In busy mode these few days.


Funny 1

Of course lah because it’s 30th April mah.

p.s: it’s Labour Day, it’s Long Weekend okieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Group Weird

It’s Mambo Jambo @ Velvet woot woot!


Lwin 1

And my baby is back, finally~ *wipe tears*


Guys 2

He was pretty much occupied most of the time, busy catching up gepoh.


Funny 2 

Winnie : your boyfriend don’t want you already.

miao : sigh…………………………………………

Gerald : *kelefeh-ing*


More captionless pictures :)


The Girls Series

Girls Mel Carmen


The Bromance Series


Lwin Eugene Gerald

This is The Bromance of Three Guys.


The Alcoholics In Action Series

Alco 1 Alco 2 Lwin 2


Candid Series

Candid 1 Candid 2


Happy Family Series

miao carmen eugene Girls 2


The next day after all chaotic alcoholism, we went for something quiet and peaceful.

We watched The X-Men Origin : Wolverine.


I am never a fan of super hero movies nor comics, I watched some from the X-men movie series but never able to memorise whatever the storyline is.

I think my first ever experience in GSC Signature, Gardens is a lot more impressive than the movie to me :p


I am stop here and get my ass outa the couch to get ready to my neighbourhood club Bambo9 TTDI soon.  Chaoz the maozzz~


amber said...

nice dress or top eh..
where did u get it??
i'm soooooo in luv wit this ruffle top/dress lately..

aileng miao said...

ano ano me tooo. it attracts me alot lately too, after checkered :p

the top from mydressroom.com. try check out the website and lemme noe if u wan me to help u buy la. BTW its kinda loose, have to use a belt lor...

amber said...

sure ah? u help me to buy? *eyes blinking*

i found an interesting e-boutique lately, nice garment n vy affordable price..wanna know? ehehe..

yeeWen said...

alvin seems really gain weight lerr..

kevinpnp said...

You wanna know how people in France celebrate Labours Day??? First, it's a public holiday. Then they go out to the streets for protest, every year. Don't know for what. Hehe...

Anyway, check this out.

aileng miao said...

amber:: huhuuuu i have A LIST OF NICE E-BOUTIQUES. u wanna know? hehehheeeee...

yeewen:: yealor but he die die donwanna take the truth ><

kevin:: wow this people reali nth better to do, such a waste for public holiday mannn....

alvin24 said...

HOI! What gain weight gain weight... =(

Die lah like that... my next trip a lot of nice food involved wanz! Crap...

kevinpnp said...

You all like clubbing so much. Can join this Facbook group that me and my friends just created. It's called Plush Entertainment. We sell advance tickets, so don't have to queue up or wait for your friends to turn and enter in groups. :D

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