Sichuan Earthquake

12.May.1008. 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Sichuan and series of aftershock has been affecting China people's life untill 17.May.2008.

Sichuan Earthquake Facts
- More than 22,000 dead
- Thousands still missing
- Approximately 14,000 trapped under collapsed buildings
- At least 436,000 homes have collapsed
- 159,000 injured
- At least 4.8 million homeless


We are so blessed to live in Malaysia, a natural disaster-free country.

Things are changing too fast, therefore we shall love everything in life, leave no stone unturned, while we are still alive.

Lets do our bits to the thousands of survivors who lost their family and homes. Support Project Rainbow together gather in MSN :)

1. Copy the line below:-
(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区

2. Paste with your MSN nickname as a signature to raise 10cents per signature sponsoring by Toyota GuangZhou.

Im rainbow-ed :) Lets do it together gather too~

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

And hor, check this out. Its so amazing, that our very famous poet Lee Bai has foreseen the disaster since Dynasty of Tang.




Anonymous said...

yeah~ i had joined the rainbow action..

aileng miao said...

rainbow buddies ^^*

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

oi! lee bai so geng wei!

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