Monday Blue

Weekend was good.

I spent my Saturday afternoon tai-tai-ing with wantik at  Frontera Bar & Grill, Jaya One.

Have been hearing good comments about how cheap and nice about this another choice of Authentic Mexican Restaurant than Chilli’s. Turned up quite the disappointed.



Left – Nachos is a must must and must for Mexican meal of course.

Right – Cheese and something bean and fluffy flavoured rice.



Glad that the signature Horny Margarita is quite good.

Total damage of RM90+ for two person.

*** *** ***

Saturday night was sweet and merry.

I spent my dinner-less dinner time at TTDI Plaza, working T______T

And then catched up with Steve & Rachel’s Tie-the-knot dinner at Mum’s Place Damansara Perdana.

Yes it’s Mum’s Place. I was quite the surprised for the venue too, and was totally cannot imagine how Mum’s Place gonna have wedding dinner?

And it was great. I’d never known that Mum’s Place actually has an upstairs. They booked the entire upstairs, every guest got a tulip upon registration, great food, live band, table bouquet, wines, wedding cake with the icing couple figures. Everything just nice and homely, simple but lovely.



The ducky ducklings were given out to all mums, in conjunction of Mother’s Day.


DSC00232  DSC00235

There are a number of funny cute quotes in the ground floor toilet. Click HERE for more.

*** *** ***

It’s Saturday night, a booze session is a must right?

DSC00306 DSC00308

Kakiis in the house. Oh that’s Eckywoobee TTDI Plaza, one of the cheapest place for beer in town. RM7nett/bottle. You can drink all you want without burning hole in your pocket here.


DSC00248 DSC00271



DSC00253 DSC00268



DSC00291 DSC00300 DSC00255



For Full Photo Album, click HERE to view it on my FaceBook album lah :)





After all, I still can’t stop admiring my new camera. Nice right my album pictures?

I love it I love it I love it I love it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

♥ I heart my camera ♥



Thanks my beloved for giving me the bestest pressie of the year.

Thanks for observing my needs and fulfilled it for me without much thoughts.

♥ p.s. I love you ♥


alvin24 said...

yoh... not bestest present of all time meh?!?!?

amber said...

of course not all time la..
so that she can have much more to come over the years in future.. hohoho..devil me..

aileng miao said...

yealor yealor im u are gonnna gimme alot alot better things rite???


kevinpnp said...

I was surprised to know that we have mutual friends. I've been following your blog for quite a time and now only i realised that. What a small world. :D

aileng miao said...

mutual frend???? whowhowho???

alvin24 said...

Yoh... means the bestest present to date lah! LoLz...

Should be bestest nehhhh...

aileng no camera CAN DIE WAN!

I saved her life!

aileng miao said...

oh yahor... im revived!

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