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I wokeup earlie last Friday to collect my car from workshop, thinking that I would have chance to have Mc Dong Dong breakfast. Its been reeeeaaaally really long I didnt get to eat it. Miss it sooo muchieeee.... Unfortunately, and dramatically, Mc Dong Dong staff told me that was the day dono what's wrong with muffins, so all Mc Dong Dongs at entire Msia not serving Mc Dong Dong breakfast on that day. WTF......

Whatta do, I've ended up had my late breakfast at Coffeee Bean after long long yet useless nagging session.

His choice. Name forgotten.

My choice. Please be informed that, I lurveee bb tomatoes and I love to save my fav to the last. So dont curi my tomatoes when you have seen Im not eating it!!!!!



Friday night was a boring night which I thought noone asking me out and was so blardy upset. So I just had a lil beer drinking gepohing gossiping session with my "Long Green Gang". Played wuliao games. Then we went for teochew porridge in the middle of night. Now only I know, other than mamak, there are also lotsa lotsa after club drunken fella might have their choice to patronize teochew porridge stall neh......

And its infact a good choice though :)

Record of the night

*** ***

Saturday noon, ironically I found out that my blardy suckie phone has blocked all incoming SMSs since Fri noon!!! My dear buddies waited me at Sanctuary till it closed... Aiksssss so damn heartpain I missed out the party.... *sob* And all the msgs came into my phone 20hours later..... WTF.....

Nvm its okie.... Luckie Satur night Im back to my much missed place in TTDI... OMG I miss you so muchieee. I guess I must be a panda else why do I love Bambo so muchieee....

*** ***

Wantik and I were splitted since last week... Hhmmpppp I miss those days working together with her.......

Sweet Memories


*** *** ***

Monday blue~ I went for gym nia~ I've abandoned my dear Consplant and been flirting with Curve for quite sometime. Reason being? Cuz there are more more pwetties hotties and hunkies here, eye candies are important in life *ngehehehehe*

I had my first attempt to try out Body Combat class. And...... It was fun!! Dont play play yea, I learnt how to punch and kick and chop my component now, even my companion complimented me that Im a good fighter except my poor stamina :p


But it was really really tiring and Im expecting kaokao muscle pain tomorrow......... Ermmm... No pain no gain maaa :)

Physically tired, mentally energetic~


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