It's time for toyssssss


Transformers are coming back soon. This year, The Transformers play music too....


View to believe, Optimus Prime plays music in different genre. No kidding.


















That's the way it is - The Transformers Music Label.


ML Packed ML Truck Head

The very classic look of Optimus Prime.


ML FUll 2 ML FUll

Nah, no joke right? Damn rocker truck lor.


Yea, Transformers x ipod and that's the dock. Baby got it for his iphone but it isn't compatible.

I was impressed when he told me that he actually modified the wiring etc etc to be able to work with the iphone. That's the Transformers' fan spirit.


And that's not the end of the story.


After the cooperation with Apple, Transformers worked with Disney too.


The Transformers Disney Label -.-"


But it's seriously damn cute lor.


Check out the small Mickey on top, damn x sibeh cute okieee....


TF Truck

And then transformed, the small Mickey is now driving the truck omg.


TF Truck Back

Can't remember who told me this - they should have Bumblebee x Donald Duck. Yea I agree.


Full album, view it HERE :)


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