Family Night @ Elcerdo

Just noticed that I'd accidentally deleted some precious pictures during the data transfer process from my company laptop to my personal ones. FML. Heartache maximus.

*** *** ***

23.05.09. Saturday Night.

So much heard about Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang and I was there~ For the family dinner cum daddy mummy's day celebration.

It's almost cracked my head to figure out which restaurant which has great cosy ambience for a casual family dinner in order to meet my daddy's very chinaman-ish taste bud and mummy's preference of unique ambience and eating culture. Porky meal shall not go wrong with Chinaman taste bud I guess, and I think mummy will fond of the warm homely setting of elcerdo :)

Therefore I finally found this place and have made three week advanced appointment to pull my parents out. What kind of parents is this?


I love the complimentary Mushroom Soup, and the bread which I didn't get to snap a pic of it.



Ceasar Salad my all time favourite . The Mix Sausages wrapped in Smoked Ham is so yummieeeeeeeeeeeeee . The bottom picture of White Asparagus and Sirloin Steak is my favourite of the night .


I guess I have never like a Spanish or Mexican Rice Dishes. I should have order a paella in stead.


Throughout the entire dining session, we'd never stop hearing sounds of plates smashing into pieces. Yea I'm sure those who'd been there or heard of Elcerdo will never miss out this part...


Daddy chopped the Suckling Pig (which is the signature of Elcerdo) with a plate. Yes just a plate, to show how tender the piggy is.

Following by the practice of authentic Spanish culture, daddy has to smash the chopping plate. As the plate smashed into pieces, it brings away all the bad lucks and welcome the good and merry.

It was kinda cute to watch daddy following guidance of the server. In the family, he doesn't talk very often, always seems to be adept to everything, and always confident. That was the moment which turned him as an obedient learner. muahahahaha :D


Poor piglet. Your death has brought us laughter and happiness. Amen.


I heart the moment when we cheered with the very huge full pint of Hoegaarden each, except the only half pint of alcoholess sis. That was cute.


Yummieee after drink - some kind of Vodka thing.


We spent RM6xx, and we bought a family night :)


It's time for toyssssss


Transformers are coming back soon. This year, The Transformers play music too....


View to believe, Optimus Prime plays music in different genre. No kidding.


















That's the way it is - The Transformers Music Label.


ML Packed ML Truck Head

The very classic look of Optimus Prime.


ML FUll 2 ML FUll

Nah, no joke right? Damn rocker truck lor.


Yea, Transformers x ipod and that's the dock. Baby got it for his iphone but it isn't compatible.

I was impressed when he told me that he actually modified the wiring etc etc to be able to work with the iphone. That's the Transformers' fan spirit.


And that's not the end of the story.


After the cooperation with Apple, Transformers worked with Disney too.


The Transformers Disney Label -.-"


But it's seriously damn cute lor.


Check out the small Mickey on top, damn x sibeh cute okieee....


TF Truck

And then transformed, the small Mickey is now driving the truck omg.


TF Truck Back

Can't remember who told me this - they should have Bumblebee x Donald Duck. Yea I agree.


Full album, view it HERE :)


Puma x Ferrari Skin Ur Racer @ Laundry

I can’t sleep, might as well blog.

Scanning through my photos taken recently for some interesting ones, maybe I shall upload some pictures about the Puma Skin Ur Racer Contest held at Laundry, The Curve – 13th May 09, Wednesday.



This is Kimchi, Gerald’s ride.

Kimchi oh Kimchi, you are always the best to us ♥


DSC00347 DSC00349

Other skinned racers.

The left GTR, freaking damn x sibeh looks like a Puma Shoe, I wonder how the fella drove the car there? If looking as similar as a shoe is the main criteria of crowning, it deserves the first place.

The right RX8, it’s so significant as a Puma colour. I kinda like it :)



This Jazz got a second placing. I was surprised.

Judges are nice people, they understood how difficult the participant has to cut the carpet slice by slice and shape it then stick it nicely according to the prints yo.



The first placing RX8. I didn’t manage to capture the details on the car body. But I’m swear it’s a lot nicer in real life.

The female driver get to fly to Italy and visit to Ferrari factory lor you jealous or not?


I hope I am not disappointing you for only having so few pictures. Wanna find out more, Google is your best friend okie?



Part of the skin of the GTR. Cute de neh ♥


Self Fix

The weather is so freaking crazy. I need an escape.

Have booked a weekend shopping trip to Bangkok middle of July. No nonsense, pure shopping shopping and shopping. Oh some drinking of course.

Probably the only thing I can look forward at this moment.


Events 039


Not sure if it’s the weather or Sunday blue does exist. 

My alter self blaming me for the slumber. Where is your morale? What’s your fear? What’s next? Where are you where are you? I wish time could rewind back to not long ago, just few days back. When I can still wakeup in the morning, produce some voice pollution and then kiss you goodbye to work. At least it’s not as much of emptiness. At least.

Please, the kind hand please. Please flip the life book to another chapter, please. Please take the rusty shame away and replace it with a brand new, shiny set of confidence, please.

*** *** ***

Saturday, the girls went to Alexis, the Gardens.


Place is good, staffs are sucks.



The sweet crunchy toppings which I can’t name it. Reminds me about hamsters’ food. As cereal grain as it is.



Then I went shisha. Yes I swear, and I smoke and I have tattoo and I have more more more bad habits then what? So do you judge a person whether angel or demon with these shallow criteria?


Meme-ed Again

I’ve got tagged! Again!

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.


1. Wtf SIXTEEN random things??? I don’t know what to write…

2. Two nights ago, Gerald informed Lwin and I that we’ve been tagged. We were trying a new Shisha named Purple Haze at Al Safa Bandar Utama and it turns out weirdo taste.

3. Totally out of expectations, my last meme has brought some dramas, oh I mean A LOT of dramas.

4. Suddenly I feel like coffee, but my office pantry ran out of sugar.

5. I’ve been craving for Subway every single day when I passed by the Subway downstairs of my office. The bread smells great.

6. I very committed to my blog hor? But I’m not earning any single penny from here. So why do I still blogging?

7. I am probably an alcoholic.

8. But I can’t really drink.

9. I am attending an interview later *SHhhhhhhhhhhhh*

10. I’ve been having car accident average/minimum once a month since two years ago.

11. For some reasons, I can attract accidents.

12. So lazy to work today, yesterday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow…

13. I am super forgetful. To the extent that I can’t really remember how I grew up. Sometimes I fight with the boy friend, and suddenly forgotten how the fight started.

14. Freaking sleepy.

15. I am shifting back with my family next year, to a huge house, having my own room. But it’s in Kepong.

16. I just wanna have enough money to afford the life that I’m happy with, have a good family, hearty friends, and have been to Santorini before I die.

Yeah yeah done~~~~~


Next…. I want to tag….

PENNY! Because she just had her hair cut.

VERON lor, same gang mah.

Then of course EMILY too.

WON WON lor, because she just back from her honeymoon.

YATZ also. Because lotsa people read his blog.


Monday Blue

Weekend was good.

I spent my Saturday afternoon tai-tai-ing with wantik at  Frontera Bar & Grill, Jaya One.

Have been hearing good comments about how cheap and nice about this another choice of Authentic Mexican Restaurant than Chilli’s. Turned up quite the disappointed.



Left – Nachos is a must must and must for Mexican meal of course.

Right – Cheese and something bean and fluffy flavoured rice.



Glad that the signature Horny Margarita is quite good.

Total damage of RM90+ for two person.

*** *** ***

Saturday night was sweet and merry.

I spent my dinner-less dinner time at TTDI Plaza, working T______T

And then catched up with Steve & Rachel’s Tie-the-knot dinner at Mum’s Place Damansara Perdana.

Yes it’s Mum’s Place. I was quite the surprised for the venue too, and was totally cannot imagine how Mum’s Place gonna have wedding dinner?

And it was great. I’d never known that Mum’s Place actually has an upstairs. They booked the entire upstairs, every guest got a tulip upon registration, great food, live band, table bouquet, wines, wedding cake with the icing couple figures. Everything just nice and homely, simple but lovely.



The ducky ducklings were given out to all mums, in conjunction of Mother’s Day.


DSC00232  DSC00235

There are a number of funny cute quotes in the ground floor toilet. Click HERE for more.

*** *** ***

It’s Saturday night, a booze session is a must right?

DSC00306 DSC00308

Kakiis in the house. Oh that’s Eckywoobee TTDI Plaza, one of the cheapest place for beer in town. RM7nett/bottle. You can drink all you want without burning hole in your pocket here.


DSC00248 DSC00271



DSC00253 DSC00268



DSC00291 DSC00300 DSC00255



For Full Photo Album, click HERE to view it on my FaceBook album lah :)





After all, I still can’t stop admiring my new camera. Nice right my album pictures?

I love it I love it I love it I love it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

♥ I heart my camera ♥



Thanks my beloved for giving me the bestest pressie of the year.

Thanks for observing my needs and fulfilled it for me without much thoughts.

♥ p.s. I love you ♥

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