Hot Chocolate

Best of Starbucks, completely comforting.

Starbuck It's been so long, I have so totally forgotten how a cheese cake tastes like. This slice has gave me a high on sugar.

I am gonna need a new book after tonight, and I guessed it's going to be the Time Traveller's Wife. (I am now in deepest regret that I've wikipedia this book and read the end of the story from the synopsis. FML)


It's hard being left behind, it's hard to be the one who stays. It's hard to stop thinking excessively about one who's left.

I'm obsessed with this trailer, my hopeless romanticsm...

















看来做鬼也不太差啦 ^^*


Is the month of Chinese Ghost Festival, my first ever learning experience of the it's rituals and traditions. Shockingly I've noticed that I don't really understand about Chinese cultures as well as I thought, shame of being a pure Chinese Buddhist for the past 25 years.


By the way...

Here's a video of 麦兜 . McDull .

And who the hell is this piggy? Wikipedia HERE.


The Beep Beep Song

by Simone White

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
Go the horns in the cars in the street
We walked away from the lover's leap

Opposite directions
Synchronised feet

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
For the time it takes a heart to mend a break
How many moons are reflected in the lake
Can you wait forever if time is all it takes

Despite all the warnings
I landed like
A fallen star
In your arms

Beat beat beat beat beat beat beat
Goes my heart on the side of my sleeve
Whispering something I can hardly believe
Let me take the lead
Cos love is all we need


♥ I've tremendously fell for this uber cute song, a collaboration with Audi R8 Commercial (Click HERE to watch the clip).


Curling in bed, allowing Simone White's subtle tiny voice enveloped the atmosphere and blanket myself.

The weather was freezing, out there.


Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

She was still whispering, I melt into the fluffy sweet dream.


Well, it's Monday.




Savoury happy food found in Pastis Cafe, The Gardens. (Right outside the ground floor entrance of Isetan The Gardens)


Afternoon English High Tea for two, RM4x, serving 3pm-5pm (if not mistaken).



You know, the gloomy doomy will never be over.

Till the day you manage to take me, lead me on how to get rid of the expectations.

Till the day you manage to take me, wake me up from the Cinderella dreams I'd raised with.

Till the day I live no me, I will breath under your nose. So you can take me, just take me, and I will live no me.


You know, the gloomy doomy will never be over.

Till I let alone my ideals, and leave a room for ignorance and compromise.

Till I let go those dreams which fed my soul and raised my spirits.

Till I close my eyes, I will see space within. So you may shed my skin and let the sun shine in.


Then, We can start all over again.




Natural Borned Actress

I think I do have the talent to be an actress you know, especially fit with those very very very very really kesian maximus role.


By reading some really really emo writings, by listening a really really sentimental song, by watching a really really grey tone-ish lonesome-full MV.


Tears, can just welled up like that, and then spill out. Simple as that.



Kent Miniaturization

A year ago, about this time, it was almost the end of my events and promos life.

Time flies, it's been a year.


A year ago, just about this time, I started working for Kent, that cigarette. A year ago, just about this time, I was working for first Kent Reinvented event.

A year later, about this time, which was last Saturday, 15th August. I've attended another Kent Reinvented event @ Orange Club, being a guest now.


6574_118034549701_729339701_2439441_3425850_n copyParty logo of Kent, leading us the way into the almost forbidden Orange club.


So a Kent event is always as big as ever, as happening as ever.

LightingI can't recall who was spinning up the night (such a shame, I know).

I love the way they play with the lighting dressing up the whitey blank cubey DJ console by reflecting multiple images and colours. Nice one.

And I like the projector screens, it looks like a spider web to me.


Party started.

Couple 1Theme of the night - Red n' Black n' Kent n' Nanotek.

When everyone dressed up under the same colour code, the pictures turned out quite nicey :)

Bro 1The BROmance ♥

M&MMel & miaoz ♥

The groupie. The guys are so red, the girls are so black weh...

Special thanks to Leona for the invites :)


Group 3

When nothing make sense...

Group 5And gone...

And call it a night, a weekend night ♥


p.s: Full album, click HERE.



Sometimes we get so used to not really feeling anything, just going with the flow, that we forget how it feels to be really happy or really sad.

So, heartbreak might be a really good start, though.


*** *** ***

Quickie Update

BAT Gaya♥ Was there - Gypsy Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang for BAT Gaya Party. So happened we were all in a bit the vintage dresses ♥


August Summer

It's time that spring gives away to summer!

It's time that heavy fabrics give away wardrobe space to summer clothings!

It's pointless for us Malaysian shopaholics to yell for summer apparels I know. However, don't miss the hottest season for shopping!



♥ Light caramel linen long sleeve top, RM10x - Hera Korea Boutique, Kota Damansara.

♥ Faux skin gladiator sandals, about RM70 - Nice Fit Boutique, Kota Damansara.

Diamante hair band, RM33 - Diva, One Utama.


Floral Dress Vintage♥ Vintage floral dress, around RM40 - random stall.

Hair Pink

Pink Wraparound, RM39 - Diva, One Utama.

Heineken Commercial Marathon

I'm having my movie marathon this two weeks to catch up all the summer shows from Transformers (yea I know I'm late), Ice Age (hmm the baby mammoth is cute!), Pelham 123 (hmm it just not live up to my expectation), G.I Joe (Gosh you gotta watch it, it's awesome even for someone like me, not quite a fan for superhero movies), Ghost of Girlfriends Past (nothing really impressed me).

Had watch this commercial couple of times - The Heineken Walk In Fridge commercial, I'm sure everyone have had a good laugh to it in cinema, right?


And then I found another follow up commercial which does not show in the cinema. Thanks to youtube.

If that's the way Heineken serves the world, it's cute lor :)


If you feeling like you are so wanted to have your own walk in fridge too, youtube teaches you how to create one too!

Genius, aren't they?

p.s: A spoof Heineken commercial I assumed.


This ad campaign reminds me my favourite commercial series during my college time, which also made by Heineken.

It was totally inspiring to a advertising school freshman - advertisements can actually be such out of box.

Here comes the second part of the commercial.


And this was how it ends. Chaoz.


Creamy Ice Cream

Hey there, does this look familiar to you....?

Something in the anime?

Something in the comic?

Or maybe something on the street?


Or does it remind you about you know, the little ride you put coins in, and then it starts playing some nursery rhymes and moving on the same spot? That one that a lot of kids would have pulling mummy's shirt and cried "I want I want" with the other hand pointing at it.


An ice cream truck that provides ice cream that made fresh for you. Yummy!


When it stares at you, you know what to do... Go get some ice cream and chill lah


So can you tell where you've seen this truck?


Five Little Panda Puppies

DSC01771 - Copy"Hello World!"


白龙王 has been being very very very protective over her dearly puppies throughout the day. She even bitten my hand (omgwtf) while I was attempting to pet her.

The daddy doggie been patrolling in front of my house defending his kids.

How lovely ♥


Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

I've never been a fan of Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore.

Not until I've seen these video clips.


Superflat First Love


The first collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami dates back to the season of spring-summer 2003, when Marc Jacobs invited him to participate in Louis Vuitton's new collection after being captivated by the artist's explosive works.

Since then, Murakami has reinterpreted the Monogram canvas in a unique and avant-garde manner. The classic motive became multicolor and was developed in three versions: in thirty-three colors on a black or white background for a relooked classic; Monogram canvas decorated with a floral design for the "Monogram Cherry Blossom"; or in a ninety-three colors with a new motif, the eye, for the "Eye Love Monogram". The unique Pop Art design that Murakami added to the Monogram became a success worldwide.

Six years after his first collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Takashi Murakami has created a new film animation, SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE, celebrating the new small leather goods in Monogram Multicolore which is the sequel to the SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM created in 2003

(source from official Louis Vuitton website)


imageimage image image imageimage image

(Source from Bag Craze)


Superflat Monogram


Multicolore Spring Pallate Trailer




Ignorance on surface, selfish in beneath

She yelled, it was soundless.

She extended her hands tried to reach him, yes he is there, still there. She felt his skin, his warmth, his tenderness, she saw him in colours.

So she shouted for his name. It was still no sound. Till she felt the sore in her throat getting numb and then got numb, eventually.


He smiled. She was utterly flattered. Butterflies in stomach, flipping fluttering.

She extended her hands to reach him, yes he is there, still there. She looked deep into these eyes which drew images of his mind, attempted to seek for those images that she missed the most. But not a trace of it was seen. Not a trace of it. She only saw images of him and himself.

And he smiled back, not saying a word.


She panicked. She whipped her mind out. She puts her minds into a box and placed it into his palm, solicitously. Thump thump thump thump. She looked deep into his eyes, hope against hope.

And he smiled back, not saying a word.


She torn her throat and yelled and cursed and she punched on him, in a mad whirl of hysteric. One minute it's love and suddenly it's like battlefield. A battlefield among her bare self and his armored self.

And he was still smiling back, not saying a word.


And she saw black and white swallowed up his vividness. He was fading, or blending into the background. Eventually unseen.



By speech it may be cruel, it may be even more frightening by ignorance in action.

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