Wii Fit In The House

Introducing the new member of the Game Consoles Family.......

Ta da~~~~

Wii Fit~

Wii Fit for Yoga, Skii, Strength and Balancing, as well as Aerobic!!

The whitey Wii Fit. At the very beginning, I really cant able to step my foot on this white cutie lor.....

The basic controller of Wii for hand movements. And now comes Wii Fit for foot movement ^___^

Let seeee hows my family crazieee for Wii Fit :muahahaha:

Aunt on Wii Skii. lalalala~

Bro on Wii Skii Jump. Cool yea~

Wii Hula Hoop Game Demonstration by Shuuuuu :p


Wii... Is really a good whole body exercise game ^^*

I Love RT So Muchieee

I met the biggest ever crisis in my career today and Im thankful that someone seems to be my angel to keep me safe from the chaos even when I've gave up.

Im feeling so blessed ever and I finally noticed that I've been living under his halo, his shelter ever since then. He's been my light house all the time, gave me directions, brought me up as such a meee and he just taught mee so much more than texk books do.

He's not only with the title as an "EX" but he's no doubt one of the most important person in my life that gives mee too much and spoilt mee and not even ask for any return, even though sometimes he gives me hard time. But in the end he'll still help me get thru the rain to the sunny day.

Seriously I didnt know that you sayang-ed me sooo muchiee. If happened that one day you ter-study this post. I just wanna tell you that I do really treasure you as a guardian angel of mine that made me so like a princess and keep me safe all the time yet keep me growth. Im soo like a princess with your existance nomatter what position you as for meee.

I love you so muchie as a friend. Wishing that you'll be getting what you want in your life, because you are deserving it.

Lastly, thanks for making me such a princess. Thanx for being with me in my process of learning. Thanks for everything that I didnt mention :)

Love ya, the sweetest one of my life.


Memory Pan Mee @ Kepong Metro Prima

Mummy intro-ed me this restaurant at Kepong Metro Prima, Memory Pan Mee 回忆板面.

Yea the restaurant's name memang abiit.... errrr... weird? geli..? Or just simply not match with Pan Mee business... (o____o") I dono... But since is mummy's recommendation, must give face abiit...

It's located at the shoplots right beside of Kepong Carefour. As a Pan Mee shop, its really really very good looking, most importantly the aircond is chilled enough for lunchie.

Ching's choice, PanMee Dry.

neko's choice, Abalone Seafood PanMee Soup. It looks freaking ordinary but try dig out the ingredients inside... It contains so damn generous portion of seafood, Prawn, Squid, Fish Balls, Abalone (apperantly canned abalone but its satisfying enough with the RM7 or RM8 lor), and the rest, forgotten....

Homemade Blended Chili Padi. Hot spicy de neh....

According to mummy, this shop is damn famous with their homemade Chilli Padi blend. Wasted that I dont take much Chilli Padi but definitely a great choice for those who like soupy stuff with some spicy dippie. (wonwon this post is dedicated to you~ :p)

It's Real

by Olivia Ong

Lying down, underneath the stars
Thinking about the way you looked into my eyes and told me how you feel
I dont know if my heart and mind are singing the same tune
Need to know coz within me is a mix of fear, a little thrill

Can't believe what i feel is real
Feelings that's hard to conceal
I would hold you in my arms if you were mine forevermore

*You and i
I never thought i'd fall for you
The best thing underneath the twinkling stars
My heart desires to be close to you
So you can take my hand and embrace me now
Minimizing all my fears and i know
That all my doubts will disappear
There's nothing to conceal
It's real

And i tried, i cant seem to get myself to think of anything but you
I keep falling deeper but it gets sweeter too
Everything, every single thing about you touches my heart in a way
I have never felt like this before, it's real

Can't believe what i feel is real
Feelings that's hard to conceal
I would hold you in my arms if you were mine forevermore


Can't believe what i feel is real
Feelings that's hard to conceal
I would hold you in my arms if you were mine forevermore



"Sometimes Love just too beautiful to be trusted that it's real. Untill we feel the warmth of hugs and the softness of kisses."

27 OMG Im freaking in lurveeee with Olivia Ong.............

After Drunk Neko

Tuesday I went for Owl Karaoke session @ 1U New Way again with Heng, WTF I was there on Monday and have to go again on Tues. I was really really unwillingly, but die die have to go cuz someone bad mood nia..... Watta do...... :sigh:

He is having relationship problem and you know whats the barrier? It sounds real ridiculous, cuz the gf's parents sent their birthdate (okie its just dates, not even time) to a blardy fortune teller and this fella ruined everything. By telling the parents that their birthdates don't match to each other.

So WTH the parents actually bear in mind about this issue and forced their daughter to breakup my buddy to avoid all upcoming problems and affairs. Poor buddy........ And poor neko, I was ready to finish work and go home for a nice instant mee then DVD when he called. But no choice cuz he sounded real real upset.

Thats the beginning of the tragedy.

He is the one who brokeup but why was I the one who got drunk???!!!

There were only four of us and this sad fella ordered two bottles of Henessy. Cuz bad mood mah. And I recogn that I have few weakness that sure-kill-me in drinking session:-

1. Beer. Yea beer makes me drunk easily.
2. Mixture of various alcoholic.
3. Empty Stomac!!! Alrite this was what I kena yesterday. T.T

People was really ready to go home for a nice instant mee with DVD mah...... So hungry yet had this hard core drinking. So again I KO-ed.

I do really really shame with getting drunk cuz I can totally shut down and losing all memories. So does yesterday.

Poor Heng gotto carry this walking corpse home. Let her occupied his bed with unshowered body, let her lose all his namecards, finding makeup remover and comb in a single guy's home, snake out half way of work and fetch this drunken miaoz back to her car. Im sooooooooo paiseh >.<

Drunken neko broke her nail. Sob Sob...... Bye Bye french manicure..... T.T

neko is currently listening:


Your Gurdian Angel
by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Neko's Extra Long Day

Monday, I have fully fully utilized my day to 140%. :vain: :proud: :lansi: :ego:

I wokeup 8am+ and worked till 8pm then went for gym then went to sing K at 1Utama Newway, then the most remarkable achievement was..........

We went for Mc Dong Dong breakfast at 4am+.

Coffee, Tea, or sleep?

My much missed Hash Brown and Sausage McMuffin. Slurp...

Anybody ever complete this Big Mc Chant challenge?

Neko the sleepie head.

I actually survived 21hours with my marathon super working and playing sessions. Im super duper proud with my fighting/palying spirit. you can see me !

I wanna blog but lazie to write, so I post picz muahaha


My dear brother~~~ Mr. Perry Voon has succesfully proposed marriage to his love ones~~~


My entire family happily celebrated for his success~~ Phew weeeet~~ Mr. and Mrs. Voon will start their preparation and the wedding will be.... Next year~!!


Now mummy worrying about meee... She said if possible she wants me to have a joint wedding with my bro...


Meet Mr. and Mrs. Voon~~~ *sweet*

Mummy said we have the "family face" :)

*** *** ***


Neko's food recommendation of the week~

A lil restaurant (name forgotten) opposite to Giant Puchong, same row as Citibank and its just next to Old Town Kopitiam.

Three Layer Ice Tea, tastes very very similar with Thai Ice Tea I had in Bangkok. Yummieee...

Laney's choice, Asam Laksa.

miao's choice, the signature Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken and soup tastes so muchie like mummy's recipe, and the aroma of chicken rice is just so irresistable. Slurp slurp slurp~~~

Finally the project is over. Im gonna miss her so muchieeeee >.<

*** *** ***

Neko knows not only eat, sometimes she cooks too... That night my sis and I suddenly decided to cook, so we went 711 and bought some cooking material for our supper.

Sis' choice.

Sis' cook!! Nice hor nice hor?

And as for my part..........................................

I've decided to do Korean cuisine.

My cooking material.

Yea that's my work~!!


Im neko the mighty chef~


Neko in Citibank Puchong

Location : Citibank Puchong
Duration : This Tuesday till next Monday
Time : 11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm
Event : Citibank Visacard Beijing Olympic Lucky Draw Roadshow

Tasks : Get Citibank Visacard holders to enroll the lucky draw contest.

Experience Gained : Super duper sienz to the max max upper ultra max level. And those idiots thinks im a blardy credit card agent but Im infact a santarina in real life or god of prosperity who might be bringing you good luck neh!!

Thank god I have my dear dearest partner Elaine the Laney to ber-rotten together gather with meeee ^^*

Elaine always wants to shoot me in my "boyfriend's jersey-like uniform"

Meet Elaine aka Laney. Apperantly she has a better looking uniform, atleast a better cutting baby tee.

Hmmmpppp.... We both hate working....... T.T

*Unhappie* . . . *Roar*


Another three more days to go~ We will survive~

Mode of the day:


Summer Whisper

by Lida

Kiss the rose
Listen to what it's singing
I don't believe
That there's no best ending

Walk along the road
Don't mind the storm that feaze me
I still believe
That I'll get the termini

Catch the tears
And turn it into diamonds

Say the words
Just like the fairy curse

Over the sea
Just let the sun it leads me
Now I believe
That I'll return to where I begin

"Listening the feathery-soft whispers, like stand for a magic spell. It makes me tough."



"Wondering where you are..."

"It was rain drops into my eyes."

"Remedies of heartbroken - hugs and alcohol."

Wesak Day Eve

I was bulied kaokao-ly last night at Orange Hartamas........ :sob:

Sichuan Earthquake

12.May.1008. 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Sichuan and series of aftershock has been affecting China people's life untill 17.May.2008.

Sichuan Earthquake Facts
- More than 22,000 dead
- Thousands still missing
- Approximately 14,000 trapped under collapsed buildings
- At least 436,000 homes have collapsed
- 159,000 injured
- At least 4.8 million homeless


We are so blessed to live in Malaysia, a natural disaster-free country.

Things are changing too fast, therefore we shall love everything in life, leave no stone unturned, while we are still alive.

Lets do our bits to the thousands of survivors who lost their family and homes. Support Project Rainbow together gather in MSN :)

1. Copy the line below:-
(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区

2. Paste with your MSN nickname as a signature to raise 10cents per signature sponsoring by Toyota GuangZhou.

Im rainbow-ed :) Lets do it together gather too~

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

And hor, check this out. Its so amazing, that our very famous poet Lee Bai has foreseen the disaster since Dynasty of Tang.



Genting XLive Music Festival

Pillow~ Bed~ Bolster~ Im home~~~ Im finally home from Genting XLive~~

Xlive... Is a so called music festival, with three zones of RnB, trance and the other one which I've never been there. Its held at Genting outdoor theme park. And I was based at The Arena of Star which plays mainly RnB, Hip Hop, and supposed Missy Elliot's live.

I guess this is like one of the sien-est rave that I've ever been with all unknown artists' performances. And finally DJ Spaceship, Goldfish and T-Bone hyped up a lil bit, then followed by pre-recorded and pre-looped percussion musics for almost an hour, and thats killed the heated up mood kaokao kaokao... *swt*

The crowd started gets sienzzz... Some even fell asleep at the audience seats. Alot of them shouting and complaining where the hack is Missy and what the hack the organizer delay for. But these noise doesnt bring any result. The stage was still clear with nothing on but the very Safri duo-like percussion musics (and ofcourse if its really Safri Duo that will be way better).

Untill 1am I left, things still going on the same way. Poor party people, poor Missy's fans... But I dont care~ I wanna go home I wanna go home~

Carolyn asked am I so silly that I have a room fully occupied by myself with noone else shares with me then I still so insist to go back. I replied that I dono why I just miss KL sooo muchieee and "I love KL."

Special credits must give to my buddies Derrick and Cageon all the way fetched me up and down from Genting. Million thanx :)

Home sweet home~


My right upper eyelid been jumping since evening. Is that a good or bad sign?



Im going to Xlive today~

Been busy for these few days...

Just a lil update. Im going up to Genting to work for XLive today. Coming down this midnight and might be going to see see look look the Celcom TVC shoot tomorrow :)

Finally the long weekend. Bambo9 anybody?

Im gonna miss my bed so muchieeeee.....

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