After Drunk Neko

Tuesday I went for Owl Karaoke session @ 1U New Way again with Heng, WTF I was there on Monday and have to go again on Tues. I was really really unwillingly, but die die have to go cuz someone bad mood nia..... Watta do...... :sigh:

He is having relationship problem and you know whats the barrier? It sounds real ridiculous, cuz the gf's parents sent their birthdate (okie its just dates, not even time) to a blardy fortune teller and this fella ruined everything. By telling the parents that their birthdates don't match to each other.

So WTH the parents actually bear in mind about this issue and forced their daughter to breakup my buddy to avoid all upcoming problems and affairs. Poor buddy........ And poor neko, I was ready to finish work and go home for a nice instant mee then DVD when he called. But no choice cuz he sounded real real upset.

Thats the beginning of the tragedy.

He is the one who brokeup but why was I the one who got drunk???!!!

There were only four of us and this sad fella ordered two bottles of Henessy. Cuz bad mood mah. And I recogn that I have few weakness that sure-kill-me in drinking session:-

1. Beer. Yea beer makes me drunk easily.
2. Mixture of various alcoholic.
3. Empty Stomac!!! Alrite this was what I kena yesterday. T.T

People was really ready to go home for a nice instant mee with DVD mah...... So hungry yet had this hard core drinking. So again I KO-ed.

I do really really shame with getting drunk cuz I can totally shut down and losing all memories. So does yesterday.

Poor Heng gotto carry this walking corpse home. Let her occupied his bed with unshowered body, let her lose all his namecards, finding makeup remover and comb in a single guy's home, snake out half way of work and fetch this drunken miaoz back to her car. Im sooooooooo paiseh >.<

Drunken neko broke her nail. Sob Sob...... Bye Bye french manicure..... T.T

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wantik said...

phew weet...i gonna gepoh this to yc..hohoho....prepare to answer all her imaginative questions..hoho

aileng miao said...

yaworrr..... then i gotto get prepared for her ques lor... :scare:

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