Family Night @ Elcerdo

Just noticed that I'd accidentally deleted some precious pictures during the data transfer process from my company laptop to my personal ones. FML. Heartache maximus.

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23.05.09. Saturday Night.

So much heard about Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang and I was there~ For the family dinner cum daddy mummy's day celebration.

It's almost cracked my head to figure out which restaurant which has great cosy ambience for a casual family dinner in order to meet my daddy's very chinaman-ish taste bud and mummy's preference of unique ambience and eating culture. Porky meal shall not go wrong with Chinaman taste bud I guess, and I think mummy will fond of the warm homely setting of elcerdo :)

Therefore I finally found this place and have made three week advanced appointment to pull my parents out. What kind of parents is this?


I love the complimentary Mushroom Soup, and the bread which I didn't get to snap a pic of it.



Ceasar Salad my all time favourite . The Mix Sausages wrapped in Smoked Ham is so yummieeeeeeeeeeeeee . The bottom picture of White Asparagus and Sirloin Steak is my favourite of the night .


I guess I have never like a Spanish or Mexican Rice Dishes. I should have order a paella in stead.


Throughout the entire dining session, we'd never stop hearing sounds of plates smashing into pieces. Yea I'm sure those who'd been there or heard of Elcerdo will never miss out this part...


Daddy chopped the Suckling Pig (which is the signature of Elcerdo) with a plate. Yes just a plate, to show how tender the piggy is.

Following by the practice of authentic Spanish culture, daddy has to smash the chopping plate. As the plate smashed into pieces, it brings away all the bad lucks and welcome the good and merry.

It was kinda cute to watch daddy following guidance of the server. In the family, he doesn't talk very often, always seems to be adept to everything, and always confident. That was the moment which turned him as an obedient learner. muahahahaha :D


Poor piglet. Your death has brought us laughter and happiness. Amen.


I heart the moment when we cheered with the very huge full pint of Hoegaarden each, except the only half pint of alcoholess sis. That was cute.


Yummieee after drink - some kind of Vodka thing.


We spent RM6xx, and we bought a family night :)


kevinpnp said...

That thing with the salt around the glass... It's called Magarita. :D

By the way, Hoegaarden is not from Spain. It's from Belgium. :D You should try German beers. It's different. You can taste the malt in it. :D

aileng miao said...

but it doesnt taste so much like a margarita orhh....

yea ofcuz i noe hoegaarden fr belgium ^^*

kevinpnp said...

There's a party this Friday. YOu coming?? I think I've sent you the invitation.


Anonymous said...

may i know how's the price range? expensive?

aileng miao said...

anonymous:: quite expensive gahh.... For this meal, 5 of us, total bill about 630+- :)

amber said...

what? rm630+ for 5pax?? super cut throat..

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