work. Atleast im not alone :)

Jalan P.Ramlee was happening @ V-day eve. Wondering these ppl noneed go for candle light or something romantic instead ber-party here? I saw huawers everwhere. I like V-day. Its romantic to be seen.... But too commercial to be celebrated :p
Then then it was so cute that WJ gave me a heart shape balloon bought at the street. He said its odd if a girl walk on the street witout anything on her hand... Heheee.. thnx a million for making me not too odd...

Then its 14th Feb, actual V-day. Also my dear bro's buffday. Happie buffday to u~~~ ^^*

Actual day is another wuliao day for me. I sent my car to service. Spent my whole noon surfing non sense at Starbucks @ Borders, The Curve while waiting for my car to be done. Then go work again at Mines... Hmmmppp I spent my entire CNY at Mines and repeating the same script everyday... Sienzzz....
These are what happened with my crappy V-day. For those who looking forward interesting stories.. Hehe it was and it is nothing~~~ Im still me and life still goes on yea.......

Poor me and Steven self layaning during Mines CNY Show.


韋恩 said...

I spent that night doing sticker installation for Mines ><

aileng miao said...

u were at mines????!!
come come visit me at the Musical Fountain Theater~~~~ wher u wher u? or i go visit u oso can~~ lailai~~

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