miaoz Shopping at Labour Day Eve

I went Starhill and Pavillion shopping alone at Labour day eve. Everybody working, and I wanna release stress after the sibeh hectic working week, yet I dont like to shop at public holiday.

Shopping alone sibeh nice what. Can slowly see, slowly touch, slowly choose, simply buy as noone can stop you~~!!

I bought not muc things but sibeh happie~

Presenting my victories~~~~~~~~~~~ Taaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~

Hoho hohoohohohohoooooooooo~

Woahaha hohohohoho~~

Nyek kakakakakakaaaaaa!!!!

50% discount item from Topshop. Muahahahahaha~~~~

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Anonymous said...

gang-wide NO.1 shopping queen..
u got it finally...
so jealous...herr! sob sob..

Anonymous said...

ehh.. may i know how much is the bag? i heard from my fren that the price had increase!!

aileng miao said...

amber u aso work like hell then u can buy oso wat kekkekekeke...

anne:: it's rm2450 now. i guess it does reali increased couple of hundred neh. or it was the price of minilin series tat i'v remember. not too sure.. ><

Anonymous said...

ohh.. i bought minilin last yer april or may.. its 2600 like that.. i heard my fren say now 2900!! i thoght of getting another speedy in smallest size.. i heard from my fren .. it had increase till 3000 plus.. anyway .. thanks for yur info.. ya .. nice blog.. but i got no idea v ur NEkO!!

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