Self Fix

The weather is so freaking crazy. I need an escape.

Have booked a weekend shopping trip to Bangkok middle of July. No nonsense, pure shopping shopping and shopping. Oh some drinking of course.

Probably the only thing I can look forward at this moment.


Events 039


Not sure if it’s the weather or Sunday blue does exist. 

My alter self blaming me for the slumber. Where is your morale? What’s your fear? What’s next? Where are you where are you? I wish time could rewind back to not long ago, just few days back. When I can still wakeup in the morning, produce some voice pollution and then kiss you goodbye to work. At least it’s not as much of emptiness. At least.

Please, the kind hand please. Please flip the life book to another chapter, please. Please take the rusty shame away and replace it with a brand new, shiny set of confidence, please.

*** *** ***

Saturday, the girls went to Alexis, the Gardens.


Place is good, staffs are sucks.



The sweet crunchy toppings which I can’t name it. Reminds me about hamsters’ food. As cereal grain as it is.



Then I went shisha. Yes I swear, and I smoke and I have tattoo and I have more more more bad habits then what? So do you judge a person whether angel or demon with these shallow criteria?


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