Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami

I've never been a fan of Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore.

Not until I've seen these video clips.


Superflat First Love


The first collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami dates back to the season of spring-summer 2003, when Marc Jacobs invited him to participate in Louis Vuitton's new collection after being captivated by the artist's explosive works.

Since then, Murakami has reinterpreted the Monogram canvas in a unique and avant-garde manner. The classic motive became multicolor and was developed in three versions: in thirty-three colors on a black or white background for a relooked classic; Monogram canvas decorated with a floral design for the "Monogram Cherry Blossom"; or in a ninety-three colors with a new motif, the eye, for the "Eye Love Monogram". The unique Pop Art design that Murakami added to the Monogram became a success worldwide.

Six years after his first collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Takashi Murakami has created a new film animation, SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE, celebrating the new small leather goods in Monogram Multicolore which is the sequel to the SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM created in 2003

(source from official Louis Vuitton website)


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(Source from Bag Craze)


Superflat Monogram


Multicolore Spring Pallate Trailer




yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing Aileng! Really cute:)
Last week, I bought Style magazine because I like the coverage of this story too:)

aileng miao said...

oh reali? the style magazine of aug issue? omg i gotta get one for myself too!!

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