Beard Papa


Fondant Au Chocolate.


The decadent treat with oozing rich and not too creamy chocolate cream in the centre


Our normal weekday night, our usual after dinner dessert session ♫



How not to gain weight liddat T________T


Pork Burgers Sold Here


Yes, really.


One fine evening was hunting for food in Tropicana Citymall, stumbled upon this shop specialised in making selling pork burgers.

Yes, really.

Pork Burgers and nothing else.

It’s name Ninja Joe, Lower Ground Floor of Tropicana Citymall.




Teriyaki . Black Pepper . Original.

Pork Burgers.



My little Teriyaki Pork Burger.


Pizza Hut

Don’t know why, been craving for cheese since morning.

First attempt trying Pizza Hut Cheezy Lava Pizza. Good stuff. Even better with more more more more more cheese powder.


Therefore we finished a bottle of cheese powder.



The fat couple of the world.


Smokehouse, Bangsar Telawi

I always have something with English interior, whatever old, authentic English interior - English cottage, Victorian style, English antiques, country flower etc etc. Even by telling my friend I intend to turn my new room into an English cottage wrapped in country flower wallpaper has give them a good laugh teasing my very auntie-ish taste, yet I am head over toe in love with it.


07.04.10 Wednesday

Cindy called for a dinner at “the restaurant next to Madam Kwan Bangsar”.

And so we went searched blindly for this particular restaurant.

And so I fell in love at the first sight with this tiny little shop humbly squeezed in the middle of Madam Kwan and Chawan. Not quite in the same league as the surrounding restaurants.


And I forgot to take picture of the interior fml.


It has the welcoming fireplace, the very nostalgic antiques (that kind of colonial time mirrors, vinyl records player, antique desk phone etc), the fancy candle stands, the tranquilizing soft touch of watercolour paintings, clean white wall and yea, flowers everywhere… … … And it sells beer. To my surprise, their Carlsberg is nice (not sure if I was thirsty?), so chilled, adequately priced at RM27 per 2 pints.


Good kick start of the dinner with Ceaser Salad with Roasted Chicken and Egg + Beef Bacon, RM12.


p.s : In the menu it says you may opt for the roasted chicken and egg OR beef bacon, but I am not too sure why I managed to order it to have it both, without extra charge some more. Lucky day for me :)


Look at this pie.


Meet Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Lame name but impressive.

My favourite dish of the night <3 <3

<3 the pastry, very very very very crispy.

<3 the soup, very very very very creamy.

<3 <3 <3 the combination, best of both world.

The side dishes for the pie. The mashed potato made a great companionship.

Can’t remember how much, about RM30+ kua.


This pie was Cindy’s choice, therefore she deserves a solo appearance here.



Grilled Cod, RM30+.

Crispy from the outside, smooth and juicy from the inside


Lamb Shank, RM30+.

Love me tender love me sweet ♫


According to the floor server in Smokehouse, the Lamb Shank is one of their recommended dish, especially for meat lovers.


Bread and Butter Pudding. Something averagely nice.



Love isn't one big thing, it's a million little things ♥

For those who’d got me wrong in Facebook, this is what I meant in love.


More details about Smokehouse @ Bangsar Telawi, source from thestar online.


Home visit day



\(╯-╰)/    .vs.    v(^o^)v






(ˋ︿ˊ)     .vs.     (+______+)






This is a morning to remember.

I woke up in a strange warm bed alone, with no one to embrace with. So I made a few rolling and got up, wrapped myself with the oversized white shirt and tiptoed down the stairs.

I smelled something frying.

Next was, my puppy cooking, looking bewildered and lost when he sees me.

That was a face to remember.



I was craving for an English breakfast last Sunday morning.



Cooking lesson for dummies.

Chapter I . How To Break An Egg

Knock the egg against the edge of frying pan, slowing bring the egg to the desired position on the pan, gently apply pressure towards the egg through fingers. And then it cracks and the egg white shall flow smoothly down to the pan, egg yolk shall remain in perfect shape.



A breakfast to remember.

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