Puma x Ferrari Skin Ur Racer @ Laundry

I can’t sleep, might as well blog.

Scanning through my photos taken recently for some interesting ones, maybe I shall upload some pictures about the Puma Skin Ur Racer Contest held at Laundry, The Curve – 13th May 09, Wednesday.



This is Kimchi, Gerald’s ride.

Kimchi oh Kimchi, you are always the best to us ♥


DSC00347 DSC00349

Other skinned racers.

The left GTR, freaking damn x sibeh looks like a Puma Shoe, I wonder how the fella drove the car there? If looking as similar as a shoe is the main criteria of crowning, it deserves the first place.

The right RX8, it’s so significant as a Puma colour. I kinda like it :)



This Jazz got a second placing. I was surprised.

Judges are nice people, they understood how difficult the participant has to cut the carpet slice by slice and shape it then stick it nicely according to the prints yo.



The first placing RX8. I didn’t manage to capture the details on the car body. But I’m swear it’s a lot nicer in real life.

The female driver get to fly to Italy and visit to Ferrari factory lor you jealous or not?


I hope I am not disappointing you for only having so few pictures. Wanna find out more, Google is your best friend okie?



Part of the skin of the GTR. Cute de neh ♥


EVo said...

Heyyy miao miao!fuih. cool event..the sports shoe car really something different..and i wonder the same, how d hell he drove there or anywhere? :D

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